Profitable QSR Franchise Opportunities In India 2020

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Those striking toppings on delicious fast-foods like pizza’s, fries, burgers, and those scrumptious rolls, they all hold a whole different level of excitement in our heart, so much that waiting for these cuisines makes us feel extremely impatient. Thanks to the QSR model that brought us this incredible way of serving the cuisines efficiently and on time so customers do not have to wait with their hungry tummy and drink water after water impatiently. The QSR (Quick Service Restaurant) is somewhat slightly varied from other restaurants. QSR’s do have a dine-in option as other restaurants do, but the cuisines served by them are some way different, these meals can be cooked swiftly and acquire the most scrumptious taste and flavours enough, that one can fulfill his/her hunger desire. Especially in urban cities where people are always in a hurry and hold little time to eat. QSR is one of them a well-suited option for today’s working-class people and teenagers to have a quick meal. Since India has a lot of diversity in food, we have been also exploring the foreign fast-food culture, and it’s having a booming growth in India as well. At present, many QSR’s do not only serve pizza, burgers, or fries, but they now emphasize expanding Indian food culture as well. This is why the employment rate in the QSR’s start-ups are having a robust growth in India. With the current excellent growth in QSR, many remarkable and re-owned brands in India are rendering lucrative franchise opportunities, and guess what? These QSR mostly requires low investment to begin the business. But why should you actually invest in QSR?

Is Owning a QSR Franchise Profitable?


The Indian QSR sector is estimated to grow at the Compound Annual Growth rate of 18% between 2021-2025, and will soon reach $8 billion as well. At present, there are more than 100 chains of QSR’s and nearly 2,800+ outlets are spread across India. With the current estimation, the number of outlets is likely to increase in the future where the demand for QSR’s will be more. This vibrant growth will be a result of emerging demand for QSR facilities in urban areas where the population of working-class people, teenagers, and commercial infrastructure is growing rapidly. Mostly in urban areas, people prefer having their hunger covered in Quick Service Restaurants because they do not possess much time themselves to cook at home. That is why it’s a golden chance to strike gold by starting a QSR franchise in India. Here are the top 10 lucrative QSR franchise opportunities that you should grab now to reap sweet results.


Top 10 QSR Franchise Opportunities In India:


Chicago Pizza: Chicago Pizza, as the name suggests, provides the most scrumptious pizza with striking toppings. Apart from just pizza, the platform also offers the most delicious pasta, healthy salads, and luscious beverages as well. The company has been promptly growing its presence since its initial stage of development where it successfully established 40+ stores. All the cuisines offered by Chicago Pizza are market-tested. At present, Chicago Pizza provides one of the most lucrative franchise opportunities where it also offers brand support and the best assistance to the franchisee. 


Investment: 15-20 lakhs 

Space: 500-700 sq ft.


Grill Master: Grill Master is the quickest growing QSR platform that has robust growth in India. Within the first 5 years of its establishment, the platform has grown 30+ fast-food restaurants across India, where it started its first outlet in 2015 in Haryana. The company to have tested its delicious cuisines in the market and after that, it started expanding its footprints in the country. Grill Master provides a complete training program that includes all the aspects of managing the restaurant, and apart from this the company also provides a separate training of managers, employees, and owners that assist in the efficient flow of business. 


Investment: 10-15 lakhs 

Space: 500-750 sq ft.


House Of Momos: House Of Momos is India’s fastest-growing fast-food platform that serves delicious momos that are admired greatly in India, especially in Delhi. Apart from momos, the platform also offers thick shakes and sweet desserts as well. House Of Momos has a creative menu that attracts many customers and satisfies their taste buds to a great extent. One of the most admired features the platform possesses is its flexible operation and efficient standardization of all cuisines for customers. At present, the brand has 60+ outlets across India which are rapidly emerging. 


Investment: 5-10 lakhs

Space: Less than 250 sq ft. 


Jumboking: Jumboking is one of the pioneering fast-food platform that has its giant network chain spread across India. The platform offers the most luscious traditional cuisines of India Vada Pav that have a robust demand in Maharashtra. Jumboking has a wide variety when it serves Vada Pav, the cuisines have types like, grill Vada Pav, Brown Vada Pav, Butter Vada Pav, and many others that cater to the appetite of customers. The brand provides many benefits to the franchisee from operational support to marketing, in-store training, logistics, and promotional support as well. 


Investment: 10-20 lakhs

Space: 200-250 sq ft.


Rolls Nation: Rolls Nation is a QSR chain in India that captures nearly 25,000 rs minimum sales on a daily basis. The brand creates all kinds of cuisines that have a high and emerging demand in the country. With its attentive and strategic marketing, the brand has been growing swiftly in India through its franchise model. The brand provides a detailed manual procedure to its franchisee along with high safety and hygiene norms and standards to ensure the maximum health safety of the customers and employees. 


Investment: 5-10 lakhs 

Space: 250-500 sq ft. 


Pizzario: Pizzario is India’s one of the oldest fast-food platform that has been running in India for the past 14 years. The brand augmented its first outlet in 2010 in Gujrat and at present, it has 90+ outlets spread across the country. Pizzario as the name suggests offers the most palatable pizza that is adored by many people. Apart from serving just pizza, the brand also caters to the appetite of customers by serving sweet chocolates, shakes, mocktails, and mouth-watering cold coffee as well. At present, Pizzario is notable as one of the most trust-worthy brands in India. To the franchisee, the brand provides complete consultation, training, and best support for settling up a successful franchise. 


Investment: 5-10 lakhs 

Space: 250-500 sq ft. 


Grill N Chill: Grill N Chill is a fast-food platform that offers finger-licking Burgers, mouth-watering Shwarma’s, sizzler Barbeque, and delicious Mocktails to the customers at a pocket-friendly price range. The brand is well-known for providing its quality-based hygiene and safe services, even the ingredients used by the brand are authentic and provide the most delicious cuisines. Grill N Chill offers well-organized planning and complete support along with knowledgeable guidance to the franchisee.


Investment: 10-15 lakhs 

Space: 1000-2000 sq ft. 


Tandoori Hut: Tandoori Hut was established in 2011 where the brand offers Tandoori Snacks along with traditional Indian meal courses to customers. The brand has its attentive aim on its cuisines of high quality, affordability, and exquisiteness as it largely desires to bring creativity and innovation while operating its business. Many of its cuisines are made by Soya that deliver a freshness when customers taste it, even the main course meal is cooked with the firm mixture of Soya to bring a delicious taste. All relevant and ardent support, training, and guidance are undertaken by the brand so they can offer the best franchise opportunities to the franchisee.


Investment: 10-15 lakhs

Space: 250-500 sq ft.


Thorats Barbeque Misal: Thorats Barbeque Misal was started in 2019 where the brand offers 4 unique kinds of Misal Punir, Kolhapuri Hashik, and Jain, the brand serves these traditional cuisines at affordable prices and besides from dine-in, the delivery facilities is also provided by the brand. Thorats Barbeque Misal has a firm tie-up with Zomato where it connects virtually with many of its customers and serves its delicious cuisines. 


Investment: 20-30 lakhs 

Space: 1000-2000 sq ft.


The J: The J was commenced under Pink Foods Hospitality Pvt. Ltd. in India. At present, it is a pioneering position in the Indian fast-food market, where it serves unique and sizzler french fries of various flavours, spicy cheeseburgers, and palatable shakes at pocket-friendly prices. The J is one of the largest and fastest-growing QSR platforms in India. At present, it has 50+ outlets successfully operating across the country, and now the brand is emerging its footprint through its stunning franchise model. 


Investment: 15-20 lakhs

Space: less than 250 sq ft. 


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