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What is Retail Industry?       

As consumers who race to hypermarkets when the sale season is on, it is important to understand the umbrella that shades the goods that we buy or consume. This umbrella is called the retail industry. The retail industry revolves around the selling of different types of consumer goods to customers. The medium of selling these goods vary. In simple terms, retailing is inherently a transaction of goods between the seller and the buyer. This is usually done in a single unit or small qualities to satisfy the needs of the consumer for their consumption.

            Let’s try and lay this out using an example: Akshay wanted to buy a Speaker and so, he went to Wal-Mart that was stationed nearby and purchased the phone of his liking. Here, Akshay is the buyer who went to a store that sells these goods that cater to the needs of people like Akshay have as Wal-Mart has goods that are arranged in accordance with budget and various other technological details. Wal-Mart does not sell only phones. It contains various other consumer goods. Where do you assume the seller got these goods from? This is an example of how retail works.

            It is no news when one remarks on how India’s retail market has promised to increase up to 60 per cent on the basis that factors like rising incomes, increasing job opportunities and lifestyle changes.

Let’s look into why joining the retail industry seems to be the best option:

  • Omnipresent: One can’t find a city or a town that does not offer retail jobs. The flexible scheduling of the job can always fit best when one has responsibilities at home or elsewhere.
  • Constant Engagement: Working in the retail industry ensures you that you don’t ever have to sit in a cubicle, resisting the urge to yawn. Your job in the retail industry promises to keep you engaged as you constantly have work with customers in various capacities wherein you’ll have to solve their problems or answer their inquiries related to their purchase. This job makes sure that you’re on your feet at all times.

            Extending the example listed out earlier, D-Mart works as a parent to various consumer goods. Back when supermarkets and hypermarkets did not exist, one had to got to different places to get their necessities. If one wanted vegetables and fruits, there was a shop designated for that solely. If one wanted milk or other dairy products, there was another shop designated for that solely. It seems tasking to go to different places constantly in order to obtain your necessities. Thankfully, in our day and age, we have been blessed with the set-up of hypermarkets and supermarkets like Walmart, Reliance Trends franchise in India, Easy Day franchise, Vishal Mega Mart franchise opportunities, D-Mart franchise in India and more. 

            What is a Supermarket? Supermarkets are those large stores that have a wide variety of products that are systematically arranged on the shelves. Hypermarkets, on the other hand, are bigger in comparison with supermarkets as it houses products which include electronics, groceries, furniture, food, toys and other miscellaneous items. This enables customers to shop for all their requirements under one roof. Let us take a look at one of India’s most visited hypermarkets, D-Mart which has expanded at such a large scale. It is expected to bring about Rs 880 crores.  Supermarkets like Easyday look forward to the same prospects.

            If you are interested to join the retail industry, hit us up at FranchiseBazar and we’ll make sure to help you out to reach your goal!

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