Scope Of Courier,Logistics And Delivery Franchise In India In Pandemic

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Written by Deepak Sah                                                                     June 19 ,2021

There is no doubt that this pandemic has disturbed the various industries in India .But we all know every recession comes with an opportunity.Here also same thing happened .In pandemic almost every business changed their business model.India imposed lockdown to reduce the crowd in medical shops,malls ,shops and restaurants.And this lockdown  boosted the demand of  courier,logistics and delivery franchise in India.Due to lockdown pharmacy,food restaurants and many other started looking for delivery partners to increase their reach and to survive in this pandemic.This helped many courier ,logistics and delivery franchise companies to enter in the market. The Indian courier market is growing with the growth rate of 25% and it is creating a new opportunity for entrepreneurs and other peoples.

Advantages of courier ,logistics and delivery franchise in India in pandemic:

1.Low investment : The major concern about investing in this pandemic is the risk factor . People are afraid of starting new businesses in a pandemic. But when it comes to open a logistics and delivery franchise in India in pandemic ,the data speaks in favor of  starting a logistics and delivery franchise business in India.Many Logistics company expanded themselves across India in this pandemic.And the best part is low investment which attracted many people to buy logistics and delivery franchise in India in pandemic.The investment required for buying a courier franchise is around 1 lakh to 7 lakh depending on brand you prefer.

2.Benefits from e- commerce sector : We all know that how e-commerce is growing rapidly in India.In last few years e-commerce has expanded at a good pace and this helped in the growth of  courier , logistics and delivery franchise in India .There is a prediction that some giant companies will enter into e-commerce in upcoming year and they will definitely depend on the existing courier,logistics and delivery franchise in India to deliver their product.

3.Retail dependency : We all know that lockdown pushed many retail businesses to go online.And many retail businesses are using online delivery mode to promote social distancing in COVID19.This decision of going online helped courier ,logistics and delivery franchise to grow in India and this is bringing lots of business .

How to take a Courier and logistics and delivery franchise in India :

You can contact franchisors directly and show your interest in their brand or you can arrange a meeting through franchise consultant like Franchisebazar.You can clear all doubts regarding franchise business and get support from experts.You can get all relevant information regarding courier,logistics and delivery franchise in India from experts.You can also select listed brands on their website and launch your business with boom.

Best 7  Courier,logistics and delivery franchise opportunities in India in 2021:

1.Amazon delivery service partner/Amazon courier franchise: When it comes to start a courier or delivery franchise there is no doubt Amazon is the first choice of every investor.The name recognition of amazon is so high that everyone wants to join with that name.The investment required for taking this franchise is around 2 lakh to 6 lakh.And set up cost is also less in this franchise.

What makes Amazon an ideal courier and delivery franchise opportunity?

  • No extra expenses required in Amazon’s franchise model.

  • .It has the best franchise model.

  • .Innovative technical support from Amazon

  • Brand recognition 

  • Amazon is the largest e-commerce company in India and has expanded all over India which means you are going to get lots of delivery opportunities.

2. Shadow fax courier franchise : This company is from Bangalore and has expanded in various cities of India .It has tie ups with many giant companies in India like Flipkart,Big bazaar,Unilever etc.Best part is it has many segments like e-commerce,groceries,food and pharma which opens doors for many business and orders.

What makes Shadow fax an ideal courier and logistics opportunity ?

  • As we can see it has tie ups with giant companies which helped in growth of the company.

  • Its various segments show that you will get orders from various industries.

  • Investment is around Rs 50,000- 1 lakh

3. Delhivery: This company was started in 2011 and became a leading supply chain services company .The company is growing very fast and marked its presence in 2300 cities in India.Recently the company launched 3 mega trucking terminals in Delhi,Mumbai,and bengaluru.

What makes Delhivery an ideal courier and logistic opportunity?

  • It has tie ups with Flipkart,Amazon and Volvo.

  • Over 7500 businesses have already partnered with Delhivery.

  • Low investment required for its franchise model.( Rs 50,000- 2 lakh )

4.Inxpress logistics and courier franchise:The company is winner in the Global franchise award 2021 Best White-Collar Franchise and the overall award for Global Franchise Champion.It is a great business made for a first-time entrepreneur. It is a giant opportunity with low entry cost. It is currently operating in 14 countries with 350+ franchisees worldwide. It is not a Shipping operation franchise instead it is home based service reseller, business based on making connections and building relationships

What makes Inxpress an ideal courier and logistic opportunity?

  • It has presence in 14 countries with 350+  franchisees worldwide.

  • Excellent support from International company

  • It is not a Shipping operation franchise instead it is home based service reseller, business based on making connections and building relationships it means good opportunity for sales person

  • Investment is around 9 lakh

5. DTDC courier and cargo Ltd: The brand came into existence in 1990 and has 1000+ franchise units in India today. The investment required is about 50,000 to 2 lakhs. It does not take franchise fees ,it takes only security fees.

What makes DTDC an ideal  courier and logistic franchise opportunity?

  • It has tied up with Amazon as a delivery partner .

  • Low cost investment

  • It has 1000+ franchise units in India today.

  • Investment Rs 50,000 - 1lakh

6. Blue Dart franchise : It runs under the parent company DHL.It is known for its customer friendly service and door to door service.It covers around 35000 areas in India.

What makes Blue Dart an ideal courier and logistic franchise opportunity?

  • It has three level on the basis of location ( City level,State level .Rural level )

  • Franchise cost is Rs 2lakh to 5lakh and security deposit is 1.5 lakh

  • Support from international brands .

7.Ekart Logistic Franchise : Flipkart pvt ltd is one of India's largest e-commerce companies launched Ekart logistic in 2009 and soon Ekart made its own identity in the market as the premium courier and logistic company.

What makes Ekart an ideal courier and logistics franchise opportunity?

  • It has more than 4000 serviceable pin codes in India.

  • Support of Flipkart is enough for its growth.

  • Expanded almost all over India

  • Most demanded courier and logistic franchise business after Amazon

  • Investment is around Rs 50000- Rs 1lakh

For any franchise opportunities you can visit Franchisebazar and you can select from listed brands from the website as per your industry and investment plan.You can also clear your doubts from experts .


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