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As we slip into an extremely fast-paced world where we barely have time to do much, cleaning seems to be the last of our concerns. However, since it is a necessity, we tend to do it at such a hurry that it barely does the job. Nevertheless, there are a countless number of companies out there who have made innovations of products and services that are bound to make your life easier. It’s not just our homes that require them; our workspaces and many more are in desperate need for a hygienic environment. Cleaning services are of a varied kind; it includes dry cleaning, waste management, waste disposal, maintenance service and more. Looking at how varied the fields are, it’s easy to understand why cleaning franchises have grown so popular.


            Before delving into the details, one should know how to start a cleaning franchise. Firstly, the industry has a low barrier for entry - meaning that one does not have to have experience in the field to own it. This allows just about anyone who feels the need to provide residential or commercial cleaning services. Secondly, cleaning franchises are a low investment. This is quite rare to find as most franchises are quite expensive.  Typically, a franchise like this will need a vehicle, cleaning equipment and of course, marketing materials to help spread the word. Let’s be honest, providing a low-cost franchise opportunity in today’s market is the major selling point.


            As elaborated before, there are many cleaning franchise businesses for sale. This can be looked into detail through the various fields within the business. The categories vary from the house, commercial, waste management, pest control and much more. As usual, the cleaning franchise varies from brand to brand, the location it is situated in and the service you are looking at.

            There are many sub-industries under this particular franchise. Let’s take a look at them.

  • Commercial Cleaning: Commercial cleaning, if triggered by perfect surrounding and marketing, is an extremely lucrative option. There are a lot of good commercial cleaning companies. The top commercial cleaning franchise caters to the needs of waste management, pest control, hotel changing services, laundry, etc.


  • House cleaning services: We’re all aware of how our busy schedules often inhibit us from keeping out habitats tidy. This is mostly true for families where both the parents are involved in work. This is where house cleaning services come in. This is a very convenient way for adults to keep the spaces clean without spending much time on it. Creating a trustworthy business in this is ideal to make it a success as this is an emerging sector in India. The maid pro franchising cost varies as well.


  • Janitorial and cleaning services: This is mostly targeted at the higher end. The concierge business has been making an entrance into the arena where MNC’s employ them. There are specific services that are requested and can be executed by the concierge service. Janitorial cleaning service has been exceptionally popular in schools and also in households.


  • Waste disposal and Garbage Removal: The amount of waste being generated by our country is of shame. The figures will bring us shame. Although it’s easy to dispose of something, it is extremely hard to collect the waste and dispose of it ethically. This is why this particular sector has been given much importance as of late. The recycling franchise in India has been growing of late and waste disposal and garbage removal play a huge part in it.


  • Pest Control Hygiene Services: with the danger of diseases lurking around the corner, pest control has been our saviour in disguise. Pest control franchise opportunities in India have been growing as of late.


            To conclude, we at FranchiseBazar are more than haps to help you fish out the best cleaning franchise opportunities. So, make sure to head on to

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