Starting Industrial Cleaning Franchise Business In India - The Most Demanded Business

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Written by Deepak                                                                                       17  Sep, 2021

The cleaning service business in India is growing at a rapid pace. The cleaning business is not only growing at a rate of 30% but also it is creating lots of job opportunities. The cleaning industry at a global level is expected to grow at a CAGR of 6.2% and is expected to reach $74299 million by 2020-2027.

The cleaning service business has two segments.

  1. Industrial cleaning service

  2. Household cleaning service

The scope of the Industrial cleaning services business in India looks progressive because the number of households, offices, government offices, hospitals etc is increasing day by day and they outsource cleaning jobs and this is a big opportunity for the cleaning services business to grow.

Cleaning services business includes:

  • Window cleaning

  • Floor cleaning

  • carpet & upholstery cleaning and many other services

These services have gained popularity, owing to factors such as growth in construction activities, investment in real estate, increased disposable income, and growth in the number of working women, which have led to progressive cleaning services market trends. The cleaning services business gets market from private and government bodies as well. Even the government sector like Indian railways and the government offices are also outsourcing cleaning jobs. Getting opportunities from every place helped this cleaning service industry to grow by 2000 crore per annum every year.

India has a huge population that is unskilled. And generally cleaning services is dominated by unorganised players who are using these unskilled population but again they don’t have advanced equipment and proper training to sustain for a long time and this an opportunity for the organised players to enter the market and utilize these unskilled labour and train them and then create job opportunities for them in big companies, hospitals, government sector etc.

According to the Cleaning services industry expert, Mangala Chandra “The advantage from the cleaning industry is that it has huge scope to create jobs, especially for the unskilled. Right now, about 10 million are employed in this sector and with the sector set to grow further, more jobs will be created. There is also huge scope for small entrepreneurs and start-ups in this sector because a cleaning services business can be started with as few as five workers”

As this industry is growing it will lead to many tech up-gradation and new innovative ways of cleaning will be seen soon in this industry.

So if we follow a simple survey then Gujarat is doing lots of industrial development every year. Industrialization in Gujarat contributes around 16% in nations industrial production and 22% in exports. So growing industrialization required lots of cleaning services and equipment as well. So the future of the cleaning industry looks promising and profitable.

Why choose a cleaning services franchise in India?

  • An increase in the disposable income of households created a huge demand for cleaning services in India

  • Companies find it difficult to hire cleaning staff and to arrange cleaning equipment, as a result, they outsource the cleaning task

  • Outsourcing cleaning task involves fewer costs as a result demand for cleaning services is at a peak

  • An increase in the number of offices , hospitals and educational institutions increases demand for service 

  • Government offices also started outsourcing cleaning services which is a big opportunity for the cleaning services business.

Scope of industrial cleaning services franchise in India

The rising awareness regarding workplace hygiene will be a major driver for the demand for industrial cleaning chemicals in the future. In developed regions, cleaning regulations are very stringent. Moreover, developing economies are focusing more on cleanliness and hygiene through different initiatives; for instance, "Swachh Bharat" by the government in India. Hence, all these factors are expected to drive the industrial cleaning chemicals market between 2019 and 2024.

How to start an industrial cleaning services franchise in India?

One can do research about the companies that are doing well in the market. A good company will have a good marketing strategy , goodwill, brand recognition and training and support. A company with good brand recognition has a higher chance of getting more contracts. After research, you can contact the company through their website and fill the form online or you can take the help of the best franchise consultant like franchiseBazar and can collect information about various brands available and choose the best from the options and then launch your business with a boom.

How much does it cost to start an industrial cleaning services franchise in India?

Investment plays a very important role while choosing any franchise business. There is a myth that huge investment is required to start a business but trust me, the cost of starting a cleaning services franchise business is very less in comparison to starting a business from zero levels.You can easily get a cleaning franchise business starting from 5 lakh - 50 lakh as per the business model you choose.

Top cleaning services franchise businesses in India 

Twinto- It was founded in the year 2016, is a start-up company providing cleaning services. Their company is based in Chennai and has its presence pan India. They have a vibrant workforce with 100+ trained employees and a dedicated Quality Team. They are the only company in this industry that not only has invented its own machine but also services the customers only using in-house tools.  In no time, they have scaled up to 100+ trained employees and a dedicated quality team that believes in nothing but the best.

Investment: 5 Lakh- 10 lakh

Why Twinto as a franchise opportunity?

  • Low investment

  • Unique business model

  • They provide genuine training and guidance to franchise partners.

  • Brand recognition

  • Advanced machinery and equipment

Jan-Pro India: It is one of the leading commercial cleaning businesses in India. They have obtained the latest technological equipment which assists them in serving their comprehensive training to the employees for various operations. Their innovative and tech-based equipment and skill-proof cleaning service kill 99.99% of harmful bacteria and germs. They make use of the Enviroshield disinfection process for sanitization, which has made them a brand leader in the commercial cleaning sector.

Investment- 75 lakh - 1 crore

Why Jan-Pro India as a franchise opportunity?

  • They provide genuine training and guidance to franchise partners.

  • They are ranked the top “Leader in the commercial cleaning service” list due to their innovative and tech-based cleaning model.

  • They make use of the best and quality-based technology while providing their services which create a notable brand worth in the market.

BG Cleaning Systems-BG Cleaning Systems Iceland offers you flexible and dynamic cleaning and facility services that are efficient and effective. They customize their time and work management techniques according to their client's specific requirements and needs in order to attain the best result and bring about customer satisfaction. Flexibility is an important factor that allows them to adapt according to the client's specific requirements and adjust to the individual needs of each facility.

Why BG Cleaning System as a franchise opportunity 

  • 17 years of experience in this industry

  • International reach

  • They provide genuine training and guidance to franchise partners.

  • They provide a unique business model

One can visit franchiseBazar for more cleaning services franchise opportunities and you can select from listed brands from the website as per your investment plan.You can also clear your doubts from experts 


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