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Written by Deepak Sah                                                                      August 16, 2021

The demand for service-based franchise businesses is growing day by day. People are choosing service-based franchise businesses over retail businesses. People are generally confused in retail and service-based franchise businesses. In both businesses, the entry cost and operation cost is completely different.

Some of the service-based franchise businesses are

  • Cleaning services franchise businesses

  • Education franchise businesses

  •  Automotive service related franchise businesses

  • Beauty Salon franchise businesses

  • Digital marketing franchise businesses

  • Courier and Logistics franchise businesses and many more

The startup costs for service franchise businesses is low in comparison to retail franchise businesses and require less manpower for daily operations. There's also a wide selection of opportunities and niches in the service franchise sector. And many of these businesses have a healthy and constant demand (plumbing will always need to be repaired, for example).

Service franchises are typical "skills-based" and offer those with the ability, interest, and dedication to be active and "work with their hands" as they build their business. Because many service franchises do not require a brick and mortar location for franchise operations, overhead is typically much lower. It's very easy to turn a quick and healthy cash flow when you work from a home-based office. And with very few employees, your staffing headaches can be minimal. And later on, the lack of a physical location makes it easier to take on additional territories at a minimal cost.

Best Service Based franchise opportunities in India 

Twinto- It was founded in the year 2016, is a start-up company providing cleaning services. Their company is based in Chennai and has its presence pan India. They have a vibrant workforce with 100+ trained employees and a dedicated Quality Team. They are the only company in this industry that not only has invented its own machine but also services the customers only using in-house tools.  In no time, they have scaled up to 100+ trained employees and a dedicated quality team that believes in nothing but the best.

Investment: 5 Lakh- 10 lakh

Why Twinto as a franchise opportunity?

  • Low investment

  • Unique business model

  • They provide genuine training and guidance to franchise partners.

  • Brand recognition

  • Advanced machinery and equipment

Jan-Pro India: It is one of the leading commercial cleaning businesses in India. They have obtained the latest technological equipment which assists them in serving their comprehensive training to the employees for various operations. Their innovative and tech-based equipment and skill-proof cleaning service kill 99.99% of harmful bacteria and germs. They make use of the Enviroshield disinfection process for sanitization, which has made them a brand leader in the commercial cleaning sector.

Investment- 75 lakh - 1 crore

Why Jan-Pro India as a franchise opportunity?

  • They provide genuine training and guidance to franchise partners.

  • They are ranked the top “Leader in the commercial cleaning service” list due to their innovative and tech-based cleaning model.

  • They make use of the best and quality-based technology while providing their services which create a notable brand worth in the market.

Chop-Shop: "The Hippest Barbershops in India''. Chop Shop is a North American owned male grooming brand & chain of upmarket Barbershops that draws inspiration from New York in the ’20s and delivers exceptional North American quality grooming services. Premium Hot Towel Shaves, killer haircuts, rejuvenating facials & awesome locally sourced fresh coffee. Chop Shop is the only Barbershop brand in India to have GBBA Level 3 UK Certified Barbers. The Chop Shop was founded in 2018 by Martin Prihoda and their wife Tonia Clark, along with Co-founders Kenneth D'Souza and Chris Downer.

Investment :40 - 50 lakh

Space - 1000-2000 sq feet.

Why Chop-Shop as a franchise opportunities?

  • Fully designed store and easy to use E-hub

  • Learning from veteran barbers and stylists 

  • Video training library

  • Growing business model even in pandemic

  • Lower investment, high return

  • Stand out in the crowd business model

  • They got your back in need

  • Turnkey ownership 

Jawed Habib: Jawed Habib Hair and Beauty Ltd. is one of the earliest and the finest hair and beauty salons in India. Through these years, they have won the trust of several celebrities and millions of commoners who are their loyal patrons today. Besides this, they also help aspiring stylists achieve their dreams, with Jawed Habib Academy, their chain of hair education schools spread across India. Operating in 24 states and 110 cities in the country, they currently have 636 outlets in addition to establishments in Singapore and London. Through their professional services, they relentlessly strive to give customers an experience that they would love to revisit. They have evolved together as a family over the last 3 generations and have espoused a culture of science and understanding that is used to style hair. Their employees are our assets who are meticulously trained on the innumerable scientific methods of hair cutting and styling that would directly benefit their treasured customers. To be even more specific, the methodology that they follow is what they call science-based styling and not just styling based on products.

Investment: 20 lakh -30 lakh

Space : 250-500sq feet

Why  Jawed Habib salon as a franchise opportunity?

  • Brand recognition

  • 12 years of experience

  • 30-60% return on investment

  • Both pre-opening and post-opening support

  • Training and marketing support

Precious Paws: Precious Paws is an Award-Winning Thai Spa Themed Pet Boutique since 2015 located in Business Bay and Oud Metha in Dubai. It is the most Luxurious Thai Pet Spa and Boutique in the entire Middle East. The pet spa offers unique and exclusive pet facilities including mobile grooming, day and night care facilities, and a range of the world’s best organic products imported from the US, New Zealand, the UK, Australia and all over the world. Precious paws are looking to expand in India. Precious Paws Pet Spa is looking for animal lovers who have good business acumen, a strong work ethic and the willingness to follow our proven system. Retail experience can be beneficial but is not mandatory. Precious Paws franchise will be successful due to company operating methods, people, and focus on providing superior customer service. 

Space requirement : 250-300 sq feet

Investment required : 20lakh-30 lakh

Franchise fees: Rs 2 lakh - Rs 5 lakh

Franchise outlets: Less than 10

Why Precious Paws as a franchise opportunity? 

  • Unique business model

  • Can be operated from anywhere

  • Good ROI

  • Global reach

Virohan: It is one of the largest and fastest-growing edtech health care organisations. It provides a progressive career in the health care sector. The company aims to create India’s largest healthcare training company. In the healthcare sector, there is a demand for 65 lakh skilled workers but currently, there are only 4.5 lakh, skilled workers, so the company is trying to maintain equilibrium by training youths. Recently Virohan raised 3 million from funding from Rebright partners and now Virohan is planning to use this fund to expand over 160 new campuses across India . Virohan is aiming to strengthen the Indian health care system. It will train and produce skilled health workers to tackle the COVID 19 crisis, 

Area requirement : 2000-2500 sq ft

Franchise outlets: 60+ across India

Investment required:2 lakh-5 Lakh

Royalty: 30%

Why Virohan as a franchise opportunity?

  • Presence of 60+ centres in more than 5 states

  • Tie-Ups with Wipro Gen Elc, Siemens and IMA 

  • Placement network of 650 hospitals and diagnostics centres.

  • Low Investment and a recession-proof business

  • High ROI

  • Exclusive partnerships with major healthcare sector influencers

  • Training and support.

  • NSDC affiliated institute 

  • Technology-driven

  • Infrastructure support 

FranchiseBazar: It is estimated that there are over 10,000+ franchise opportunities in the organized format seeking Franchises across India. 1000’s of new businesses are transforming themselves into organized franchise businesses in India. Several global brands are also looking at appointing franchises in India. This means millions of entrepreneurs across all cities, towns and villages of India are going to buy new franchise business opportunities. Here is your opportunity to play a vital role in enabling new opportunities for the new India. Being the nation’s #1 Franchise Consultants network, undoubtedly they have been the pioneers of connecting clients to their desired brand or area of interest. 

Space requirement: Less than 250 Sq.ft

Investment required : 2 lakh - 5 lakh

Why FranchiseBazar as a franchise opportunity :

  • 20+ years of Franchising Experience.

  • 3000+ brands listed on their website. 

  • 100+ cities and towns of India were covered extensively.

  • One-stop shop for all types of franchise businesses.

  • 100+ New business ideas and brands onboarded every month.

  • Exclusive sign up with brands who only work with them.

Antal international network: It is one of the leading global recruitment companies in the world. It is present in more than 35 countries in the world. Antal International has been around the globe for nearly 23 years now, incorporated and headquartered in London. With global coverage across Europe, Russia, China, India, Africa, Japan and S. America, Antal is positioned to service the needs of global corporations with ease. Antal has rapidly grown across the globe, penetrating and having a major presence in all key talent markets, including strategically important developing markets, enabling us to become a leading global recruitment and search specialist in each of our specialised areas of expertise.

Investment required -10lakh and 20 lakh

Outlets- 130+ offices all across the world

Why Antal International Network as a franchise opportunity?

  • 130+ offices in 35 countries

  • 800+ experts 

  • 28 years of experience in international recruitment consultancy

  • Global leaders in recruitment and Credible international brand

  • Investment required 10lakh and 20 lakh

SpeedForce: SpeedForce is one of the leading two-wheeler servicing franchise businesses in India. It has a chain of branches all over India.They provide innovative repair and maintenance services for any two-wheeler. They had a wide range of trustworthy services like pick up and drop facility, on-road breakdown support, insurance support, Annual Maintenance Contracts, warranty program on spare parts, and lubricants. They are bringing a revolution in servicing two-wheelers. With well-equipped two-wheeler service stations and skilful mechanics, They provide quality services with excellent packages that are intended to offer you great maintenance and saving. SpeedForce is a one-stop solution for all two-wheeler needs. They are committed to making your ride safe.

Outlets - 125+ all across India

Investment- 7.5 lakh

Why Speedforce franchise :

  • Low Investment and High Returns

  • Investment required: 7.5 lakh

  • 125+ outlets all across India

  • A Goodwill of SpeedForce brand that is trusted across the nation

  •  Help in setting your business in a perfect geographical location

  •  Backed by years of research, experience and financial stability

  •  A perfectly designed marketing strategy to kick start your business

  •  A comprehensive sales team that makes sure you are always high on profits

  •  A Supportive technical team that has solutions for everything

  •  A workforce that is skilled and professional to make sure customers are always happy with the service you provide

  •  Automobile Industry background not required.

Go Waterless: Go Waterless started in October 2019 as an innovative concept in professional car cleaning services with a motto to revolutionize your car washing experience. With extensive research & development for 2 years, they have successfully developed a 100% Herbal liquid that can clean the car without a single drop of water. With no Scratch or Side effects on the car. In a short span of 1.5 years, they have 60 franchises of ‘Go Waterless’ nationally & soon they are planning to go international too. 

Investment required - 5 lakh- 10 lakh

Why Go Waterless franchise?

  • Unique business model (100% herbal liquid)

  • 60+ franchise units in India

  • Low investment, high return

  • Investment required - 5 lakh- 10 lakh

  • It saves water around 200 litres per car wash

Service-based franchise opportunity is growing at a good pace and these are the brands doing well and if you want to join hands with these brands you can visit franchiseBazar for franchise opportunities. One can also explore other opportunities listed on the website and can take advice from experts.


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