Subway Franchise In India To Cost Reliance 1500 Cr In 2021.

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Written by Deepak Sah                                                                           August 4, 2021                                                                     

The billionaire Mukesh Ambani has marked his presence in every sector like energy, telecommunication, textiles, petrochemicals, mass media, and natural gas. A Reliance company is a company that is always in news because of something new happening in the organization. Recently Reliance took over Justdial with the motive to collect data of startups in India to expand further. So we can say that in every sector we can find Reliance.

Now once again Reliance is in the news because of its decision to buy Subway India to acquire 600 Subway stores in India and this will help Reliance to diversify in the food and beverages sector. This news is covering the front page and almost every news houses are behind it. Not only news houses, but corporate India also has lots of interest and has close eyes on this deal. With this deal, Reliance wants to enter into QSR ( Quick service restaurants ) and to mark its presence in QSR. If Reliance enters into QSR then the competition will increase because it will be directly competing with big giants like KFC, Burger King, Pizza Hut, Dominos, and Starbucks. In 2017, the franchises of Subway had been in talks with the investors to buy in, but the talks were never successful. But now Reliance is in talks with Subway Inc. to buy Subway India for 1500 crore.

According to the Edelweiss report "While the COVID-19 pandemic hit the restaurant industry hard, QSR chains were the first to recover trends. Organized QSR chains had the infrastructure and delivery services in place long before the COVID-19 crisis and this aided them to swiftly adapt to government restrictions. So despite dine-in services being impacted, QSR players were able to maintain growth and revenues by doubling down on their delivery services," And Ambani is very quick to rule in this segment. By entering into QSR through buying Subway there is a chance that Reliance will launch its own products just like Reliance launched  Jio in the telecom sector. We all know that the food sector attracts attention and Ambani has seen the potential of the food and beverages sector post covid and how pandemic and digitalization created a completely new lifestyle where digital access, standardization, and hygiene are the new normal. And Subway is the brand that offers the same lifestyle as it claims to be healthy and hygienic

Subway- Best fast-food franchise in India 

Founded in 1965, Subway is an American fast-food restaurant franchise that is engaged in selling submarine sandwiches(subs), salads, and beverages. It is the largest sub sandwich chain in the world. Today Subway is known for the promotion of a range of healthy food options. According to a report in 2015, Subway had become the fastest-growing franchise in the world, and it had 37540 locations in more than 100 countries as of the year 2020. Around 58.1% of the locations of Subway are in the United States. After McDonald’s, Subway is the second company that spends heavily on marketing. Currently, Subway is undergoing a massive overtake under chief executive John Chidsey to cut costs, move headquarters and global workforce amid sinking sales amid the coronavirus pandemic. According to an ET report, there’s also speculation of a worldwide takeover. Subway doesn’t own a single store in India. It rather collects 8 percent of the revenue from each franchisee.

Why Subway franchise India? 

Actually, Subway has come a long competitive way from 1965 to reach this number one place in the food restaurant sector. Not only in India, Subway is an established brand all across the world, so by becoming a Franchisee for Subway, but the brand itself also drives sales for your business rather than you laboring the sales team for your food business. Sales happen so automatically as its subway itself, speaks for its unique food, so there is no extra effort for basic marketing but you can increase the sales level to high volumes with your special marketing strategies. Below are some of the reasons to choose the Subway franchise:

  • Subway is the second-largest restaurant chain in the world after McDonald’s subway.

  • It holds more than 44,210 restaurants in about 110 countries around the world and more than 531 restaurants in 70 different Indian cities.

  • This quick meal restaurant offers very fresh and own bread to its customers.

  • Subway is one of the best and fastest-growing franchises in India.

  • It provides no cooking, frying, and grilling meals.

  • They are flexible with the franchise, with space requirements.

  • It provides a comprehensive training course and complete support from our Subway franchise headquarters, State Development Agents, and field executive staff.

Subway India franchise opportunity and Subway India franchise cost

Space required : 500-700 sq.ft

The total investment required: 4crore to 8 crores ( Including initial franchise fees, property, equipment,

Opening inventory, Insurance, Supplies, Training charges)

 Subway franchise application :

  • Request a franchise brochure from the company or you can visit franchisebazar to know how to apply for Subway franchise

  • Submit franchise application

  • Review Disclosure document 

  • Conduct little research

  • Arrange capital for taking the franchise 

  • Sign franchising agreement

  • Attend training

  • Launch your business with a boom

 The main USP of Subway is that you don’t need to make efforts to sell . Subway is an established brand all across the world, so by becoming a Franchisee for Subway, the brand itself drives sales for your business rather than you laboring the sales team for your food business. So just make use of these strengths and visit franchiseBazar for more details regarding the application process and become one of the successful franchisees of Subway India


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