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What would one do in the absence of good health? Over time it’s been said for generations and centuries, constantly emphasizing on this catchphrase “Health is Wealth”. While being true to its words, that’s the ultimate reality one faces. Being healthy and well, both physically and mentally is a gift and a blessing. It has been bestowed upon us to treasure this gift while simultaneously keeping a watch on it.

Everybody functions efficiently and act out to their full potential when healthy, a student studies well when healthy, a salary man works with concentration and focus when healthy, an athlete delivers better results when healthy.

You might have got the point, right?

Okay so now let’s assume that someone you know and love is sick, do you think that they would be all active and cheerful throughout the day?, Obviously no right? You would take some time off and give special attention to them, you would put in your own efforts to ensure that they get back to full health. What if a group of such people suddenly fall ill, you can’t be there for all of them can you? You would be limited to one person at a time, there would be this pressure accommodating your mind, here’s where Medical Franchises come into action.

COVID-19 or the Novel Coronavirus has disrupted many happenings across the globe, many unfortunate people have even fallen as its prey. With an alarming rate of infections, and an easy method of spread, it raises some serious concerns from many.

The world has given its befitting reply by restricting itself to a great extent, Isolations, Confinements, Temporary shutting down public places, Increasing and deploying law enforcements are a few measures it has taken to reduce its spread and contamination. Medical Franchises have further aided this fragile situation by providing essential medical services and care, and most importantly innovating and tirelessly working to find a permanent release from this curse, to find a cure, a vaccine.

Ever since the descent of this fateful virus, masses have increasingly become aware of the necessity and importance of Medical Franchises. Resorting to a healthier, cleaner and a cautious way of living. People are giving in extra attention to themselves and their surroundings, movement outdoors has been controlled to a great extent, and certain franchises are opting to halt their operations temporarily.

By far Medical Franchises are soaring at the top, both in demand and in the terms of profits gained. Constant supply of medical equipments, testing kits, health kits and related items have been at its all-time high. People have been including a sanitizer now and then in their shopping list, or a clean wipe (sanitized wet wipes) and have implemented it in as a commodity of frequent use.

Frequent washing of hands has been highly prioritized, while some are overdoing it and ending up being paranoid, while some are acting responsible during this crisis. Without further ado let us take a look at the Medical/Healthcare Franchise Opportunities that are available now.

  • Zero G

With its investment ranging from Rs 10Lacs – 15Lacs

There’s a popular saying that has been spanning itself since generations, “Early to bed, early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise”. The one important element indirectly highlighted in this saying is Sleep. Going to bed to call it a day might be among the favorite highlights of an individual. Getting quality efficient sleep is vital and refreshing at the same time. It also enables an individual to function and perform efficiently and enthusiastically.

Zero G Beds over here, ensures that one gets his sleep with a subtle touch of comfort and quality. Being India’s #1 Home care adjustable bed, which would mold itself according to your desired position. The concept of ZERO G beds is based on a position developed by NASA for astronauts in space to evenly distribute their weight throughout their body as they traverse through space. These beds can also be of great use for senior citizens and people with back problems as they can provide immense support to the back and can be adjusted to the most comforting position at the touch of a button.

Such an innovative approach to redefine sleep is what really makes Zero G Beds to stand out from the others. Be a franchisee to their brand now, and be a pioneer in providing such cutting edge beds to all!

  • Apollo Health and Lifestyle Ltd

With its investment ranging from Rs 1Cr – 2Crs

The name might not come off as a surprise for many, Apollo Healthcare has been among the top medical franchises in the country. While this franchise is a subsidiary, The Company today runs the largest chain of standardized primary health care Models to Multispecialty Clinics, under the brand name “Apollo Clinic” in India & the Middle East.

The Company also Operates Specialty formats under Apollo Cradle (a Centre for Women and Children) and Apollo Spectra Hospitals (a hospital for minimally invasive surgeries). An opportunity like this is quite rare and one should get their hands on this esteemed franchise, by being a franchisee to Apollo Health and Lifestyle Ltd, one would certainly reside on the profitable side of the market, while alongside being an affiliate to this spectacular brand, sign up as a franchisee now!

  • Ozone Ayurvedics

With its investment ranging from Rs 5Lacs – 10Lacs

The use and implementation of Ayurveda in medical sciences has been operational since the ancient times. Used as an alternative medicine, the natural essence of the medicine greatly aids in the recovery of a specific person suffering from an ailment, without disturbing and depressing the internal body functions due to its absence in strong synthesized drugs.

Ozone Ayurvedics believes in the potential that Ayurveda generally holds in itself. The Company has been built around the foundations of well-being; with a mission to either add years to life or life to years because life is precious”, with 2 ultramodern plants at Baddi and Guwahati, the group manufactures and markets highest quality of products using state of the art technology in production, quality control and packaging. Honing such impressive feats, this franchise certainly might grab your attention, if yes, then don’t lose out on this glorious opportunity and be a franchisee to their brand now!

  • Dentzz Dental Care Centres

With its investment ranging from Rs 75Lacs – 1Cr

Representing the Dental Care Franchise, Dentzz Dental Care Centres have certainly made their presence known in popular cities like Dubai, Mumbai and Delhi. Providing dental care services to ensure that you smile fearlessly and effortlessly, with highly qualified professionals who are good at what they do, you certainly would be satisfied at their quality services.

So the next time, when you need that dental checkup done on a half annual basis, you know who to go to. On a business point of view, Dental Franchises make fat money due to their services and the never ending demand for their services seem to add more fuel to the fire from which the business would prosper, What are you waiting for then? Franchise with Dentzz Dental Care Centres now!

As for Medical Franchisors, they have been tirelessly on the pursuit for excellence both in terms of their service and quality. Fortis Healthcare and Apollo Group of Hospitals who have to be among the top Medical Franchises in India are among a few such franchises to be bought into limelight for their unfathomable contribution to society and their patients.

Franchising in the field of medicine has become a hot topic of discussion for many thriving entrepreneurs, businessmen and good Samaritans of society. Currently many have started to produce high quality masks and Personal Protection Equipments such as Face shields, Gloves, Eye Protection etc; which are trending both in terms of popularity and need. Investing in such fields seems to be a good idea and would be an invaluable contribution towards a good cause.

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