Top 10 Automotive franchise businesses in India for 2023

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Top 10 Automotive franchise businesses in India for 2023

Written by: Resham Daswani     


Though the automobile industry has faced various challenges over the year, it still shows good potential for growth and is expected to reach $300 billion by 2026, with a combination of the production of cars, electric vehicles, tires as well as car spare parts.  These predictions are giving rise to good opportunities for automotive franchises in India which specialize in manufacturing electric motorcycles, e-mobility, and energy, and developing technology and car components in India. 


It can also be observed that the number of car owners in India is constantly on the rise, due to the growth of population as well as the rise in incomes of the middle class.  Not only car production has seen tremendous growth, but owning a car also requires maintenance and services like repair, cleaning, and painting.  Thus, there is a rise in automobile service franchise businesses in India, which is also one of the most prospective ones across the country today.  When we compare the new car sales vs the used car market, it can be observed that the number of used cars is much bigger than the number of new ones.  This leads to the development of the car detailing franchise segment in India.  Now that we have observed what the Indian automobile market segments look like, let us see:


 The top 10 automotive franchise businesses in India in 2022


EV Techno Electra Motors Pvt Ltd


This is one of the fastest-growing electric motorcycle manufacturers in India which provides electric scooters and services across various cities in India.  They are rapidly expanding their dealer network across the country. 


Founded: 2017

Franchise Initial Investment: INR 20-30 lakhs

Franchise Fee: INR 2 lakhs


EV Motors India Pvt


A young company that entered the Indian market in 2016, has been confidently occupying and rapidly expanding its presence in India as well as Asia-pacific.  This is a company that specializes in e-mobility and energy.  Owning a management team that is highly qualified in the energy, automotive, and IT sectors, this is a brand that is actively growing its network of charging stations for electric vehicles in various cities of India.  They are offering franchise opportunities for entrepreneurs in various franchise models.


Founded: 2016

Franchising Since: 2020

Franchise Initial Investment: INR 5-10 lakhs




This is one of the world’s leading leaders in the development and manufacture of nanotechnology for the automotive, marine as well as aerospace industry.  This is a brand of pioneered nanopolymer systems which continues to push the boundaries of technology.  This is a rapidly developing field, with many great discoveries yet to be made. 


Founded: 2007

Franchising Since: 2012

Franchise Initial Investment: INR 5-10 lakhs

Franchise Fee: INR 1 lakh

Royalty Fee: 6%


Mahindra First Choice


This is a part of a $17 billion multinational Mahindra group spearheaded by the visionary, Mr. Anand Mahindra, to enter the aftermarket industry and create a business ecosystem of pre-owned cars in India.  This brand offers franchise opportunities in two modes, depending on how you wish to establish a business in the auto industry.  Joining as a franchisee gives you various advantages compared to a standalone used car dealership or service center in India.


Founded: 2008

Franchising Since: 2008

Franchise Initial Investment: INR 30 lakhs – 50 lakhs


Bike Zone


This is a Castrol brand that has created a new channel of multi-branded two-wheeler service centers in India.  The company operates with a philosophy of understanding and fulfilling customer requirements.  This unique concept is aimed at going beyond lubricants and getting closer to clients through various touchpoints.  Their distinctive edge lies in personalized attention as well as complete transparency throughout the billing process.  They are aiming to create a chain of high-quality Castrol franchised motorcycle workshops across various cities of the country and are rapidly growing towards achieving their goal.


Founded: 2008

Franchising Since: 2008

Franchise Initial Investment: INR 20 lakhs – 30 lakhs


Cross Roads


Also known as Cross Roads India Assistance, this is India’s first and largest roadside repair assistance service provider for all two-wheelers and four-wheelers.  They are spread across the country with several workshops and are the only service provider to be recognized as a critical service provider under the social security category by the ministry for the safety of general motorists. 


Founded: 1999

Franchising Since: 2012

Franchise Initial Investment: INR 2 lakhs – 5 lakhs




They are known to be the best professional car wash and detailing center in India, as they use the best car care products, machines, or tools which have been approved by many top automobile manufacturers across the globe. They have a team of trained staff to guide customers with what's best needed for their car, keeping it looking neat and clean as almost in a new condition.


Founded: 2013

Franchising Since: 2013

Franchise Initial Investment: INR 10 lakhs – 15 lakhs


3M Car Care


A place where technology, people, and car care converge, a place where car owners will appreciate the tremendous power of technology and 3M’s great beliefs in human connection, is a brand which takes pride in the science which goes into the development of each product used at 3M car care. 


Founded: 2010

Franchising Since: 2011

Franchise Initial Investment: INR 30 lakhs – 50 lakhs


Cars 24


This is a brand which facilitates the purchase of used cars in India.  They are spreading their footprints at a rapidly fast pace and are looking for entrepreneurs to join hands with them.


Founded: 2015

Franchising Since: 2019

Franchise Initial Investment: INR 20 lakhs – 30 lakhs


Doctor Garage


This is a unique concept for a franchise partner which helps in developing their existing workshop, including revenue, customer base as well as volume.  In India’s market survey, there is over 64% of vehicle users own two-wheelers and they take their vehicles to local garages for servicing.  This brand aims to build a standard and world-class two-wheeler service center by providing breathtaking services that will serve all types of customers.


Founded: 2021

Franchising Since: 2021

Franchise Initial Investment: INR 5 lakhs – 10 lakhs

Franchise Fee: INR 50 thousand – 1 lakh


To Conclude,


The Indian automotive industry is rising with velocity and is counted among the leading producers of passenger cars and two-wheelers, not leaving behind motorcycles and commercial vehicles.  Franchise opportunities which are looming in this sector include automotive parts franchises, car repair franchises, car service center franchises, bike service center franchises, car sales franchises, car beauty clinic franchises, and more.  To know more details about automotive franchises in India, get in touch with our consultants at FranchiseBazar who are here to give you the best automotive franchise opportunities in India 2023.


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