Top 10 Best and the Most Profitable Businesses in India

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which franchise business is best for you in India


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Did you know about the top 10 businesses in India?  With the drastically changing market trends, there is a rise in cloud-based businesses and the digital marketing sector in India.  Furthermore, budding entrepreneurs can avail of simple loan facilities with lesser interest to initialize and start a new business in India.  Nevertheless, 2022, has been one of the best years to start a new top business in India because of the contactless payment options and new government policies for MSMEs organizations.


The franchise business in India is booming because of the increase in GDP and per capita income, not to forget the drastic increase in disposable incomes of the working class. 


Let us look at the Top 10 Best and Most Profitable Businesses in India.  This article has the most trending, latest, and profitable as well as most popular businesses in India which one can start in today’s time and earn huge profits.


Food & Beverage Business


This is a business related to the hospitality industry.  India has approximately 1.25 billion food consumers, and we cannot deny that India loves their food.  Thus, India has one of the fastest-growing economies in the world.  India has many cultures, which makes its food a major chunk of our heritage and culture.  So, it would not be wrong to say, each culture has a different set of cuisine and thus gives a wide selection of food cuisines across the country.  Choosing to export spices or start a food chain franchise in India can surely be a profitable business in India.  New western brands of food are also entering the Indian market because of the scope of growth they observe.  Thus, with new food trends coming in daily, one can reap umpteen amounts of profits. This makes the food & beverage business in India one of the best.


Organic Farming


Research shows that nearly 70% of Indians are involved in farming and agriculture, which makes it another profitable opportunity in India.  Organic farming is a lucrative business because of its abundance of natural resources and fertile land.  Nearly 20% of India comprises organic producers across the globe.


Travel & Tourism Business


One of the best businesses in India for wanderlusts out there is the Travel and tourism business.  India has many historical and cultural locations which makes it rich in its heritage, attracting a lot of tourists from across the globe.  India ranks 10th among 185 countries across the globe.  You can choose to invest in the travel and tourism franchise business in India by collaborating with other sectors for sustainability like hotel and transport services which can boost your business.


Pharmaceutical Business


India is the largest contributor and exporter of generic drugs across the globe, and the revenue from the industry speaks for itself.  This is a sector that has vast scope for progression and development with all the latest trends pouring in.  There is tremendous scope for growth and career opportunity in this industry in India.


Website Design


Digital marketing and blogging or vlogging are the latest trends today.  Many youths are choosing this as a career opportunity and a report by Adobe shows that over 48% contribute as a factor in determining the credibility of this business.  During the pandemic where techies had no choice but to create websites and other assessments online, this has led to the high demand for websites which is making it a profitable business today.


Real Estate Business


This is a business in India that is expected to reach $1 trillion by end of 2030.  The real estate business in India has always been a thriving business because of the rapid and swift rate of urbanization.  This is one of the booming sectors in India which has a plethora of businesses and job opportunities.  Though slightly on the expensive side, you would require high capital for investment to venture into this business.


Wedding Planners


This is a lucrative and high-fashion business because India has become a hub for big fat weddings.  Themed weddings have become quite popular these days.  This is the most stylish business because it caters to different budget brackets and makes it quite interesting and innovative for entrepreneurs and customers as well.


Virtual Business / Cloud-Based Business


From online clothing sales to digital art or even coaching classes, this business has grown rapidly quickly.  Just by polishing, good marketing, and communication skills, you can bring out wonders.  No matter which sector you choose to do virtual business in India, you are sure to reap good profits and it will take you a long way.


Labour Contract


Contract workers contribute to more than 34% of the massive Indian workforce.  As India is a developing economy there is always a need for this sector of contract workers and thus making it the most happening business opportunity in India which doesn’t require much capital investment.  If you comply with all the legal requirements, your job is done.




This is a field that has a lot of scope in today’s world.  From wedding photography, there are several themes that people choose this business today.  Everyone wants their memories captured in the best possible way today, making it a growing business demand in India.


To Conclude


Now that we have read the top 10 businesses in India, if you are an entrepreneur looking to venture into the franchise business in India, call us at FranchiseBazar to know the best business in India, which franchise business is best for you in India, best business opportunities in India and more growth opportunities.


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