Top 10 Best Biryani Franchise Opportunities in India [ TOP PICKS]

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Top 10 Best Biryani Franchise Opportunities In India [ Top Picks]

Written by Anjali Dixit                                                                               January 24 2022

Best Biryani Franchise Opportunities in India aren't hard to find. Why? Because when you mention India, you are talking about the identity of a nation that holds one of flavors, spices, taste and diversity altogether. India is widely and largely known for its historic culture and artistic temperament. Biryani is an example which portrays the historic culture of the Mughal Empire in India. Best Biryani Franchise Opportunities in India are one amongst the greatest business ideas in the list of food franchises owing to its popularity amongst the customers.The Biryani franchise costs are variable depending on the individual's budget and other likely factors.

List of best Biryani Franchise Opportunities

The Biryani business franchise can be considered profitable in certain specific places like Uttarpradesh, Delhi, Hyderabad and the like. However, the  high demand of biryani amongst the customers has led entrepreneurs and business owners to invest in the same. Here are the list of best biryani franchise opportunities in India:


  1. Bawarchi Biryani Franchise

  2. Biryani Corner Franchise

  3. Nizam's Kitchen Franchise

  4. Kathi Junction Franchise

  5. PJ Biryani House Franchise

  6. Ammi Biryani Franchise

  7. Biryani Blue Franchise

  8. Chiragdin Biryani Franchise

  9. Behrouz Biryani Franchise

  10. Sunshine Kebabs Biryani Franchise

Read detailed information of these brands below:

1. Bawarchi Biryani

Founded in : 1994 Franchising

Year : 2006

Franchise units : 20+

Investment : Not Revealed Franchise

Fee: Not Revealed

Space: less than 250 sq ft

A renowned and popular name in the biryani food business segment. With the menu of more than 30 different styles of biryanis, it has a huge customer inflow. It has a unique concept based business model that is open to modifications depending on the location and investment made. It is currently focusing on the objective of expansion hence offering biryani business franchise opportunities.


2. Biryani Corner 

Founded in : 2015

Franchising Year : 2015

Franchise units : 10-20

Investment : Rs 50,000- 1 lakh

Franchise Fee: Not Revealed

Space: less than 250 sq ft

Biryani corner is a street food style based desi biryani serving outlet that is known for its spicy and indigenous touch. Although it has a simple business model, it offers biryani business franchise opportunities with an aim to reach out to different cities and establish its brand. Currently, it is focused on south Indian cities mostly. If you are looking for a low biryani franchise cost business with quick returns, it might turn out to be a great choice.


3. Nizam's Kitchen

Founded in : 2010 Franchising

Year : 2010

Franchise units : 10+

Investment : Rs 12-15 Lakhs

Franchise Fee: Rs 5-10 Lakhs

Space: 250- 500 sq ft

A well established Biryani food restaurant with different styles and tastes of biryani, kebabs, tandoors, main courses as well as combo meals. It offers a wide and diversified range of menu to the customers. Embodied by Subjash Alavekar, it is the famous biryani franchise business based in Hyderabad that is currently offering franchise opportunities to interested business seekers with resources and skills to assist them in achieving the objective of a nationwide biryani top choice food outlet.


4. Kathi Junction 

Founded in : 2014

Franchising Year : Not known

Franchise units : 25+

Investment : Rs 7-10 Lakhs

Franchise Fee: Rs 2-5 Lakhs

Space: 300-600 sq ft

Well renowned for its rolls and biryanis, Kathi junction is a nationwide name. It is a highly profitable biryani franchise business opportunity owing to its high brand recognition and the huge customer demand. It also provides technical and training assistance to its franchisees who are willing to join in their franchise business and assist them in evolving and attaining growth in the food business segment.


5. PJ Biryani House 

Founded in : 2019

Franchising Year : 2019

Franchise units : 5-7

Investment : Not Revealed

Franchise Fee: Rs 50,000

Space: Less than 250 sq ft

Established in 2019 in Tirupati, it is one of the rising biryani business franchises in India. With low investment and biryani franchise cost, it offers a quick end result and profit to its franchisees. Although new in the biryani business segment, yet it has a rising customer demand. It is currently focusing on expanding its business all across India by offering low cost franchise opportunities.


6. Ammi Biryani 

Founded in :  1998

Franchising Year : 2008

Franchise units : 75+

Investment : Rs 20-30 lakhs

Franchise Fee: Rs 5-10 lakhs

Space: 500 sq ft

It is one of the best biryani franchise opportunities in India led by Mr Sharief. It has more than 75 outlets currently serving in major cities across India. They serve a delicious range of biryani, kebabs and rolls. They are currently offering biryani business franchises to resourceful and skilled business owners willing to help expand their brand in different cities specially Chennai and Pune.


7. Biryani Blue 

Founded in : 2013 Franchising

Year : 2020

Franchise units : 20-30

Investment : Rs 30-40 Lakhs

Franchise Fee: Rs 5-10 Lakhs

Space: less than 500 sq ft

Well recognised brand name in the Food business segment. It is highly in customer demand for its famous Hyderabadi biryani and other Nizam dishes as well. It offers assistance in training and managerial skills to its franchisees in the process of setting up the franchise outlet. It also has a motive to build its brand name in different cities across India to expand its biryani business franchise and become a nationwide name.


8. Chiragdin Biryani 

Founded in : 2006

Franchising Year : Not Known

Franchise units : 10-15

Investment : Not Revealed

Franchise Fee: Not Revealed

Space: less than 500 sq ft

Working and emphasizing on it's assistance services, food and practices, Chiragdin has become one of the best biryani franchise opportunities in India. Its prime aim is to provide tasty, healthy and hygienic biryani and other varieties in the menu to reach maximum people. With best in class services and highly qualified services, it blends the art of Europe with Indian to create a unique business concept. It is currently offering a biryani business franchise to interested business seekers.


9. Behrouz Biryani

Founded in : 2011

Franchising Year : Not Known

Franchise units : 20+

Investment : Not Revealed

Franchise Fee: Not Revealed

Space: 500-750 sq ft

It is a highly popular nationwide known biryani brand that has a high customer demand and a wide brand recognition. Known to have outlets in every big city in India. It has a diversified variety of relishing biryani menu that makes it a top choice in biryani franchise business.Their prime aim is to establish a chain of its retail biryani network in every city of India. Also became 31st Indian unicorn in 2021.


 10. Sunshine Kebabs

Founded in : 1988

Franchising Year : 2005

Franchise units : 25+

Investment : Not Revealed

Franchise Fee: Not Revealed

Space: less than 250 sq ft

The company is a dynamic approach based fast food retailer in Hyderabad that serves traditional styled kebabas, biryanis and Mediterranean cuisines. They offer a unique blend of traditional spices and exclusive high-quality products. It is an Australia based company that is currently offering franchise opportunities across India with an objective to build its brand and gain customers.


What are the factors that play a major role in establishing the biryani franchise?

  1. Business Planning and Strategy
  2. Consumer Demand
  3. Changing Market Trends
  4. Business Tools and Techniques
  5. Workforce & Staffing
  6. Location Settings
  7. Business Model 
  8. Quality of Product and Services

To establish your biryani business as the best biryani franchise opportunity in India, you must focus on the following factors for successful brand recognition and customer approachability. Business seekers and entrepreneurs are more likely interested in segments that are well planned, hold strong grounds, and have a command over the business market. All these factors if considered worked upon and implemented could benefit, improvise and bring out greater growth in development, expansion, and franchisees.


What can be expected for the biryani franchise segment in the business market in the coming future?

The food industry is always the most preferred and demanded segment among entrepreneurs and business seekers. There is a resilience factor that maintains its sales and growth at a standard level even in the times of global pandemic and other challenges. Biryani franchise is a great franchise business opportunity for interested individuals. The Indian consumers relish and have a high demand for food and eatables, especially during celebrations like weddings, parties, Biryani is one of the choices. Hence have greater consumer demand. With an overall growth of 30-35% in the food industry, it is flourishing in the Indian market and has the best future prospects and possibilities in the coming times.  

With these Best Biryani Franchise Business Opportunities in India in 2022, you can successfully think of establishing your own business in the location of your choice and their good brand recognition. These biryani business franchises endeavor to give you high end results with quick profits along with assistance in technical, training and managerial skills to assist them in return by contributing in the expansion of their business across the nation.

View all Biriyani Franchise Opportunities in India here

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