Top 10 Best Chicken Franchises in India.

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Find the Top 10 Best Chicken Franchises in India in 2022

Written By Aditi Vernekar                                                                             March 15 2022

Chicken is the world's most popular non-vegetarian food. Mostly because of the flavour, the variety of dishes that can be made with chicken, and the ease with which they can be obtained. In order to appeal to local tastes, international chefs have added their own spin to fried chicken. Aside from a public preference for chicken and a successful business model, a variety of factors have contributed to the growth of the franchised chicken industry and here we will discuss the Top 10 Best Chicken Franchises in India.

Fast-food chicken is increasingly seen as a convenient, filling, and cost-effective dinner option for time-crunched commuters who can pick it up quickly on their way home from work. People living in cities are the primary market for this model, and a growing urban population, as well as people eating on longer distance domestic journeys, are contributing to the success of chicken.

Is chicken franchise profitable?

The pandemic harmed the fast-food chicken industry in the short term, but it also highlighted its strengths and, ultimately, demonstrated its economic resilience. The primary reason was the industry's dominance in takeout and delivery. Even before the pandemic, many of the best chicken restaurant franchises offered effective takeout and delivery services, which grew in popularity during lockdowns. Many people chose to eat more takeout because they were unable to eat out due to closures or were unwilling to do so due to the risks.

Of course, the Chicken Restaurant Franchises in India face both challenges and opportunities. In response to chicken's economic and cultural popularity, more Fast-Food Restaurants are beginning to offer chicken alternatives, even if this isn't their primary offering. In the coming years, this is expected to increase competition for customers for chicken franchises. Safe to say, the future of Chicken Franchises looks very bright and lucrative.

How much does a chicken franchise cost?

Many chicken franchises are fast food and quick-serve restaurant franchises, with customers able to place orders at a counter and pick up their food for dine-in or carry-out. For greater business diversity, these franchises may also offer drive-thru, delivery, and catering services. But depending on the brand, business model and type of chicken store outlet you choose, the initial fees and requirements differ.


List of Top 10 Best Chicken Franchises in India in 2022

  1. KFC
  2. FunChick Fried Chicken
  3. Bangs Fried Chicken
  4. Chick Blast
  5. Chicken Vicken
  6. Meatwale
  7. Indian Fried Chicken
  8. Big Chick Fried Chicken
  9. Me Fried Chicken
  10. American Fried Chicken

1. KFC Franchise

Franchising Since: 1952

Initial investment: Not Revealed

Space Req: Not Revealed

KFC, also known as Kentucky Fried Chicken, is a fast-food restaurant chain in the United States that has been named the Best Fried Chicken Franchise in India. The company has adopted the standard KFC offerings to Indian tastes, with menu options in India including the Hot & Crispy Chicken and Fiery Grilled bucket options, Chicken Zinger Burger, Krushers, Rice Bowlz, and the recently launched 5-in-1 Meal Box.

2. FunChick Fried Chicken Franchise

Franchising Since: 2020

Initial Investment: ₹5-10 Lakhs

Space Req.: 250-500 sq.ft.

Fun Chick is a fast-casual restaurant that offers a mix of traditional and innovative dishes. Their secret recipes and spices give their dishes a one-of-a-kind flavour. They want to create a Funchick store that appeals to the entire family's palate, so they have a diverse range of products to offer to in-demand Indian customers.

3. Bangs Fried Chicken Franchise

Franchising since: 2010

Initial investment: ₹2-5 Lakhs

Space Req.: 500-750 sq.ft.

Bangs Fried Chicken is a local player in the Indian fast food industry that provides its customers with a diverse fast food menu in addition to traditional fried chicken. Bangs has set up its own research and development facility to create a new menu to cater to its growing market base, with a focus on providing low-cost, fast food options right out of India.

4. Chick Blast Franchise

Franchising Since: 2013

Initial investment: ₹5-10 Lakhs

Space Req.: Less than 250 sq. ft.

Chick Blast is a fast-casual restaurant dedicated to delivering very simple, health-conscious prepared menu items to customers as soon as they place their order. They serve the highest-quality, best-tasting, made-from-scratch freshly grilled chicken and rice bowls, as well as Gyros and freshly-made salads.

5. Chicken Vicken Franchise

Franchising Since: 2016

Initial investment: ₹2-5 Lakhs

Space req.: Less than 250 sq. ft.

Chicken Vicken is a retail outlet that sells fresh, tender raw chicken in a clean, sanitary environment. It also has a variety of pre-cut chicken options, such as chicken drumsticks, chicken breasts, chicken wings, chicken legs, and much more. It also sells ready-to-fry items such as chicken nuggets and burger patties, as well as ready-to-eat items such as chicken salami and sausages.

6. Meatwale Franchise

Franchising Since: 2014

Initial investment: Not Revealed

Space req.: 250-500 sq.ft.

Meatwale is the simplest way to order raw meat for home delivery. The idea is to help the community by providing convenient home delivery of these items. Meatwale does not produce anything; all items are obtained from suppliers, and Meatwale is only involved in the logistics of goods to stores.

7. Indian Fried Chicken Franchise

Franchising Since: 2014

Initial investment: ₹5-120 Lakhs

Space req.: 450-1000 sq. ft.

IFC (Indian Fried Chicken) is proudly an Indian Brand with the objective of providing Juicy Fried Chicken, a variety of Pizzas (Over 30 Varieties), Crispy, Burgers, Mocktails, Smoothies, Desserts, Coffee Bar, etc. under one roof. The secret ingredient that makes Indian food truly Indian, is the generous use of signature spices. The fusion of flavours and aromas of spices has inspired Indian cuisine since the days of the maharajas.

8. Big Chick Fried Chicken Franchise

Franchising Since: 2010

Initial investment: ₹8-30 Lakhs

Space req.: Not Revealed

Big Chick Fried Chicken is a quick-service restaurant brand owned and operated by Indians. Big Chick is a quick-service chicken restaurant that serves delicious crumb fried chicken, burgers, wraps, salads, fries, nuggets, wedges, and many other options. The Big Chick turnkey programme includes two critical components: maximum flexibility and a high return on investment.

9. Me Fried Chicken Franchise

Franchising Since: 2013

Initial investment: Not Revealed

Space req.: Not Revealed

Kavi has its own breeding farms, hatcheries, feed factories, commercial broiler farms producing 30 million kg of chicken per year, integrated farms in Kerala, Tamil Nadu, and Karnataka, a cutting-edge processing unit, retail outlets and QSRs under the brand "Me Fried Chicken," and an overall business turnover of close to Rs. 350 crores.

10. American Fried Chicken Franchise

Franchising Since: 2013

Initial investment: Not Revealed

Space req.: Not Revealed

AFC (American Fried Chicken) is a sister company of NYPFC that was founded with the goal of serving customers in a town with a population of one lakh. In a much smaller setting, AFC offers top-quality fried chicken, an impressive atmosphere, and excellent service.

In recent years, chicken has grown in popularity as a fast-food item. And chicken wings franchises, fried chicken franchises are all booming in everyday life because of the same. So if you want to take a chicken franchise, you must do some basic research on what brand you want to franchise with, along with its requirements. 


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