Top 10 Best Courier Companies in India 2023

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top best courier companies in India 2023

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Today’s era sees a rapidly growing online shopping growth, where the quality of delivery service provided to clients has become crucial for the success of any business.  If the delivery takes longer than a week, customers are not willing to go ahead with the purchase and remove their products from the shopping cart and elsewhere.  Thus, it becomes important for every buyer to take care in providing the most cost-effective and expedited shipping experience possible to retain the customer from going elsewhere.


India has developed a significant market for local as well as international shipping with the growing network in the market and larger enterprises getting established.  But one of the many factors which are governing the growth in this sector is digital sales in India.  Where the pandemic had left no stone unturned, this however boosted online sales, which benefits the CEP industry’s growth and in turn, raises the market share.  Indian e-commerce stores have tied up with courier service providers to deliver their goods to domestic locations at the earliest. 


The expansion of the domestic CEP market, which is fueled by the expanding e-commerce industry, is also a contributing factor to the expansion of cross-border trade.  Furthermore, with the B2C e-commerce development in India, the domestic CEP market is predicted to expand and thus hold most of the market share over the projected period.


What does E-Commerce Courier Service involve?


E-commerce when started was intended to describe slightly different delivery experiences, where small packages can be delivered through courier services across the country with many pin codes, from the seller to the customer’s doorstep.  Nevertheless, reverse logistics is also catered to by courier services.  There are many courier service franchises in India, which let you send packages, personal or business-related, from one location to another with ease.  These services can also be for nationwide deliveries as well.  The top courier service franchises in India offer the quickest and most dependable delivery services.


Market Scenario of Courier Service Business in India


With a CAGR predicted at more than 10.5%, for the courier, express, and parcel market in India, this is a market that is expected to expand with e-commerce, increased internet access as well as the most technological advancements in the industry.  One of the key drivers fueling this market of expansion is E-Commerce.  India is one of the top three fastest-growing markets for delivery services due to its rapid online and e-commerce business, higher levels of disposable incomes, and increased use of the internet.  Furthermore, the way of conducting business in India has also been altered because of e-commerce.  The Indian internet business in India is expected to grow to $200 billion by 2026. 





Factors to consider while Choosing Courier Service Franchise in India



Cost Effectiveness


Do market research considering all the top courier firms pricing schemes, before choosing the best which strikes a balance between the cost and satisfaction of your needs.


Timely Delivery


A feature that cannot be compromised is on-time delivery because if it is delayed it could affect your customer experience. Customers will not choose your service if you deliver their parcels after the scheduled delivery date.


Regional Laws


Always confirm that the courier service franchise you are investing in complies with all applicable Indian laws and possesses shipping and consumer rights.


International Support


Preferably choose a courier franchise in India that operates on a global scale.  This means that you can serve customers who want to send packages globally as well.




Tracking a package is a very important feature in the courier service.  Using this service even if a package doesn’t arrive on time, the client can search for what is holding back the delivery.




Choosing the best and most well-established brand when starting a courier franchise business in India is important, as it will automatically attract customers to you because of the name.


Benefits of eCommerce Courier Company Franchises in India


Courier business in India offers benefits that go beyond managing operational details and lowers logistical expenses.  There are many benefits linked to which eCommerce courier companies provide to sellers who work with them.


  • Enhanced network coverage
  • Economical in nature
  • Upgrades the branding and packaging
  • Use of advanced technologies
  • Assistance in export


The year 2022, has been a fruitful year for all sectors of India.  One such growing sector in India is the courier cargo logistics franchises in India.  We have collaborated on a list of the top 10 best courier brands in India in 2022 and which are the best courier service brands you could consider investing in 2023.


Blue Dart Express 


This is one of the greatest courier companies and is a global carrier which has been operating as the top courier service provider in India since 1983.  They provide a wide option of services with over 35,000 pin codes in India.  Using the Blue Dart Tracking API app enables e-commerce businesses to monitor incoming or departing shipments. 





Having launched its logistics operations in 2011, this has become a leading e-commerce courier service in India.  The extensive range of services has led them to serve over 10,000 customers, 75% of whom are e-commerce companies.  Their focus is to offer a range of express delivery choices such as on-demand, same-day and next-day deliveries.




This is another major global shipping company which Indian retailers rely on.  They have a nationwide coverage of over 26,000+ pin codes nationwide, established in 1969.  DHL is dependable and easily accessible to fulfil the needs of any e-commerce business.




Also known as Desk To Desk Courier and Cargo, the Indian division of this significant multinational logistics organization.  This has a network of more than 10,000 pin codes spread across the country and has been providing courier services in India since 1990.  Though this is a company which was founded in India, it has reached a point which currently offers services to over 240 countries across the globe.  This is a preferred brand for domestic and international couriers because their services are available at a lesser cost as compared to other market competitors. 




Gati has always been a requirement and is listed as one of the best courier services in India, which was established in 1989 with a motto to streamline the distribution of brick-and-mortar stores, now also serving online businesses.  This has coverage which reaches 735 of India’s 739 districts in India.  Choosing this as a courier franchise business opportunity promises greater reach and business success.




This is one of the biggest courier services in India which was established in 2015.  This is one of the fastest-growing logistic service companies in India which best meets the demands for various supply chain solutions in India.  One thing which makes them stand out is they are known as seasoned experts which offer tech-based answers to courier service needs.  Clients choose this as a reliable courier service because you can dispatch your delicate or breakable goods and ensure they will reach their destination intact.  Companies like Flipkart, Meesho, Myntra, and Snapdeal are some of the leading companies which place greater trust in this courier brand in India.




This is a reputable and reasonably priced service provider for e-commerce courier services for internet businesses in India.  Founded in 1973, this has almost 50 years of experience in shipping and managing a variety of goods.  From door-to-door pickup and delivery, they serve both domestic and international services.  Nevertheless, this is regarded as one of the top courier services in India, for e-commerce companies because of its transport capacity to serve all sizes of goods.


Ecom Express


This is India’s top courier service for online shopping.  This is a brand which covers over 27,000 pin codes in India and is a top choice for e-commerce companies which deal in expensive items like jewels.  This is most preferred because they provide extra security and monitoring options for storage and transportation.  Ecom Express has been providing express shipping, doorstep quality checks for returned items and a guarantee to deliver your product within 72 hours.


Courier Cart


One of India’s leading online courier shipping service companies which provides extensive pickup and delivery services of parcels across various cities of the country.  This is a brand which gives you the freedom to select services at a very reasonable price.  With a vision aiming to create a platform for the sustainable exchange of goods and services, they are looking to expand their presence and become one of the best emerging and reasonably priced online courier companies in the country.


Safe Express


Like Gati, this is also a leader in the logistics sector for e-commerce for over 20 years.  They take pride in offering businesses the most effective supply chain solutions and services in more than 28,000 different pin codes across India.  What makes them one of the best is to minimize delays, this enables transportation units to choose the best route for delivery. 


To Conclude


In this article, we have discussed the top courier companies in India to invest in 2023.  These are companies that have extensive experience in logistics, come with a loyal clientele base, and have a solid reputation for offering top-notch services in India.  If you are an entrepreneur looking to Invest in the top best courier companies in India 2023, these are some listed by FranchiseBazar which are the best courier service franchises in 2022.  We keep ourselves updated with the latest logistics franchise opportunities in India.

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