Top 10 Best Cycle Franchises in India to Consider in 2023

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Written By: Yukta Palekar

The rising petrol and diesel prices in India are increasing cycling popularity. This article provides a comprehensive list of the top cycle franchises in India for both kids and adults.

The list is based on price, availability, benefits, service, and popularity. The article aims to help users choose the right bicycle for their needs, ensuring they do not confuse themselves with different brands. The article is intended for both adults and kids.

Best Cycle Franchises in India To Consider in 2023

This article presents a comprehensive list of the 10 best cycle brand franchises in India, based on extensive research, experience, and availability of these brands, ensuring that they are considered the best in their respective industries.

#1. Go Free Cycles

Go Free Cycles, an online bicycle retailer, is launching a new showroom in Bangalore. Established in 2018, Go Free Cycles is known for its quality and affordability of e-cycles. The company imports cycles and undergoes rigorous quality checks, ensuring each bike is built to last.

This dedication has earned Go Free Cycles a loyal customer base and numerous awards.

Also read: How this brand is all set to expand with new showrooms and franchises across South India.

#2. Ryder Cycles

Ryder Cycles, a 10-year-old multi-brand bicycle store, is expanding its presence in India by offering ‘service at your doorstep' for all types of bicycles. With over 25 brands under one roof and 30+ stores, Ryder Cycles provides a complete bicycle solution including sales, service, spares, and accessories.

With an ambitious plan to expand through the franchisee-owned-franchise-operated (FOFO) format, the brand is seeking young, ambitious entrepreneurs as business partners across India.

#3. OMO Bikes

OMO Bikes is an Indian cycle brand founded in 2016 by Bhishma Choudhary and Deepak Chauhan, who are passionate about cycling and promoting it as a sport in India. They started with a self-sustaining solar-powered bike and later expanded their business without a solar setup.

OMO bikes offer premium quality hybrid and mountain bicycles at affordable prices, perfect for commuting and fitness. They are one of the best cycle brands in India for adults and kids, available on Amazon and their official website. OMO bikes also offer customization options for their frame, fork, and gears, and excellent after-sales services to help customers solve their problems.

#4. Hercules Cycle

Hercules is a leading Indian cycle brand offering top-of-the-range geared bicycles with 21 gears, smooth shifters, and disc brakes. Their Flunk RF 26 T Single Speed Road Cycle is an affordable option with an ergonomic seat and suspension for better control.

The cycle is priced at Rs 9,399. It features alloy steel Fame Metal reflectors and a road brake type. The Hercules Flunk RF 26 T Single Speed Road Cycle is available for Rs 9,399.

#5. Avon Cycle

Avon Cycle Brand, based in Ludhiana, India, is a popular and best cycle brand known for offering over 200 different bike models. One of their best options is the Avon Solo 26" Single Speed Bicycle, which is available at 12% off.

This high-quality bicycle is ideal for off-track riding and comes with a mudguard, stand, front and rear reflectors, a chain cover, and a mudguard. The Avon Cycle Price is Rs 11,500. The bike features a Pu cushion with QR and rear reflectors, making it suitable for daily use.

#6. BSA Cycles

BSA, founded in 1949 by the Murugappa Group and Tube Investments, is one of India's oldest bicycle brands. It launched its first bicycles in various categories, including MTB, Geared, Kids, and Ladies cycles. BSA also owns other top-cycle brands like Hercules, Montra, and Ladybird.

BSA cycle qualities include materials like carbon fibre, aluminium, and steel. The BSA Ladybird cycle is a popular choice among women in India, and the company offers a variety of products. The company's commitment to quality and innovation has made it a leading brand in the Indian cycling market.

#7. Firefox Bikes

Firefox Bikes, established in 2005, is a popular Indian brand known for its high-quality bicycles. The brand offers a range of bicycle components for various age groups, including kids, ladies, off-road mountain bikes, city bikes, hybrid, and BMX cycles.

Firefox bikes are available on Amazon, Flipkart, offline cycling stores, and their official website. Some of the top models include Firefox bikes Bad Attitude, Firefox bikes Cyclone Series, Firefox bikes Voya Hybrid City Cycle, and Tornado.

These bikes are known for their great features and are considered a premium choice in India. However, the high cost of Firefox bicycles sets them apart from other bicycles available in the country.

#8. Avon Cycles

Avon Cycles, one of India's oldest cycle brands, was founded in 1948 and initially focused on saddle and brake manufacturing. In 1951, they began producing bicycles, inspired by the Pahwa brothers in Punjab.

Today, Avon offers over 200 different cycle models, including top-rated Avon Sherry 26T, Avon Gennow, and Neowave. These high-quality cycles feature adjustable seats, durable tires, and a double-wall rim for durability.

The brand has evolved to cater to the needs of all age groups and continues to innovate in the cycling industry.

#9. BSA Ladybird Cycles

BSA Ladybird Cycles, launched in 1994 by the Murugappa Group, is the top bicycle company in India, promoting cycling among women. The company offers models like Champ, LadyBird, Photon, and Mach.

Reviews from over 500 women have shown that 90% of them are satisfied with the BSA Ladybird cycle. These cost-effective bicycles, available on Amazon or Flipkart, are available for under 10,000 rupees.

BSA Ladybird cycles are among the best for women in India, with models like Photon and Mach proving popular among women.

#10. Btwin Cycles

Decathlon, a French sporting goods retailer with 1697 stores in six countries, is known for its Btwin Cycles brand. The company's mission is to provide cost-effective and budget-friendly cycles for all.

Btwin Cycles offers top-quality bikes like the Btwin rock rider 340, Btwin My Bike, Riverside 120, Triban 100, and Ultra 900, all of which are of great quality at a reasonable price.

If you are considering investing in Btwin cycles, consider the top bikes from Decathlon.

To choose a cycle brand franchise business in India, set a budget, determine your cycle type, and choose the right suspension for your purpose. Choose from front or full suspension, and modern braking systems like disc or rim, and choose the right frame type and size. Choose the best cycle brands based on quality, reliability, technology, innovation, customer satisfaction, and brand reputation for a comfortable and enjoyable ride.

Why Invest in a Cycle Franchise Business Opportunity in India?

Starting a bicycle franchise business is a great way to own a successful business and have fun while doing it. Bicycle franchises are suitable for both hardcore riders and vacationing families.

Here are some of the benefits associated with investing in a cycle franchise in India.

  • People are choosing more eco-friendly options because of the growing awareness of health and fitness across the country.
  • Government initiatives have led to this increase, as this has been promoted as a healthier mode of transportation and is quite sustainable.
  • The increase in environmental concerns has led more and more people to use cycles as a mode of transport to reduce the carbon footprint across the country.

These are just a few of the many benefits associated with starting a cycle franchise in India.  Moreover, this is also a profitable opportunity to start in India because of its increasing demand and the benefits it carries along.

Furthermore, FranchiseBazar offers listings for bicycle franchise opportunities, including repair and maintenance of damaged or aged bikes, selling accessories and equipment for riders of all experience levels, and renting out bicycles to tourists or families.

There are various ways to operate a bicycle franchise, including repairing and maintaining damaged or aged bikes, selling accessories and equipment, and renting out bicycles to tourists or families.

Franchisebazar provides all the necessary information, news, and buyer advice to ensure that you are entering the cycling franchise business for yourself, not by yourself.


Q.1. Which is the best cycle brand?

The top cycle brands in the best cycle market include SVITCH, Avon, BSA, Firefox, Go Free Cycles, and Hercules.

Q.2. How do you use gears on a bicycle?

Use the right shifter for higher gears and the left shifter for lower ratios. When changing gears, peddle carefully and preserve your balance.

Q.3. Cycling engages which muscles?

When you begin cycling, your entire body works. This indicates that the activity can help all muscles. You can work out your legs without placing too much strain on your joints by training your lower body. Cycling works the hamstrings, calves, clubs, and quadriceps.

Q.4. What are the finest road bicycle manufacturers in India?

Top brands like firefox and other  are built of carbon and steel, but due to market demand, they began employing aluminium to create lightweight bicycles.


Cycle franchise businesses in India offer significant cash inflows from repairs, offset seasonal demand, and cater to health and westernization concerns. Despite initial investment, sales turnover is high. Cycling offers freedom, adventure, and pleasure, making it an ideal choice for beginners. Visit FranchiseBazar for more information.

Disclaimer: The brands mentioned in this blog are the recommendations provided by the author. FranchiseBAZAR does not claim to work with these brands / represent them / or are associated with them in any manner. Investors and prospective franchisees are to do their own due diligence before investing in any franchise business at their own risks and discretion. FranchiseBAZAR or its Directors, disclaim any liability or risks arising out of any transactions that may take place due to information provided in this blog.


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