Top 10 Best EV Charging Station Franchises in India

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Top 10 Best EV Charging Station Franchises in India

Written by Kiran James                                                                             March 28 2022

Looking to start a Franchise Business?

The Vehicle Charging Station Franchise might be the perfect thing for you. The recent events in the world have resulted in a tremendous increase in the price of oil around the world. This combined with rising concern for the environment due to the pollution caused by fossil fuels has resulted in people preferring Electric Vehicles over other vehicles that use oil.

The above-mentioned factors have in turn opened a door for a New Franchise Business. By setting up charging stations in key areas the business could prove to be very profitable in a very short amount of time.


What is a Vehicle Charging station?

An electric vehicle charging station is equipment that allows an electric vehicle to be recharged while connected to electricity. While some charging stations offer advanced features like cellular performance and network connectivity, others are more introductory. 

Charging stations are handed substantially in external parking locales and offer comparatively low charges than Fossil energies. The fees for using EV charging stations vary on the position of charger used and time taken. Charging stations can occasionally be available for free and in utmost cases will be heavily subsidized by the government.


What are the three types of EV charging?

Different types of Charging stations provide different speeds for charging electric vehicles the charging stations can be divided into 3 types on the basics of the amount of  electricity used and time taken

  1. Trickle Charge
  2. AC Charge
  3. DC Charge

Read detailed information below

1. Trickle Charge

This type of charger uses a 120-volt basic charger. It is the slowest method of charging the electric vehicle. This type of charger offers about 5 miles of range for every hour of charging. It is only recommended in urgent cases, with caution and consultation with electricity providers.

It is only recommended in urgent cases, with caution and consultation with electricity providers.

2. AC Charge

These charging stations offer a 240 volt AC charging unit and have the ability to charge 3-4 times faster when compared to a Trickle charger. These are the most commonly used EV charger and can be installed in homes and charges approximate same rate as a home system

3. DC Charge DC chargers are also known as fast chargers. They are the most efficient and speedy mode of charging your EV. The charger offers a 480 volt DC plug. It bypasses the onboard charger and provides DC electricity to the battery via a special charging port. DC Fast Chargers provide up to 40 miles of range for every 10 minutes of charging but are not compatible with all vehicles.


Why EV Charging Station Franchise is a great business opportunity?

The number one concern people have when opting to start an EV charging station franchise is- Will it be a profitable business?. To answer this question let's check the facts that prove vehicle charging stations are a successful business opportunity in India. 

India is one of the largest importers of oil in India which means that any disruption in the price of oil in the global market results in a rise of oil prices in India. This makes the price of oil in India extremely volatile this combined with the government imposing a hefty tax of 50-60% on oil makes it impossible for the middle class in India to afford the conventional forms.

This opens the doors the door for the use of Electronic Vehicles. EVs have comparatively cheaper running costs and are more reliable and has no form of pollution. With the increase of Electric Vehicles, the demand for charging stations also increases thus making it one of the most profitable business opportunity in recent times.


How do I start a EV charging station franchise?

The requirements for starting a EV charging station franchise might be different for different companies some may require you to have ownership over a specific amount of land and some may not need the same. But in general, to start a successful charging station franchise business you need to have a good understanding of the business aspects of the franchise and figure out ways to earn money apart from the  charging services 

An EV charging station must be placed every 3 kilometers in metropolises and every 25 kilometers on both hands of roads, according to the government’s structure regulations. Every 100 kilometers on both sides of the highway, a charging station for long-range and heavy-duty vehicles should be located ( substantially Roadways). In addition, to boost artificial transportation, India is building an electric highway connecting Delhi and Mumbai

 We're now nowhere near meeting the demand because of the scarcity of EV charging stations in India, and we can experience that charging stations are desperately necessitated. 

What is the cost of a electric vehicle charging station franchise in India?

Depending on the type of chargers utilized and the amount of money involved, the cost of setting up an EV charging station in India ranges from Rs. 1 lakh to Rs. 40 lakhs. The following is a tentative estimate based on a more generic scenario and a supply of 250KVA EV Stations.

New Electricity Connection (250 KVA) ₹7,50,000 
Civil Works ₹2,50,000 
EVSE Management Software + Integration ₹40,000
Technicians, Manpower, Maintenance, etc ₹3,50,000
Advertising and Promotion ₹50,000 
Land Lease (if the land is at lease) ₹6,00,000 
Total Approximate ₹40,00,000

Now let's take a look at the top 10 Best ev charging station franchises and their requirements. 

List of Top 10 Best Electronic Vehicle Charging Station Franchises in India

  1. Tata Power
  2. Charzer
  3. Delta Electronics India
  4. Fortum India
  5. Charz UP
  6. Mass Tech
  7. Exicom 
  8. Okaya
  9. ABB India
  10. Alpha EV

Read detailed information of these brands below


1. Tata Power Franchise

As one of India's most prominent manufacturers of EV charging stations, TATA is well known in the vehicle manufacturing industry. With about 1,000+ charging points in 180 cities, TATA's EV charging network covers an area of 15+ states including Delhi, Hyderabad, and Mumbai.

Wondering what would be the tata ev charging station franchise cost?

Founded: 1911

Franchising Since: Not Revealed

Investment: ₹5-20 Lakhs

Franchising Fee: ₹1-2 Lakhs

Space: 250-500 Sq. Ft.


2. Charzer Franchise

Charzer, a startup in Bangalore, produces portable Kirana chargers of 3.3 kV at an affordable price for small shops, restaurants, malls, societies, etc.

A charger is a portable charging station, and the owner can earn revenue from charging vehicles in multiple ways. A person can earn extra income whenever a charger is plugged in every hour, every day, and every month. Additionally, you can attract more customers.

Founded: 2020

Franchising Since: 2020

Investment Required: ₹5-6 Lakhs

Franchising Fee: No Fee


3. Delta Electronics India Franchise

In terms of sales, Delta is India's largest EV Charging provider and offers a wide variety of charging equipment, including DC Quick Chargers and AC EV Chargers. Additionally, it provides a Site Management System for parking lots, workplaces, and residential structures. 

Founded: 2016

Franchising Since: 2018

Investment Required: ₹5-10 Lakhs

Franchising Fee: ₹50000-1 Lakhs

Space: 800-1000 Sq. Ft.


4. Fortum India Franchise

The Fortum Group is a Finnish clean energy company with operations in more than 40 countries. It has to its credit the first public charging station for Indian Oil in Hyderabad.

Fortum India is a growing electric mobility infrastructure provider, owning over 70 public charging points at around 40 locations in India.  It is also planning to continue to offer software as a service for operating EV charging infrastructure networks and customer interfaces to other CPOs.

Founded: 2012

Franchising Since: 2015

Investment Required: ₹8-10 Lakhs

Franchising Fee: ₹2-3 Lakhs

Space: 300-600 Sq. Ft.


5. Charz UP Franchise

Charz UP is a vehicle charging station franchise that structures a large network of stations around India. Using innovative technology, charz Up is creating a functional, sustainable charging network that's powered by 100 original green energy. That means it's making electric transport more affordable to Indians whilst proudly paving the way to a zero- discharges future. 

Founded: 2022

Franchising Since: 2022

Investment Required: ₹10-15 lakhs

Franchising Fee: ₹2-5 lakhs

Space: 250-500 Sq. Ft.


6. Mass Tech Franchise

Mass-Tech is one of the leading manufacturers of industrial battery chargers and control panels, established in 1993 byMr. Subhash Patil, is an electrical mastermind with a specialization in Industrial Electronics & MicroProcessor control operations. 

Mass-tech ControlsPvt.Ltd. are manufacturers of DC UPS consisting of Battery Charging Equipment, DC Distribution Boards, DC-DC Transformers, Polarization Cures, Cathodic Protection, LV Switchgear Panels. From the time 2014, Mass-Tech has started manufacturing EV charging stations ranging from 10kW to 200kW. 

Mass-Tech has been working with all major EV manufacturing OEMs like TATA Motors, Mahindra, Volvo, and KPIT. It has to its credit the completion of the installation for the DC Fast Charging Station in Mumbai, in cooperation with TATA motors. 

Founded: 1993

Franchising Since: 2014

Investment Required: ₹8-15 Lakhs

Franchising Fee: ₹2-5 Lakhs

Space: 300-600 Sq. Ft.


7. Exicom Franchise

An Exicom EV charging station is designed to provide public charging services to electric vehicles, two-wheelers, and three-wheelers. For the home, it provides the ultimate charging solutions. It has successfully installed the AC and DC chargers for Tata Tigor and Mahindra e-Verito cars purchased by EESL. As part of Exicom's mission to make India a 100 percent electric vehicle nation, Exicom supports the Government's goal of converting a large chunk of the country's fleet to the electric mode by 2030.

With three output connectors, Exicom's Harmony multi-standard fast DC charger is an all-in-one charging solution for electric vehicles. It is designed for use with a variety of vehicles and charging requirements. The design provides flexibility to accommodate anywhere between 30kW and 200kW.

Founded: 1994

Franchising Since: Not Revealed

Investment Required: ₹10-15 Lakhs

Franchising Fee: ₹2-3 Lakhs

Space: 300-500 Sq. Ft.


8. Okaya Franchise

Okaya offers EV chargers, swapping stations, and EV charging stations. The objective is to empower the use of electric vehicles without worrying about their charging. Okaya EV Chargers are compatible with all internationally accepted standards, and the company’s research and development division works round-the-clock to develop a best-in-class product line.

Founded: 1998

Franchising Since: Not Revealed

Investment Required: ₹15-20 Lakhs

Franchising Fee: ₹2-4 Lakhs

Space: 300-600 Sq. Ft.


9. ABB India Franchise

ABB has more than 14,000 DC fast chargers installed across 80 countries, making them a global leader in electric mobility. In collaboration with EV Motors India, Abb India installed its first DC fast charger in New Delhi last year. 

According to company officers, the EV charging station will allow passengers to charge their cars from zero to 80 percent in 40-50 minutes. Also, all ABB chargers come with connected services, so guests can fluently connect their chargers to different software systems like back- services, payment platforms, Energy Management Online Results, and smart remote diagnostics, thus, leading to significant uptime value. 

Founded: 1998

Franchising Since: Not Revealed

Investment Required: ₹8-15 Lakhs

Franchising Fee: ₹2-4 Lakhs

Space: 300-600 Sq. Ft.


10. Alpha EV Franchise

Based in Pune, with the operation team having over 35 years of experience, is concentrated on producing EV charging stations and particular adapters that have been completely tested and seek to exceed industry norms and prospects. Installing AC chargers throughout your home, store, eatery, plant, or café is an excellent way to simplify your life. An extensive expansion of AC electric vehicle chargers has been built to ensure that your EV’s power demands are met no matter where you're in India. 

Founded: 2020

Franchising Since: 2020

Investment Required: ₹10-15 Lakhs

Franchising Fee: ₹1-2 Lakhs

Space: 400-500 Sq. Ft.

As demand grows for further intimately accessible charging stations, there's a lesser need for an outfit that supports briskly charging at advanced voltages and currents that aren't presently available from domestic ESVE. Globally, the number of electric vehicle networks is adding to give a system of publicly accessible charging stations for EV recharging. Governments, automakers, and charging infrastructure providers have forged agreements to produce these networks. 

The rising demand for EVs makes the Charging Station Franchise one of the most profitable businesses in recent times.

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