Top 10 Best Franchises in Bangalore

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top 10 best franchises in Bangalore

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The Indian market is booming with growing franchise opportunities in all sectors, thus, encouraging entrepreneurs to set up franchises across the country.  Bangalore, the capital of Karnataka, is one such growing city, offering a wide variety of franchise business opportunities to new entrepreneurs and business owners looking to expand their presence across the country.


Also known as Bengaluru, having a population of more than ten million people, this is a mega city as well as India’s third most populous city.  If you are looking to start a new business in Bangalore, we have simplified your search by giving you reasons why it’s a good opportunity to start your business in Bangalore and some of the top 10 best franchises in Bangalore.


Why choose Bangalore for Franchise Business?


Ideal Demographics


Bangalore stands as India’s fifth-largest city, which is rapidly growing and has an emerging market for domestic and international brands.  Furthermore, it serves as a test market for many companies looking to export their products or even establish partnerships in the country.  Most of the population is familiarized with international cuisines and food brands, which gives this market potential growth for imported food products.


Basic Infrastructure


This city is probably the only one which has been identified as the mecca for startups in India and the largest tech hub across the country. Nevertheless, this is a city which has been looked up to when searching for franchise opportunities because of various factors, including the climate.


India’s franchising industry is growing at a pace of 30-35%/year and is expected to cross $100 billion by 2024.  Because of its growing franchises, it is the world’s second-largest franchise market after the United States.  Bangalore is a promising market providing a vast diversity of business opportunities, accommodating entrepreneurs and business owners from all walks of life, and setting up or franchising businesses in Bangalore.


So, we know that Bangalore has a growing opportunity for franchises in India.  Let us look at the top 10 best franchises in Bangalore.


Tumble dry [ Laundry Franchise]


This is one of India's largest laundry and dry clean chains, which has been recognized among the top 10 retail start-ups in 2021.  This is an e-commerce organization founded with a mission to solve the laundry woes of urban Indians.  This franchise is opening live laundry stores, by providing world-class services, approximately within every 3 km radius in the country.  Along with laundry services, they also offer many other services like dry cleaning, shoe cleaning, shoe repair, bag cleaning, and carpet cleaning.




This is one of the largest sub-sandwich chains in the world.  Starting with a concept of changing people’s notion of junk food not being healthy, they provide a wide range of sandwiches, salads, and sides.  They also prepare their bread.  Today, this is one of the few mainstream fast-food joints that thrive on promoting a range of healthy food options.




Founded in 1956, this is one of India's oldest ice cream parlours.  Giani’s has grown from selling only rabri, faluda and mango shake which won countless hearts across old Delhi, to become an unstoppable franchise opportunity across the country.


Jawed Habib Hair and Beauty Ltd


Founded in 2006, this is a hair grooming and wellness brand founded by Jawed Habib.  They were one of the first to change the paradigmatic view of a barber, transforming the image from an ordinary one to a glamorous hairdresser. 




Founded in 1999, this is a courier and delivery franchise business which has partnerships with world-class carriers for handling pick-ups and deliveries.  They are known for determining the right carrier and service options for their customers and affordable prices.  This brand gives entrepreneurs the setup to build a flexible business with the support of the franchise system.


DTDC Courier and Cargo Ltd


Established in 1990, in Bangalore, this has over 1000 franchise units across the country bringing in a wonderful franchise business opportunity at a moderate investment, for many enthusiasts out there.  This is known to have pioneered the franchise-based model in the express industry, with growing franchise opportunities.




One of the fastest-growing eyewear brands in India, this operates both online as well as offline.  This serves a large range of products from contact lenses to eyeglasses and sunglasses.  They plan to expand their brand across the country and are aiming to be one of the highest profit franchises in India.




Founded in 1960, this has become a household name for all age groups alike.  They have crossed the mark of INR 1,000 crore in sales, making them the biggest retail apparel brand in India.  They have also beat their competitors like Zara and Levi’s India to top the list.  They stay true to their original essence of embracing and propagating Indian Culture, through their apparel and other product range.



Founded in 2011, this is a furniture and home décor store that started its business through online sales and now has offline stores across the country.  They are currently operating 20+ FOFO studios across major Indian cities like Bangalore, Mysore, HUbbali, Indore, Goa, Lucknow and more.


Kake Di Hatti


Established in 1942, this is an inter-generational restaurant which has been running successfully for over seven decades.  They have garnered a loyal customer base because of their high-quality eatables and have turned to be a household name for many.  They offer franchise licenses only after ensuring that the franchisee would be able to maintain the high-quality standards, for which the brand is known.




Franchising business is a growing opportunity where many first-time entrepreneurs are opting to become proud business owners.  Nevertheless, this is a growing opportunity across the country, and we have seen some of the top 10 best franchises in Bangalore.  Call and speak to our consultants, to know more about franchise opportunities in Bangalore, the best business in Bangalore, which business is good for you in Bangalore, and what are the latest franchise businesses in Bangalore.


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