Top 10 Best Franchises in Kerala

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Top 10 Best Franchises in KeralaWritten By Kiran James                                                                               March 18 2022

Kerala is also known as the Gods Own Country is one of the finest states in India to do business. Kerala with its richness in culture and its extensive network of backwaters has been able to attract people from all over the world to its land.

Even though agriculture still remains to be the major activity in the state in recent times Kerala has changed its economy to Tourism and IT sector. Kerala has the 9th largest economy in India with an Annual GSP of Rs 9.78 Lakh Crore. Eranakulam is considered as the commercial capital of Kerala. Here you can find numerous franchises in Kochi.


Is Franchise Business Profitable in Kerala?

Yes, but don't forget the fact that the success of a franchise also depends on many other factors like the location of the place where you set up your franchise, the response of customers to the franchise, etc.

Let's take a look at the best places that will increase your franchise business opportunities in Kerala

1. Monlash Business Centre in Kochi  

One of the prominent fully furnished and completely controlled business centers in Kochi is Monash Business Centre. Their smooth-to-installation ‘plug and play workplace answers are handy to lease and to be had at 0 capital investments.

Due to these features, their workspaces assist in reducing the overhead fees in growing and handling your office areas. Their stunning workspaces grow your productivity, sell teamwork, and ultra-modern all distractions to create perfect work surroundings for you and your team members. With meeting rooms, conference Rooms enabled with all technological equipment, and state-of-the-art services their professionally controlled workspaces are the best match for the corporation's modern-day every kind.

2. Asiatic Business Center Trivandram

ABC is a multi-use office facility that includes serviced offices, meeting rooms, offices for information technology, training centers, and banking institutions, all with shared common areas. Multiple companies of different sizes can rent office space at ABC, which provides well-appointed, well-designed, and well-planned offices, administrative support services, and meeting rooms on demand.

Located at the heart of Trivandram it also grants access to almost every government office and modern market in the state. ABC has a comparatively lower rent rate and is a perfect choice for any type of franchise business

3. Spacelance Business Center in Kochi  

 As a national enterprise center provider, Spacelance hosts enterprise centres in Kochi, Bangalore, Chennai, and Pune in India. Their Kochi-based totally business center is constructed on the foundation brand new ‘less is more which gives maximum satisfaction with the minimum system to their customers.

To upheld this layout principle their commercial enterprise centers are constructed keeping stability between open spaces and occupied spaces. Their workspaces in Kochi are enabled with the most comfortable layout, and state of the art furniture, and expert amenities which cannot be determined in some other business center.

Being centrally positioned in Kochi, their enterprise centers provide easy get entry to critical local public transport stations in addition to airports, railway stations, bus stations, and various other national and interstate public shipping options.

What is the best business to start in Kerala?

1. Ayurveda Tourism

The ancient Indian healing system Ayurveda has become a major selling point for Kerala's tourism industry. Ayurveda is being recognized as beneficial by people all over the world. Traditional medicines are abundant in Kerala, so you won't have to invest much, except for a property, which is not too expensive. Kerala has a one-of-a-kind medical system that is practiced with utmost devotion. Kerala is an ideal place to start an Ayurvedic business for all these reasons. There are many people who come to this beautiful city to experience Ayurveda therapy. Ayurveda is a philosophy that encompasses all aspects of one's life. When properly followed, it reduces impurities in the body and minimizes the risk of sickness.   

2. IT Sector  

The IT sector, which had not been doing particularly well in pre-Covid days, has witnessed a full-size increase this 12 months. inside the wake of Covid, several organizations — along with those from the education and different sectors — have been pressing in advance with digitization actions. This has thrown up big employment opportunities in the IT sector.  According to the estimates, employment opportunities inside the country’s IT zone have elevated via as tons as 40%.compared to 2019, this year has witnessed the biggest hiring spree since the days of the IT boom. even though the IT sector had discovered itself in a niche soon after Covid set in, matters have grown to become around as demand for IT professionals began increasing. This has additionally resulted in several global gamers approaching the IT sector for numerous services.

3. Food Manufacturing Franchise   

Food production franchise is a profitable enterprise with a low initial investment. Coconut goods can be made at home and sold in the market in Kerala, which is one of the best businesses you can start. There are a variety of snacks that can be made and sold both online and at local retailers, such as Rava Ladoos, Banana Halwa, various types of chips, Sweet, Jaggery Stuffed Pancakes, pudding, Kerala spicy mixtures, roasted cashews, and others. This business might be a huge success for you since Indians and people around the world love coconut for its taste and health benefits.  


How Much Does a Franchise in Kerala Cost?

The cost of franchises in Kerala purely depends upon the location of the Franchise. As Kerala is a well developed Business Hub the cost for setting up a franchise differs from place to place 

To understand this more carefully let's look into the investment range for different franchises

1. Tourism Franchise

Investment Required: ₹10 -20 lakhs

Space Required: 300-400 Sq.ft 

Average Breakeven Time:  1-2 years


2. IT Franchises

Investment Required: ₹20-40 lakhs

Space Required: 1200-1400 Sq.ft

Average Breakeven Time: 2-4 years


3. Food Manufacturing Franchise

Investment Required: ₹25-30 lakhs

Space Required: 250-500 Sq.ft

Average Breakeven Time: 2-3 years


List Of Top 10 Franchise In Kerala in 2022

  1. Inexpress
  2. Chai Nagri
  3. Kurtosshhh
  4. Hiking India
  5. Aarogyaa
  6. RecruitingHub
  7. Tripgrapher
  8. Sarangi
  9. Tirex
  10. Beontea

Below given the requirements of the above mentioned Franchises

1. Inexpress Franchise

At InXpress they have partnerships with world-class carriers that handle the pick-ups and deliveries on behalf of our customers. Their franchisees work as shipping specialists or consultants with small & medium business owners and help them determine the right carrier and service option at great prices. InXpress franchisees build a flexible business with the support of a global franchise system that has 430 franchisees across 14 countries.

Founded: 2011

Franchising Since: 2013

Investment Required: ₹10-12 lakhs

Franchising Fee: 1-2 lakhs

Space: Not Revealed


2. Chai Nagri Franchise

Chai Nagri is a one-stop destination for freshly brewed numerous variations of best quality traditional Indian Chai at the most affordable prices. The endeavor is a passion of two IT engineers turned entrepreneurs who chose to team up on their business thought and mean to accomplish the dream about making our own one-of-a-kind Indian Chai, the most popular beverage in the world.   

Founded: 2017

Franchising Since: 2018

Investment Required: ₹10-20 lakhs

Franchising Fee: 2-3 lakhs

Space: 100-500


  3. Kurtosshhh Franchise

We are an authentic Hungarian Street food brand that has blended the taste of India to the Iconic Hungarian Kurtos Kalacs also popularly known as the Chimney Cakes. With a presence in pan India, Kurtosshhh stands tall with more than 18 franchises established within mere two years of its inception. Not only do we offer an unparallel variety of sweet and savory combinations, but also continue to top the popularity charts and win the hearts of millions of Indians. Our Franchise business model is simple, affordable, and robust. 

Founded: 2018

Franchising Since: 2019

Investment Required: ₹20-30 lakhs

Franchise Fee: ₹5-10 lakhs

Space: 250-500 sq. ft.


  4.  Hiking India Franchise

Hiking India is an adventure trekking tour firm which got established in 2017. Located in the heart of Himachal Pradesh- Kullu, the company offers various services to the people who are adventurous and love to explore the beauty of nature. We are experts in off-beaten– paths, trekking, mountaineering, Campsites across the Indian Himalayas, in the process of rediscovering your inner self. Our team comprises of the local people who have complete knowledge about the area and have trekking experience. We strive to provide unforgettable memories for life through journeys on impossible heights, hidden valleys, remote Glaciers, and exploring indigenous cultures.

Founded: 2017

Franchising Since: 2019

Investment Required: 5-8 lakhs

Franchising Fee: No Fee

Space: Not Revealed


5. Aarogyaa Franchise

Aarogyaa is a food product manufacturing company that allows people to start a business within their very homes with a lower level of Investment and no space requirements bars this allows the entrepreneur to run the franchise with a minimal amount of stress and money

Founded: 2011

Franchising Since: 2011

Investment Required: ₹5-7 lakhs

Franchising Fee: Not Revealed

Space: Not Required


6. RecruitingHub Franchise

RecruitingHub is an AI-Driven B2B Online Recruitment Marketplace, where Employers & Recruiters are intelligently connected through AI & ML algorithms in order to fill vacancies faster, more efficiently, and through a single contract, removing the need to onboard new suppliers onto an existing preferred supplier list. Thus simplifying the recruitment process and making recruitment better value for money. 

Founded: 2017

Franchising Since: 2019

Investment Required: ₹5-10 lakhs

Franchise Fee: ₹2-5 lakhs

Space: less than 250 sq. ft.


7. Tripgrapher Franchise

Tripgrapher is an adventure tourism franchise that specializes in finding its clients the perfect spots around the world in adventure tourism to spend their holidays perfectly.

The increase of younger employees and their need to get a  break from their everyday life makes it perfect franchise business opportunity in Kerala

Founded: 2014

Franchising Since: 2015

Investment Required: ₹10-15 lakhs

Franchise Fee: ₹1-2 lakhs

Space: 300-500


8. Sarangi Franchise

 Sarangi, a Kanjivaram Sari store gives the opportunity to own a Sarangi franchise that has hand-picked designers wearing silk sarees. Sari is the traditional outfit of an Indian woman and any woman would yearn to buy a designer or silk sari for a special occasion, be it a wedding, party, or a festival. The main aim of Sarangi is to reach out to women all over the world who have a taste for silk sarees and it also wants to give women entrepreneurs a chance to own a franchise that helps in growing their career and network of clients.

Founded: 2009

Franchising Since: 2017

Investment Required: ₹50-70 lakhs

Franchising Fee: ₹5-6 lakhs

Space: 1000-2000 sq. ft.


  9. Tirex Franchise

Tirex has a complete range of Fast & Slow (sleek, fast, and reliable) Electric Vehicle Chargers for Two-wheelers, Three Wheelers, Four Wheelers, Commercial & Passengers Buses, Trucks. Their products are as per the Government of India & International Standard Protocols. All products are verified and certified by ARAI (Automotive Research Authority of India) and CE.   As we live in a society that has been seeing a tremendous change from the use of fossil fuels to a more sustainable form of energy it is a perfect franchise opportunity  

Founded: 2017

Franchising Since: 2020

Investment Required: ₹5-10 lakhs

Franchising Fee: ₹2-3 lakhs

Space: 300-600 sq. ft.


  10. Beontea Franchise

World's only liquid marvel: all-in-one ready premixed tea concentrate, made from 100% natural ingredients, which are carefully sourced and crafted to give customers high quality, hygienic tea, that tastes perfect at all times. Our products are made in the most advanced methodology and employ “form-fill-pack” technology, untouched by hands, subjected to stringent quality testing processes, certification, and approvals by reputed QC labs, before reaching the customers. Our manufacturing units are fully automated. Our products are designed and packed to suit our customer's needs.  

Founded: 2019

Franchising Fee: 2020

Investment Required: ₹5-10 lakhs

Franchising Fee: ₹50000-1 lakh

Space: 500 sq. ft.


 We have discussed all the details about the Best Franchises in Kerala, India. Kerala is a state that has the potential to be one of the best business hubs in the world which in turn opens the doors for a franchise business.

When opting to Start A Franchise Business it is without a doubt one of the best choices.

Visit us today or Register Here to Take a Franchise Or Call or WhatsApp today us today: 0984444 3200

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