Top 10 Best Kids Clothing Franchises in India

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Generally, a highly profitable business, kids' clothing has a growing trend in the country.  The market for kid’s services and products is enormous and increasing YoY.  Parents are always searching for the best which will make their kids stylish, with the latest trends, and finding ways to amuse their kids.  To keep up with the changing demands of parents, many businesses are bucking up to keep up with these demands. 


If considering beginning with a kids' retail brand franchise in India, this is an excellent venture to step into.  Buying clothes for kids is not easy, as there are many factors you need to consider, from fabric to comfort and safety.  Price also plays a very important role for many parents.  Not to get worried, kids' clothing retail brands cater to all customers in all types of budgets.


Indian Market Overview


The kids' apparel market is expected to exhibit a CAGR of 5.6% during 2022-2027.  India is one of the largest contributors in the apparel-retail sector globally and is becoming a hub for kids' fashion retailers and apparel as well.  This is a market which caters to an age group of 0-14 years for both boys' and girls’ wear.  A key factor which is driving the Indian kids' apparel market is the country’s huge population.  Nevertheless, disposable incomes in India have been witnessing continuous growth, which has resulted in increased spending of parents on kids-wear.


What does a parent keep in mind while purchasing clothes for their little ones?




From basic to bold, depending on what fits your kids best, you can choose to purchase prints.  If you don’t want to go overboard with different styles, you can go for neutral shades while selecting for your child, or funky prints to add charm to your kids’ attire.




Being comfortable in what you wear is always necessary. Thus, fabrics like fleece or cotton are considered the most comfortable when it comes to softness and lightweight.  For exclusive occasions, you can opt for trendy polyester or denim to give your kids a stylish look.




Shopping for kids’ clothing is always better from a reputed brand as they will last much longer than local brands.  They should be easy to maintain and not lose their charm even after multiple washes.


Having seen the Indian apparel market for kids-wear, let us see some of the top 10 best kids' franchises in India.


Gini & Jony


Synonymous with kids' fashion, this is popular for its bright and colourful kids' apparel and accessories.  This leading brand has over 200 exclusive brand outlets.  Promoted by the Lakhani Brothers, this has a wide range of products like blazers, clothing sets, capris, coats, dresses, jeans, shorts, skirts and more.  Nevertheless, their products are reasonably priced and are known for their great quality in clothing and accessories.




Launched in 2003, this is premium kids' wear brand in India.  Furthermore, they are also quite popular in the Middle East, Gulf and Africa.  They offer stylish and affordable clothes for children of all ages and are headquartered in Delhi.  Their product ranges from blazers to shorts and skirts, capris and jeans, track pants and more.  The quality of the clothes and products it makes is amazing as they have a massive collection of fashion in different categories at an affordable price.




This is a part of HP cotton casual Pvt ltd, which was launched in 2001.  They are known for their bright colors and attractive prints and designs in kids' wear.  They have earned the title of India’s largest-selling kids' wear garment chain.  Not only in India, but they are also widespread in countries like the Middle East, Sri Lanka, and Singapore.  Their collection ranges from products like blazers to track pants and more.  They have a great collection of fashion accessories for kids as well and can be purchased both online as well as offline.


Nino Bambino


This is an organic clothing manufacturer for kids, which has a complete range of organic clothes for babies like body suits, tees, pants, dresses, and skirts.  They are only into organic products, with a vast range of accessories and clothes for toddlers and kids.  The is one of the best kids' clothing brands in India. Which has a good presence on e-commerce websites as well.




After much consideration, parents buy clothes for their little ones consciously.  This is a brand under the banner of Landmark Group, launched in 2004, which keeps itself updated with the latest trends in kids' television characters, like Marvel avengers, and more.  Their products and accessories are reasonably priced.




Founded in 1969, for clothing and accessories, this has made its presence felt in the kids' clothing segment as well. They offer adorable outfits for kids with a versatile range.  From blazers to clothing sets and coats, capris and dresses, jeans and track pants, they have it all.




This is a British retailer specializing in products for expectant mothers and kids up to the age of 8 years.  Having its presence offline and online, they are known to be one of the best stores in India, for newborns where it contains all the accessories and clothing required for maternity to post-delivery of a baby.


Little Kangaroos


They are known for their different collection which takes care of every dressing need for little ones.  They have a marshmallow range which is for newborns to 9 months, having soft pastels, lush fabrics, and thoughtful designs for your little ones.




This brand offers a wide range of products for newborns, babies, and kids.  They are a brand with unparallel quality and affordability.  Nonetheless, they are known for the everyday essentials you may require for your newborn.




This is a brand which has been around for generations.  With this brand of clothing, it is easy to dress your baby.  Along with clothing they also sell a range of baby necessities and essentials.


To Conclude,


Kids' retail clothing franchise in India has been growing at a rapid pace.  If you have a niche of joining this venture, call and speak to our consultants, who can guide you on the best kids retail franchise in India.  We can also provide you with the best kids' business in India and keep you updated with the latest franchise business in kids' wear in India.


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