Top 10 Best Quick Service Restaurant Franchises in India in 2022

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Top 10 Best Quick Service Restaurant Franchises In India In 2022

Written By Aditi Vernekar                                                                         February 25 2022

A Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) is a restaurant that serves food that requires little preparation and is served quickly. Quick service restaurants, often known as QSRs, typically provide fast food items from a limited menu because they can be prepared in less time with the least amount of diversity.

Quick Service Restaurants typically operate as chains or franchises because they profit from the amount of customers who visit them. Operating many stores allows them to capitalise on the footfall frequency from multiple locations and add to the worth of the firm. These establishments frequently provide complementing foods or only one type of meal.

This blog will be beneficial to help you find the Top 10 Best Quick Service Restaurant Franchise Opportunities in India in 2022.

But first, let us look at the three main types of QSR franchises.


What are the types of QSR franchises

1. Self Service Restaurants

Customers place their orders at the counter. When their orders are ready, they pick them up themselves.


2. Assisted Self Service Restaurants

Restaurants in which the food is delivered to the table of the customer or the order is collected at the customer's table.


3. Full Serviced Restaurants

Establishments where both ordering and food delivery are handled by the staff at the table.


List of Top 10 Quick Service Franchise Business Opportunities In India for 2022 

  1. Fries N Burgers
  2. Biriyani Queen
  3. The J
  4. UFO
  5. Rolls Nation
  6. Warm Oven
  7. Bighdey Nawab
  8. Wrap King
  9. Ministry of Eggs
  10. Waffle Pizza

Read more about Quick Service Restaurant Brands Below

1. Fries N Burgers Franchise

Fries N Burgers is a culinary culture firm that creates places for their clients to eat healthily and make heartfelt memories. They place a high value on the customer experience and construct very fine elements with care, such as providing reading and dining areas in their cafes.

They produce their own burger patties that are free of preservatives. They also sell sandwiches, fries, milkshakes, mojitos, appetisers, and coffees in addition to burgers. They, as a brand, help their brand seeker expand by utilising various marketing and advertising techniques to increase foot traffic.

Space Req. - 1000 to 2000 Sq.ft Investment Range - ₹20 Lakhs to 30 Lakhs


2. Biriyani Queen Franchise

Biryani Queen is an award-winning and unique QSR that provides authentic and delectable Biryani. Smitha Sabharwal, a homemaker, wanted to develop her cooking talent and offer her meals, particularly Biryani, so she started a home business, and the overwhelming reaction to her cuisines led her to establish Biryani Queen.

Biriyani Queen is well-known for delivering fresh, authentic, and delectable cuisine while also catering to the health-conscious clientele. Biryanis created with distinct spices and ingredients are served in eco-friendly mud pots called Handis, which are their specialty. Jackfruit, Mutton, Diet, Dessert, and Prawns Biryani are some of their signature dishes.

Space Req. - 750 to 1000 Sq.ft Investment Range - ₹30lakhs to 40lakhs

3. The J Franchise

Pink Foods Hospitality Private Limited launched the J Café in 2012. It has since grown into one of India's largest culinary businesses, specialising in crispy fresh fries, milkshakes, and delectable cheeseburgers.

They are also one of India's fastest growing QSRs (quick service restaurants), with 50+ locations in over 12 cities. While the majority of the shops are owned and run by the company, a large number of them have begun operations under The J franchise brand, which surely ranks them among the top food franchise prospects in India.

Space Req. - Less than 250 Sq.ft Investment Range - ₹10Lakhs to 15Lakhs

4. UFO Franchise

The UFO, named after a popular childhood favourite, is dedicated to dishing up the best nuggets you've ever eaten. To create our delectable and innovative flavours, they exclusively use hormone-free proteins and fresh veggies.

To give the greatest product possible, all of their sauces are produced in-house from high-quality ingredients. And, in order to keep you coming back, they are continually working on new, imaginative nuggets to provide you with even more wonderful combinations to enjoy.


Space Req. - 750 to 1000 Sq.ft Investment Range - ₹5 lakhs to 10 lakhs


5. Bighdey Nawab Franchise

Awadhi delicacies and a fresh designer environment make 'Bighdey Nawab' the best food franchising opportunity in India, as it aims to expand to Mumbai, Pune, and many other cities in India to bring the taste of traditional Awadhi cuisine to food fans.

With its mouthwatering dishes made by one of the region's finest chefs, a tantalising manner of presentation, and a budget-friendly menu, 'Bighdey Nawab' is expected to draw a significant number of savvy, well-traveled clients who enjoy flavorful, high-quality Awadhi cuisine.

Space Req. - 250 to 500 Sq.ft Investment Range - ₹20 lakhs to 30 lakhs

6. Wrap King

Wrap King is a ready-to-eat meal for everyone. They wanted a decent location to sit, dynamic mood vibes, funny art walls, vibrant music, and excellent cuisine for their charming guests, and their resto-café is all of that. Wrap King debuted in 2014 and has since grown to become a major initiative founded solely by Frankys Food Pvt. Ltd.

They endeavour and make continual attempts to present our clients with scrumptious, juicy, and lip-smacking meals in less time so that they can appreciate its delectable taste. Their location is both sanitary and elegant for everyone. They aim to become known for giving the greatest and highest-quality meals to their clients in order to add value to their product.

Space Req. - 250 to 500 Sq.ft Investment Range - ₹10 Lakhs to 15 Lakhs

7. Rolls Nation

Rolls Nation's passion is driven by the need for authentic and tasty kathi rolls. In just one and a half years, they have grown from one to eight stores, quickly establishing themselves as a fast food platform in India. They have a healthy and appetising menu that includes meat kathi rolls, cheesy French fries, and a choice of fresh milkshakes and mocktails.

Their particular items on our platforms have a blend of roughly 40+ various spices, which accurately matches their customers' taste sensibilities. They also pay close attention to safety and hygiene for the sake of their consumers' health.

Space Req. - 250 to 500 Sq.ft.  Investment Range - ₹5 lakhs to 10 lakhs

8. Warm Oven

WarmOven is your one-stop shop for purchasing any type of cake for any event or occasion at your home, such as a baby shower, marriage anniversary, birthday, Mother's Day, Father's Day, and so on. You name the occasion or type of cake, and they will make it for you.

Every day is a party at WarmOven! With each customer they have serviced, they have grown from one birthday to the next, from the first anniversary to the fifth, and from the first baby shower to the second. Yes, we enjoy what we do and take great pleasure in providing you with the most delectable items.

Space Req. - 500 to 750 Sq.ft Investment Range - ₹10 Lakhs to 15 Lakhs

9. Ministry of Eggs

The Ministry of Eggs is from the Food and Beverage business. The Ministry of Eggs began in 2017 with the novel notion of creating various cuisines out of eggs. Nishant Dhamannwala's Ministry of Eggs is changing the tide. In a family-friendly quick-service restaurant, the eatery serves over 80 different varieties of Surti-style eggs.

With Ministry of eggs, you no longer have to worry about cleanliness, sanitary requirements, comfort, or meal quality because it is a quick-service restaurant. Ministry of Eggs will soon be everyone's go-to spot for eggs, removing all of your concerns about roadside eating.

Space Req. - 250 to 500 Sq.ft Investment Range - ₹10 Lakhs to 15 Lakhs


10. Waffle Pizza

Waffles Pizza is the fastest-growing franchise pizza chain in India. Customers may receive their meals within a few minutes of ordering, and in addition to its signature waffles, the company also serves amazing pizzas, burgers, and other delicacies.

Waffles Pizza has been serving delicious pizzas to Indian customers since 2017. They supply highly skilled chefs, the backbone of the food industry, who deliver the best flavour while also maintaining food hygiene, nutrition, and quality. They have a team with deep industry experience, which reduces the risk of business failure and ensures growth.

Space Req. - 2000 to 3000 Sq.ft Investment Range - ₹5 lakhs to 10 lakhs


View all Restaurant Franchise here

People wishing to establish a business find Restaurant Franchises to be the most tempting. Despite the fact that you can invest in any industry, the food industry accounts for 70% of the top ten most profitable franchises. Recent trends show that the operations of local quick service restaurants are undergoing a considerable transition.

With the rise in the number of meal delivery services, restaurants have begun to designate a portion for food goods that are cooked in bulk and then stored for distribution to the delivery services. This not only helps them to increase their profit margins by not investing in restaurant sitting spaces, but it also functions as brand marketing for their restaurant brands.

If you are thinking of opening a QSR Restaurant Franchise, visit FranchiseBazar and connect with a franchise consultant to find the right franchise for you!  



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