Top 10 Burger Franchises Of India - Burger King Vs Burger Singh Vs Other

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By Resham Daswani 

Burger, a fast-food dish savored by all age groups, has a taste that makes your palate tingle. Although this typical American dish has won the hearts of many worldwide; India is breaking records by racing ahead. 

Why are we talking about burgers?  Read on to find out.

Although there are many international burger brands like Burger King that are gaining traction in the Indian market, there is a high level of competition it faces today with domestic brands like Burger Singh, Burgerman, and many others. 

Burger King Franchise Vs Burger Singh Franchise India - Why India Grows from the boredom of International Burger Brands to Domestic Burger Brands

If you are one of those foodies and are bored with the regular tastes of Burger King and McDonald's’, your palate is ready for a new Indianized taste.  Burger Singh!  Heard about it?

Burger Singh is a pioneering fast-food chain that has given the firangi burger an Indian flavour. Burger Singh may have a name that resembles that of the American fast-food juggernaut Burger King, but it differs from other international fast-food franchises in many other ways as well.

Why choose Burger Singh Over Burger King?

If you are looking for a good reason to ditch your older tastes,  this new one, Burger Singh, has many reasons why you should try it out.

Reason #1: Taste

The lack of options forces us to eat standard burgers. As a result, our taste buds never become satisfied. But why settle for less when they have the best flavor combination that is really Indian? I'm confident that if you give it a try, you'll want more.

Reason #2: Budget Friendly pricing

The mouthwatering selections tempt you, but the price keeps you away. This delicious burger is inexpensive, so it fits our budget wonderfully. Concerned with quantity and quality? Despite the low price, the fast food restaurant has not in any way compromised the quality of the food, and there is plenty of it to satisfy one's appetite.

Reason #3: Hygienity maintained

Burger Singh delivers its burgers in transparent packets that can be seen when you purchase one. Known as WonderBag this helps maintain hygiene during delivery to your doorstep.

So why go somewhere else when you can have a delicious burger with an Indian flavor for an affordable price and a substantial portion here?

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Top 10 Burger Franchises in India

Anywhere in the world, you can find a variation of this dish. Also, in India, this dish can be made in a number of different ways with various spices. Thus, the entrepreneurs of this kind of business will undoubtedly make money and have an interesting experience.

Here are the best burger franchises in India.

  1. Burger King
  2. The Burger Company Franchise
  3. Biggies Burger Franchise
  4. Burger Farm Franchise
  5. What A Burger Franchise
  6. Burger Singh Franchise
  7. Burgerman Franchise
  8. Burger House Franchise
  9. Burger Monk Franchise
  10. Jumbo King Franchise


1. Burger King India Franchise Cost

In India, there are about 1400 Burger King restaurants. For one site in India, a franchise will set you back Rs 1.5 crore, and for two locations, Rs 3 crore. Several elements, including its low operating costs, hospitable business climate, and strong consumer demand, can be blamed for Burger King's explosive rise in India. During the previous four years, the company has reported a 25% annual growth rate in India alone. It suggests that there is a good chance Burger King will keep expanding throughout the nation.

2. The Burger Company Franchise Cost

In 2016, the owners opened the first-ever location of The Burger Company in Palam Vihar after conducting extensive market research. Both partners repeatedly taste-tested each item to verify quality and flavour before selecting the menu and opening the restaurant. They eventually succeeded in developing a menu with options to appeal to all age groups after going through numerous rejections and adjustments. With an investment amount ranging from INR 10-15 lakhs, you can start a FOFO model of the burger company, with an area square feet of 100- 600 sq. ft.

The Burger Company is optimistic about its culinary selection and plans to grow rapidly over the next few years. The company currently invites investors to look at potential franchise opportunities as it prepares to expand and launch stores across the country.

3.  Biggies Burger Franchise

The idea of Biraja Prasad Rout, Biggies Burger is the achievement of a big Indian dream of having an in-house brand of delicious burgers. His dedication to using premium ingredients in their special recipes and offering reasonable rates has made this the original PIONEER OF GRILLED BURGERS over the past ten fruitful years. To acquire the FOFO model, the total investment ranges between INR 22-27 lakhs and requires an area of 300-400 sq. ft.

4. Burger Farm Franchise

We are the original "deliciously desi" burger joint in Jaipur, serving delectable burgers, crunchy fries, and cool drinks. We are authentically Indian and wonderfully desi! Our savoury delicacies offer a mix of Indian spices and unique flavour that burst in your tongue with seductive delicacy! Every meal we provide is distinctive in its own right, and we always work to thrill our guests with new and exciting dishes. 

To get a franchise of Burger Farm, you would need to invest an amount of INR 50 lakhs - 1 crore, of which the franchise fee is around INR 70 lakhs.  The area required to operate this franchise is around 800-900 sq. ft.

5. What A Burger Franchise

We are the original "deliciously desi" burger joint in Jaipur, serving delectable burgers, crunchy fries, and cool drinks. We are authentically Indian and wonderfully desi! Our savoury delicacies offer a mix of Indian spices and a unique flavour that burst on your tongue with seductive delicacy! Every meal we provide is distinctive in its own right, and we always work to thrill our guests with new and exciting dishes. Depending on the choice of franchise model you seek to invest in, the cost varies from approximately INR 22 lakhs to INR 33 lakhs.  Likewise, each model requires a different area space.

6.  Burger Singh Franchise

Burger Singh is the most comprehensive burger franchise in India. 90+ stores spread throughout 40+ cities. It is impressive how many products are available there. The company has a reputation for producing high-quality products at competitive prices. It boasts the fastest growth rate and is the most lucrative burger franchise in India. 

There are various franchise models you can opt for.  The investment ranges anywhere from INR 27 lakhs to -30 lakhs.  Based on the model you choose, you will need the necessary space area.

7.  Burgerman Franchise

Experiences—the good, the better, and the best—have been the focus of BurgerMan. When you think back on your experience at BurgerMan, we want the brand to be a beloved memory. A burger restaurant that prioritizes your health and wellbeing as well as your appetites. Incomparably juicy patties and house sauces are cooked to perfection. Our primary goal has been to serve light, guilt-free food since the beginning. BurgerMan is seeking proposals from enthusiastic, enterprising, and people-focused franchise partners who want to launch a new food business in India. Should YOU be the one, you can choose from the three franchise models that suit your budget.

8.  Burger House Franchise

One of the most promising burger businesses in UP is the Burger House Franchise. There are already more than 10 Burger House franchise locations in India. The franchise's signature dish is its juicy burgers.

With a total investment of INR 11 lakhs and a minimum space of 200 sq ft, you can join hands with one of the top burger franchises in the country.

9.  Burger Monk Franchise

Our enthusiasm and drive to achieve the finest define us. Beginning in Gurgaon, we have rapidly expanded and carved out a niche for ourselves as a burger brand. Supported by excellent staff in cooking and management, we have always modernized and strengthened our operations. Burger Monk has evolved into more for our customers than just a place to buy burgers. To enroll as a franchise you will require an investment amount of approximately INR 8-18 lakhs depending on the franchise model you select.  Based on the model, your area will also differ.

10.  Jumbo King Franchise

One of Western India's major chains of locally owned quick service restaurants is Jumbo King. Jumbo King Franchise, founded in 2001, presently has more than 115 locations in Mumbai, New Bombay, Thane, Delhi, Lucknow, and Hyderabad. Big and delicious burgers are Jumbo King's franchise's USP. They also provide fries, shakes, Softy, and soda in addition to burgers.

The total investment is around INR 27 lakhs with an area space of around 250 sq. ft.



Q.1. Is burger business profitable in India?

It's a straight-forward yes. Once your burger business starts to take off, you can anticipate earning a profit margin of 3–5%. (whatever your burger business concept is).

Q.2. What is the profit margin of the burger business in India?

Depending on circumstances, including whether the company is franchised, independent, or chain-owned, the typical profitability for a fast food joint or quick service restaurant is between 6 and 9 percent.



You will receive a lot of assistance with site selection, construction or lease counseling, and other things if you start a franchise unit for an established business. You will be able to benefit from the company's connections with brokers who are familiar with the particular business model and can better discover the property that suits your demands if you launch a franchised brand location.

In addition to these, the broad FranchiseBazar directory allows you to immediately access the most lucrative franchise opportunities in the food or burger segment.

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