Top 10 Cafe Franchise Opportunities In India

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India ranks on 7th position when it comes to the list of the top 10 largest coffee producers in the world. Even though the demand and consumption of tea were much higher, increasing urbanization, western culture, and millennials' change in appetite are making coffee to become one of the favourite beverages in India along with tea. The aroma of sweet and appetizing coffee is filled with so much refreshment that we prefer it anytime and anywhere. Be it a gossip gathering with our pals or an office meeting or even any big projects or pending assignment, coffee is our close companion that makes our day-to-day tasks and work-life more tranquil and productive. Since coffee is our best companion, its growth is too growing closer to $493 million in India by the end of 2020. The cafe market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 8.9% between 2020-2025. Isn’t such a gigantic growth the best sign for you to rule in the market by starting your own cafe franchise? If yes, then here are the top 10 cafe franchise opportunities you can grab right now in India and the most remunerative outcomes for your business growth. 

Top 10 Cafe Franchise Opportunities In India:


Cafe Buddys:

Cafe Buddys is one of the pioneering cafe that provides excellent quality and hygienic cafe and many other beverages to the customers at affordable prices. The platform largely emphasizes flawlessly blending the modern food retailing model in the most lucrative manner. Today, Cafe Buddys is successfully operating 100+ cafe franchises across India by providing its standard value-based beverage and services to the customers. The brand offers a wide range of appetizing beverages along with delicious and aromatic cuisines to nearly 100,000+ customers on a daily basis. If you want to start its franchise, then you will be receiving various benefits of brand promotional support, nationwide expansion, franchise training program, and attractive ROI from the brand. 


Investment: 15-20 lakhs

Space: 500-750 sq ft. 


Cafe Coffee Day:

Cafe Coffee Day is one of the most re-owned cafe brand in India. The brand has a unique strategy to cater to the appetite needs and demand of consumers and serves the best beverages with varied ranges to the customers. The brand has over 140 years of heritage in India through which it is strategically strengthening its expansion and has become Asia’s largest desegregate coffee company with the second-largest network chain in the continent which makes it one of the largest cafe in the global market as well. At present, the brand has its network present in countries like Europe, US, and Japan as well. The brand offer cafe franchise and Kiosk model franchise opportunities to the entrepreneurs. The franchisee will get many handy assistance such as marketing support, advertisement support, gainful ROI, brand support, and training from the brand. 


Investment: 5-10 lakhs


Cafe Espresso:

Cafe Espresso is India’s fastest-growing cafe brand which offers the most creative menu that involves many trendy and on-demand beverages for customers. The brand has several unique selling points where it serves its delicious cuisines and beverages and even provides delivery services to the customers as well. The brand has customized its products line, service, cuisines, and business as per the local trend in the market due to which it has been rapidly gaining a notable position in India. The well-structured design of the cafe is what attracts many customers at once. The company is as good with its franchisee as it is with customers, which is why it offers low-cost franchise opportunities with a comprehensive training program, overall marketing support, growth widening transparent policies, strategic planning, marketing tools, and efficiently designed franchise model. 


Investment: 15-20 lakh

Space: 750-1000 sq ft. 


Lassi Day Cafe:

Lassi Day Cafe is one of the unique cafe platform where the brand highly emphasizes encouraging the traditional Indian beverage known as “Lassi”. The brand has a creative menu which includes some of the most refreshing beverages including lassi, from mocktails to faalodas, and shakes, the brand serves it all to customers at inexpensive prices. Apart from beverages, the snacks served by the brand are mouth-watering and hold a favourite place in customers' hearts. At present, Lassi Day cafe is successfully running 20+ outlets across India and its presence is rapidly emerging in the country. The brand offers “Quick Service cafe” franchise opportunities to entrepreneurs at comparatively low-investment requirements. It also renders the most efficient support, training, and guidance to the franchisee for settling up and running a growth-oriented platform. 


Investment: 5-10 lakhs

Space: 250-500 sq ft. 


Madras Coffee House:

Madras Coffee House, as the name suggests, offers south Indian coffee filters that are all sweet and most appetizing and have a delectable and varied range of flavours. The brand serves various beverages and snacks to the customers and it has a unique site selection method where the brand serves its cuisines at various malls, theatres, corporate offices, and many other commercial areas. The brand is widely known for its authentic taste and safe services in the market and that is why it has a leading demand in most parts of south India. The brand provides all the relevant support, training, and guidance to the franchisee. 


Investment: 5-10 lakhs 

Space: 250 sq ft. 


Midway Cafe:

Midway Cafe is a leading cafe brand that offers quality-based, nutritious, safe, and delicious cuisines and beverages to the customers. Midway cafe is basically a restaurant cafe model that offers a multi-cuisine menu that involves several cuisines, such as Mexican, Italian, American, Indian, Chinese, and many more. The restaurant has a wide array of food on its menu which provides enough options for the customers to make preferential choices when it comes to choosing their favourite cuisine. At present, Midway Cafe has 34+ cafe franchises spread across the country and running successfully. The brand has a team of industry experts that offer extensive training to the franchisee along with assistance in marketing and ongoing-support. 


Investment: 20-30 lakhs

Space: 1000-2000 sq ft. 


Mocha Cafe:

Mocha is one of the coolest cafe in the country. The brand is leading in the market and currently running 19+ operational outlets in India. The brand has its own unique sense of style when it comes to serving the beverages and offering complete delight to the customers. Every shop of Mocha has its own unique style and flavours that surely satisfies customers’ appetite demand. The brand is widely notable for its diverse varieties in each outlet that enriches its expansion and enhances its progress. All relevant training and support is provided by the brand to the franchisee for productive functioning.


Investment: 50 lakhs to 1 crore

Space: 1000-2000 sq ft.


Felicita Cafe:

Felicita has a pioneering concept when it comes to its cafe business in India. The brand is based on a European concept that offers hot and delectable Belgian waffles, Italian galito's, savory french crepes, yogurt, cold ice-cream, and many other beverages to the customers at pocket-friendly prices. The brand provides the most competitive set-up cost structure to the franchisee so that they can start their outlets with tranquility and run it progressively along with proper training and support of the brand. 


Investment: 15-20 lakhs 

Space: Less than 250 sq ft. 


Cafe Frespresso:

Cafe Frespresso is one of India’s fastest-growing cafe chains in the food and beverage franchise network. The brand runs its operation through its highly detailed and well-organized market research and plan that enhances its robust growth in the market and creates a promising brand image among customers. The brand a unique and most differential product line as compared to many other cafes out in the market, which attracts the attention of many customers and generates higher leads. Cafe Frespresso provides complete marketing support, operational support, and training to the franchisee for operating the outlet successfully. 


Investment: 15-20 lakhs 

Space: 750-1000 sq ft. 


Cafe Durga: 

Cafe Durga is a leading retail cafe platform that has been running for the past 16 years with informative and convenient knowledge in the food and beverage sector of India. At present, the brand has 70+ branches in more than 3 states and 10+ cities of India which is developing an exquisite brand image in the market. The brand serves wide ranges of beverages along with traditional Indian cuisines that have emerging demand in India. The franchisee will get one of the best and most effective financial assistance from the brand, training, support, and an attractive ROI is another plus point of starting the Cafe Durga Franchise. 



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