Top 10 Daycare Franchises in India For 2024

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Written By: Divisha Pandey

In recent years, India has witnessed a significant rise in the number of working parents, with both mothers and fathers contributing to the workforce. This societal shift has created a growing demand for reliable daycare services. As a result, daycare franchises have become a popular and profitable business venture. 

This blog post aims to explore the top 10 Indian daycare franchise options, shedding light on their unique features, offerings, and the potential they hold in this evolving industry.

Top Daycare Franchises in India To Consider in 2024

EuroKids: Nurturing Young Minds

EuroKids is one of the most recognized names in the Indian daycare and preschool industry. Established in 2001, it has a proven track record of providing high-quality childcare services. 

EuroKids franchises offer a comprehensive package, including curriculum support, teacher training, marketing assistance, and a range of educational materials. The franchisee is provided with extensive support in setting up the daycare center, including assistance with site selection, architectural design, and ongoing operational guidance. 

EuroKids' proprietary curriculum, 'EuroGlide,' focuses on holistic child development, ensuring that children receive the best education and care.

Kidzee: A Leading Early Childhood Education Brand

Kidzee, owned by Zee Learn, is another prominent name in the Indian daycare and preschool industry. With over 1900 centers across the country, Kidzee has established itself as a trusted brand. 

Their franchise model provides a wide range of services, including a well-structured curriculum, teacher training, and marketing support. Kidzee's 'iLLUME' curriculum is designed to encourage active learning and development in children. 

Franchisees can leverage Kidzee's established brand reputation and comprehensive support to set up and run a successful daycare center.

Shemrock: The Play School with a Difference

Shemrock, with its distinctive 'ShemEduMAX' curriculum, is a well-known name in the Indian childcare franchise arena. It emphasizes holistic development, fostering creativity, and enhancing cognitive abilities in children. 

Shemrock provides extensive assistance to franchisees, including site selection, interior design, curriculum support, and marketing strategies. Shemrock's unique approach to education and childcare makes it a strong contender in the daycare franchise sector. 

The brand's commitment to maintaining a low teacher-to-student ratio ensures individualized attention and quality education for children.

Hello Kids: Where Education Meets Fun

Hello Kids is a dynamic and innovative daycare franchise that focuses on blending education with fun and creativity. Their franchise model offers comprehensive support, from site selection and setup to marketing and curriculum guidance.

Hello Kids' 'Play School' curriculum is designed to promote a child's overall development through creative activities and interactive learning. 

The franchisees are equipped with detailed manuals and training programs to ensure they can provide a stimulating environment for young learners.

Little Millennium: Celebrating Early Childhood

Little Millennium, with its 'Illumine' curriculum, is dedicated to providing a stimulating environment for early childhood education. Their franchise program offers support in terms of location selection, interior design, marketing, and ongoing operational guidance.

The 'Illumine' curriculum focuses on developing various skills and attributes in children, including cognitive, social, emotional, and physical development. 

With its strong focus on the holistic growth of children, Little Millennium continues to be a sought-after daycare franchise option.

TreeHouse: Growing Stronger Together

TreeHouse is a well-established daycare and play school franchise in India. With over 300 centers across the country, TreeHouse is known for its unique curriculum and commitment to providing high-quality childcare services.

Franchisees receive extensive support, from site selection to teacher training and marketing assistance. TreeHouse's 'Zee Mindbenders' curriculum is designed to nurture the intellectual development of children. 

The franchise offers a well-rounded package that equips entrepreneurs with the tools they need to create a successful daycare center.

Kangaroo Kids: Where Learning Takes Flight

Kangaroo Kids is renowned for its innovative approach to early childhood education. With a strong focus on the 'iDiscoveri Xseed' curriculum, Kangaroo Kids stands out in the daycare franchise industry. 

They offer comprehensive support, including assistance with site selection, interior design, curriculum guidance, and marketing strategies. The 'iDiscoveri Xseed' curriculum is known for its hands-on learning experiences, fostering creativity and curiosity in young minds. 

Kangaroo Kids provides franchisees with the tools and resources to deliver top-quality childcare and education services.

Podar Jumbo Kids: Where Every Child is a Star

Podar Jumbo Kids is a popular daycare and preschool franchise that has been making waves in the industry. With a dedicated focus on the 'EYFS Curriculum,' the franchise offers a holistic educational experience. 

Franchisees benefit from support in various aspects, including site selection, interior design, curriculum training, and marketing assistance. The 'EYFS Curriculum' emphasizes child-led learning and encourages exploration, creativity, and critical thinking. 

Podar Jumbo Kids' comprehensive support ensures that franchisees can provide children with an enriching environment for growth and development.

Hello Play: The Fun Way to Learn

Hello Play is a growing franchise brand that provides a blend of early childhood education and entertainment. With a focus on their unique 'Hello Playway Curriculum,' they offer comprehensive support to franchisees, including site selection, interior design, curriculum guidance, and marketing strategies. 

The 'Hello Playway Curriculum' is designed to engage children through a play-based approach, ensuring that they learn while having fun. Hello Play equips franchisees with the necessary tools to create an exciting and nurturing environment for young learners.

Apple Kids: Nurturing Excellence

Apple Kids is a well-established daycare and preschool franchise in India. With over 100 centers nationwide, Apple Kids is known for its commitment to quality education and care. 

The franchise program provides a range of services, from site selection and setup to curriculum training and marketing support. Apple Kids' 'SmartEdu' curriculum focuses on fostering well-rounded development in children, including intellectual, social, and emotional growth. 

The franchise equips entrepreneurs with the tools and knowledge to deliver top-tier childcare services.

Market Trends Leading To The Growth of the Daycare Franchise Industry in India

In recent years, the Indian daycare franchise industry has experienced significant growth. 

Here are various factors leading to its expansion:

  1. Changing Workforce Dynamics: With more Indian parents entering the workforce, the demand for quality childcare services has surged. Dual-income households are now the norm, leading to an increased need for reliable and structured daycare services.
  2. Increased Awareness: Parents are more aware of the importance of early childhood education and are seeking daycare centers that provide not only childcare but also educational and developmental opportunities for their children.
  3. Franchise Model: The franchise model has proven to be a successful way for entrepreneurs to enter the daycare industry. It provides a tested and established framework, reducing the risk associated with starting a new venture.
  4. Focus on Holistic Development: The top daycare franchises in India prioritize holistic child development, focusing on cognitive, social, emotional, and physical growth. This approach is aligned with the evolving expectations of parents.

How To Choose The Right Daycare Franchise In India 2024

Selecting the right daycare franchise hinges on several factors:

  1. Personal Values and Goals: Consider your values and goals when choosing a franchise. Each brand has a unique philosophy and approach to childcare, so aligning with your beliefs is crucial.
  2. Local Market Analysis: Research the demographics and demand for daycare services in your chosen location. The franchise should cater to the specific needs of the community.
  3. Financial Considerations: Evaluate the initial investment, ongoing fees, and expected returns. Some franchises offer more extensive support, but this may come with higher costs.
  4. Training and Support: Assess the training and support provided by the franchise. Ensure that you feel adequately prepared to manage the center successfully.
  5. Franchise Reputation: Look into the reputation and track record of the franchise. A well-established brand with a positive reputation can give you a head start in your local market.
  6. Competition: Analyze the competitive landscape. Consider whether there is a gap in the market that the franchise can fill.


The Indian daycare franchise industry has seen substantial growth in recent years, driven by the increasing need for quality childcare services. Each of the daycare franchises listed here offers a unique approach to early childhood education and care. 

Potential franchisees have the opportunity to enter this promising sector and make a meaningful impact on the lives of young children while building a successful business. The choice of franchise ultimately depends on individual preferences, location, and the specific needs of the community they aim to serve. 

Whether it is EuroKids, Kidzee, Shemrock, Hello Kids, Little Millennium, TreeHouse, Kangaroo Kids, Podar Jumbo Kids, Hello Play, or Apple Kids, there is undoubtedly a daycare franchise that fits the vision of aspiring entrepreneurs looking to nurture the future of India's children. 

The top 10 daycare franchises listed here each offer a unique approach to early childhood education and care. Entrepreneurs have a range of options to choose from, and with the right research and due diligence, they can embark on a rewarding journey to nurture the future of India's children while building a successful business. 

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