Top 10 Education Franchise Business in India for 2023 - Do These Franchises Work For You

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Younger generations are rejecting the norm of settling for cushy office employment as the economy shifts. People these days like to take ownership of their professional development and gravitate towards more self-directed career paths. As a result, the rate of start-ups and entrepreneurship has been on the rise in recent years. Many would-be business owners consider a variety of options before settling on buying a franchise.

One such growing sector in India is the Education franchise business.  Read on to know more about the best education franchise business in India, you can consider as an investor in 2023.

10 Top Education Franchises Businesses in India to consider in 2023

The introduction of cutting-edge educational programmes across all disciplines has ensured the continued growth of the education market. In addition, the convenience of post-pandemic online education for both entrepreneurs and students has ushered in a new era in the growth of the education sector.

Let us explore the best education franchises in India.

1. Mechatron Robotics

Motivating the Next Generation to Succeed in the Workplace through Project-Based Education. If you are a student in India between the ages of 7 and 22, Mechatron Robotics is one of the best places to learn cutting-edge technologies like Robotics, Artificial Intelligence, the Internet of Things, Coding, Arduino, Machine Learning, and more.

We encourage students to develop both technical and non-technical abilities, such as innovative thinking, creativity, logical reasoning, communication, and perseverance, via hands-on, project-based learning.

Expert engineers and professionals in the robotics industry created our courses so that students could learn to think critically and solve problems as they worked on real-world projects.

Our goal is to inspire the next generation to think creatively and problem-solve with the help of cutting-edge technologies like robotics and AI.

Our support to our new partners

  • We provide our partners with the best curriculum available, as well as 19+ different types of courses delivered in both online and offline formats, thanks to our extensive experience, technological base, and support.
  • Students have access to a wide variety of learning possibilities thanks to kits developed in-house.
  • Franchisees and their students can use our LMS site and application to do a wide range of administrative tasks, including but not limited to: lead management; batch creation; attendance tracking; registration; certificate generation; and more.
  • Training programs, school partnerships, workshops, labs, and KITS are just some of the ways that we bring in money.
  • Franchisees may count on us for ongoing help with promotion and instruction. If you're an aspiring entrepreneur in the educational technology industry, we're here to help.

2. IBT

When it comes to preparation for standardised tests, CAT, government jobs, and more, IBT is a top choice. The unique selling proposition of IBT is the availability of courses tailored to certain industries and departments. Instruction in such fields as banking, railroads, insurance, military, etc.

Those who are ambitious and want to advance their careers by studying at IBT are always welcome.

To become associated as a franchisee with IBT, you will require investment ranging from INR 3-8 lakhs with an area of around 800-1500 sq ft.

3.  Vedant International School

Initial investment: from Rs 2 Lakhs

The Vedant International Preschool, which serves as a role model for Vedant Toddler Tech Preschool, is committed to providing a setting that is both stimulating and calming for young children.

Vedant provides a well-thought-out and organised setting in which children can develop and learn in a healthy, organic way. By using cutting-edge technological teaching aids like interactive whiteboards, E-blocks, etc., we give the kid a truly immersive, hands-on educational experience.

4.  Little Millennium Preschool

Since its start, Little Millennium has helped over 1,300,000 people and their families. The preschool has repeatedly won awards as India's top preschool. When it comes to India's early childhood education and care market, Little Millennium Play School has been a pioneer.

Each child will flourish in all areas thanks to the systematic approach to learning and growth embodied in our seven-petal preschool curriculum. Join forces with us as we try to maximise returns on modest expenditures.

To be part of little millennium preschool franchise, you will need to invest an amount of Rs 15-20 lakhs with a space area of 2000-2500 sq ft.

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5. Toppr Franchise

Toppr, India's best and most comprehensive app for personalized learning, has announced the release of Toppr Codr, offering live, one-on-one coding lessons to kids and teens between the ages of 6 and 18. The company is investing $6,000,000 on Toppr Codr's product development for use in recruitment, internal operations, technology, and marketing.

To become a franchise owner of this brand, you need to have an investment ranging Rs. 20-30 lakhs.

6. UpGrad

UpGrad is an online learning platform that delivers high-quality, professionally-relevant courses developed and taught by leading experts in their fields. UpGrad combines cutting-edge tools, teaching methods, and services to provide students with a comprehensive education that can be accessed from any device, at any time.

So, Why Choose Us?

  • Good returns with little in the way of capital expenditures.
  • Great return on investment and short payback time.
  • Franchises in the field of education are likely to be successful.
  • Our company's strategy has stood the test of time.
  • Our help with your advertising campaigns.

7. Numerique Academy Franchise

There are more than 5 billion internet users, with 3.2% of the population actively engaging in social media. About $5 billion is currently being generated by the booming digital marketing business in India. Shockingly, just 10% of Indians earn over 25,000 per month.

Therefore, our goal is to help the other 90%, who are still working hard to reach that 25,000 mark, by providing them with live digital learning from top industry experts who have a track record of at least Rs 10 crores in digital revenue generation.

To be a part of this franchise opportunity in India, you will need to be able to invest an amount of Rs. 25 lakhs approximately.

8. Wonderland Preschool

The new franchise (branch) for Wonderland Schools will cover the entirety of India. Our mission is to bring quality education and an appreciation of Indian culture to every corner of the country, no matter how little the budget. Get in touch right away if you want to be part of the fastest-growing schools in India.

9. Unacademy Franchise

Unacademy's long-term goal is to become the largest multilingual online knowledge library in the world. They leverage technology to give students access to excellent teachers and form a network of independent learners. Their goal is to collaborate with the best minds and make education accessible to anyone who wants it.

The brand-new Unacademy Learner App offers a novel approach to achieving one's academic goals. Learn from the convenience of your own home with Live Classes, Test Series, Doubt Solving Sessions, and Batch Courses covering 100+ subjects. Unacademy is moving forward with big objectives, and one of those plans involves exploring the Franchise model in order to attract a larger subscriber base.

With an investment ranging from INR 2-5 lakhs, you can own a franchise of this growing education industry.

10. Ucmas Franchise

Ucmas was founded in India in 1999, and it rapidly rose to prominence as the country's most innovative provider of visual arithmetic software.The mission of UCMAS India is to prepare the next generation of Indian leaders to succeed in an increasingly complex and demanding global economy. Almost every state in India already has at least one UCMAS franchise, and there are plans for several more to come soon.

We hope to eventually have a UCMAS Centre in every town in India, where it may serve as a useful resource for the development of the country's youth. Join a company that will improve your life and the lives of the children in your town.

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Education Franchising in India FAQs

Q1. Can I become an education franchise owner even if I don't have experience?

Both the needs of the franchisor and those of the training centre should be taken into account. The franchisor may favour candidates with experience in the field if the training they offer is technical or specialized. Obtaining an education franchise from several organizations does not necessitate prior work experience in the field.

Q2. How to start an education franchise in any city in India?

Yes, it is possible to start an education franchise in any city in India.  Moreover, if you are looking to start a franchise in your city which already has one, it all comes down to the franchise's rules and regulations. You may acquire a franchise from them if they plan to open additional locations in your city. If the franchisor only permits one location per city, it is impossible to open a second location there.

Q3. Is education franchise in India profitable?

To begin, there will always be a need in the educational sector. Second, the initial financial commitment for an educational franchise is typically modest. As a result, educational franchises are typically quite successful.


As education is a market that will never go out of style, investing in the field is seen as a safe and potentially rewarding move. The fact that schools continued operating during the pandemic demonstrates that it was one of the few industries to survive the crisis.

Since the field of education is so vast, with several courses available across many various fields and specializations, FranchiseBazar features many more alternatives for franchises within the education sector.

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