Top 10 Food Truck Franchises in India to Consider in 2023

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Written By: Resham Daswani

The mobile kitchen is one of today’s fastest-growing industries in India and across the globe. Franchises for mobile kitchens have flourished in India thanks to the country's booming food truck industry, which, according to the National Restaurant Association, has generated more than $2.7 billion in sales since 2017.

In the past, mobile food vendors could only sell ice cream, but thanks to technological advancements and the efforts of skilled chefs, the mobile restaurant industry has evolved significantly.

Moreover, many people have been looking for a low-risk business opportunity, and post-COVID-19, a food truck franchise in India has given that opportunity to budding entrepreneurs.

This article will provide you with an insight into the top Food Truck Franchises in India, key drivers taking the food truck franchise business to great heights and also appealing reasons why 2023 is an excellent opportunity to start a food truck franchise in India.

Top 10 Food Truck Franchises in India

There are various food truck franchise businesses in India that can be started with a moderate investment.  Depending on your interest and investment here are some of the types of food truck franchises you can invest in.

  • Pizza Food Truck - Grab a slice on the go.  As the work gets hectic by the day, people prefer food on the go, they want to grab a bite and get back to their busy schedule.  So why not grab a pizza slice on the go?
  • Momos Food Truck - With more and more people eating away from home, momo has become a popular snack at roadside stands. Momo's popularity stems from the fact that it's delicious and affordable. You can get momo from street sellers, small kiosks, and food trucks wherever.
  • Ice Cream Food Truck - This is one of the most popular food trucks you will find in most places across the country. With a moderate investment and a demand throughout the year, this is a promising opportunity to start right away.
  • Street Food Food Truck - India is well known for its street foods.  From chaats to South Indian, pav bhaji and more, there is something for every palate to be served.
  • Rolls Food Truck - Rolls are a popular street food in Kolkata. Nizam's Restaurant in Kolkata, India, is credited as the birthplace of this dish back in 1932. The convenience of eating rolls on the go has contributed greatly to the food's widespread popularity, especially among young people, students, and working professionals.

Once you have decided on the niche of interest, here are some of the best food truck franchises in India to consider in 2023.

1. Wow Omelettes

The omelettes at WOW Omelette'S are delicious and come in a variety of fillings. We're proud to offer enthusiastic service to our loyal patrons. WOW Omelette'S has never used low-quality ingredients in its preparations.

First, we employ in-house-prepared spices, then we use commercially-available ingredients like Freedom Oil, AMUL Butter, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, and Milk Bread from KS Bakers. We plan to increase our consumer base by offering franchises throughout Telangana and Andhra Pradesh.

  • Investment Range: Rs 2. Lakhs above

2. The Arab Knights

The Arab Knights is one of the food chains with the fastest growth. It started in Jaipur, the capital city of Rajasthan. The Arab Knights is a food truck and kiosk chain that serves authentic Lebanese and Arabian dishes. The restaurant's menu features options that are both nutritious and clean, making it suitable for diners of all ages. Vegetarian and non-vegetarian options, especially Shawarma, are plentiful and of high quality.

The Arab Knights is the most rapidly expanding popular Lebanese restaurant chain, and they offer complete supervision and assistance to their franchisees in exchange for a minimal initial investment with high returns.

  • Investment Range: Rs 10. Lakhs above

3. Mr Orange

In November of 2004, Mr Orange opened its doors at the Metropolitan Mall in Gurgaon. Within a year of its founding, the company had established a presence in every major shopping district in Delhi/NCR, along the National Highway-1, in Chandigarh, and in Bangalore.

The company won the "Concept of the Year Award" at the Franchise Awards 2005 ceremony held in New Delhi in October 2005.

  • Investment Range: Rs 5. Lakhs above

4. Sarah Foods Pvt Ltd

In 2008, Sarah Foods Pvt. Ltd. opened for business in Bengaluru, Karnataka, India, with the aim of redefining the term "Snack Food." We've developed into a major participant in this industry.

We've been hard at work on product development, giving special attention to quality, novelty, packaging, and cost. Sarah Foods franchisees benefit from dedicated field support, professional advice in establishing their franchise, and help with advertising and promoting their businesses.

  • Investment Range: Less than 2 Lakhs

5. Chalta Firta Dhaba

To provide our customers and investors with the best service, food, and quality with proper hygiene, chalta firta dhaba is an architectural truck serving all types of cuisine out of a single vehicle measuring between 18 and 20 feet in length.

Because we are committed to our mission and in favour of atma nirbar Bharat, we will always do our best to satisfy our consumers and investors.

  • Investment Range: Above 25 lakhs

6. Ice Cream Buggy Franchise

These trucks are a novel take on the classic ice cream parlour, serving up cones, cone cakes, cone sandwiches, cone pizzas, cone floats, and cone milkshakes.

After a successful debut in Bengaluru, this firm has deployed more than 30 buggies throughout more than 20 cities across India, with plans to further grow throughout the country.

  • Investment Range: Rs 5-10 lakhs

7. Black Tree Food Truck

The BlackTree Food Truck is a well-known and profitable mobile eatery, renowned for its unique and tasty fare. A well-organized franchising plan is essential to establishing a widespread presence across India. The plan's overarching goal is to establish a sustainable business model that benefits the company, its franchisees, and its customers.

  • Investment Range: Rs 30 lakhs above

8. Where’s The Fork - Food Truck

Our origins can be traced back to a deep love of cooking and a wish to share our great, homemade meals with as many people as possible. Our founding members have always enjoyed trying out new recipes.  They dreamed of opening a food truck business to allow them to share their passion with others.

Having a food truck meant we could serve our food in a variety of settings, attract more customers, and give them a one-of-a-kind eating experience. Our original goal of providing high-quality, delicious cuisine with a special twist hasn't changed, even as we've grown from a single truck to a fleet of them and extended our menu.

  • Investment Range: Rs 13 lakhs above

9. CSK Food Truck

Those interested in starting a business with limited funds may find the CSK mobile truck franchise to be of interest. The freshly cooked shawarma, barbecue, and kebabs that we specialise in are hard to resist.

Menu items were handpicked with speedy service and customer satisfaction in mind. Every requirement can be met by the CSK mobility vehicle. CSK mobile truck has low startup costs, quick payoffs, and minimal hassle.

  • Investment Range: Not Specified

10. Ranjeeta Enterprises

Burger-Uncle, a brand owned by Ranjeeta Enterprises, is a small-scale store concept that sells gourmet burgers cooked to order in front of the client. With a Ranjeeta franchise, you may take advantage of our tried-and-true business strategy, low initial investment requirements, well-known brand, and expert guidance. Now is your chance to strike out on your own and make a good living.

  • Investment Range: Around Rs 5 Lakhs

What makes Food Truck Franchises a Profitable Business Opportunity in India

As the growth in the food industry continues to take heights, the demand for food trucks also continues to grow. 

Here are some factors driving this growth.

  • Increase in disposable household incomes
  • More working women
  • Increased use of social media where food bloggers keep people updated with the top eateries around the country.
  • More adaptation to food on the go.

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These factors have been crucial to the expansion of the Indian food truck franchise market. Franchises in the food truck industry are popular because they provide entrepreneurs with a tried-and-true business strategy, operational framework, and product.

Having a network of resources at your disposal that you can tap into at a discount thanks to your franchisor's connections is crucial in the event of a crisis or epidemic. In addition to the advantages, investing in a food truck franchise grants you access to the established client base and established reputation of the parent company.

It's encouraging to see several major fast food chains branching out through food truck franchises, as this format has become increasingly popular as people no longer feel the need to venture out of their neighbourhoods in search of sustenance.


Q.1 How profitable is the food truck franchise business in India?

On average, a food truck may make between Rs 7,000 and Rs 10,000 daily. Food trucks are a staple at festivals and college fairs. Owners of food trucks often seek out gatherings like these because of the great potential for sales. Because they may easily make between 35,000 and 40,000 each day.

Q.2. Can a food truck franchise be parked anywhere across the country or is there a license required?

Make sure there's enough room for the setup, that it's in a high-traffic area, and that there isn't too much competition by first verifying with the local authorities that parking there is permitted. Thus, location is crucial even for a food truck.

Q.3 What license is required to start a food truck business in India?

RTO Business Licence for Commercial Operations. You should also submit an application for a one-year Trade Licence or Eating House Licence with the relevant authorities in your area. Your food truck business needs a Shop Establishment Certificate from your state's labour department if you have more than ten employees.

To Conclude,

The market for food-truck services in India is expected to grow at a CAGR of 9.2%, reaching $277.3 mn by 2029. India's food truck services business is booming thanks to the country's rapidly expanding culinary scene and the growing demand among the country's young people for alternative dining venues over conventional restaurants.

Contact us at FranchiseBazar to know how to start a food truck franchise in India.  You can also browse through the plethora of opportunities on our website.

Disclaimer: The brands mentioned in this blog are the recommendations provided by the author. FranchiseBAZAR does not claim to work with these brands / represent them / or are associated with them in any manner. Investors and prospective franchisees are to do their own due diligence before investing in any franchise business at their own risk and discretion. FranchiseBAZAR or its Directors disclaim any liability or risks arising out of any transactions that may take place due to the information provided in this blog.

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