Top 10 Hottest Franchise Businesses in India of 2023

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Written By: Resham Daswani

You have to do business but you are afraid that there is a lot more risk,  whether you will be able to succeed or not, whether your product will be accepted in the market and many other risk factors. In such cases, we also advise aspiring entrepreneurs to adopt the franchise business model, also known as start a franchise business in India right away.

Today we will talk about some new business ideas in India that you can start with a moderate investment but can still earn high profits.

You can start a business from any city in India and increase your income, If you are interested in franchise business ideas, read this article where we have discussed the latest franchise opportunities in India.

Top 10 Hottest Franchise Business Ideas in India for 2023

1. Fitness Franchise

When the pandemic hit the world, everyone was paying a lot of attention to their health.  This led to the sudden rise of fitness franchises in India.  Not only Gyms but fitness accessories and health product franchises got a boost.

In India, the fitness industry is becoming more and more well-known. There are many different concepts available in fitness franchises. The most well-liked include yoga studios, weight loss programmes, and cycling classes. Fast-growing The Best Fitness Franchises are prepared to impart their success to new franchisees.

Nevertheless, there is a great demand for fitness franchises in India and there is a promising future also for it. Furthermore, in the health sector, the fitness centre is going to grow very much.

Here are some of the top fitness franchise opportunities in India to consider in 2023.

  • Cult Fit
  • Gold Gym
  • Plus Fitness

2. Food Franchise Business

In India, food franchises are very well-liked and successful because they generate a sizable sum of money. However, if you make the wrong choice, it will cost you both time and money. It is crucial to pick the most reputable food franchise that will support your success. For your efforts, you ought to receive a sufficient reward.

India has one of the largest consumers markets across the globe. Large foreign food producers, therefore, find it to be a great site. The middle class in this country is expanding at the quickest rate, along with the economy. The Indian food industry is expanding and is expected to expand at a 10% annual rate.

Talking about food, you know how popular it is because everyone is fond of fast food nowadays. Food is something for which no one thinks about money, how much we are spending and how costly. If you are also fond of food and have a passion and you can relate to it, then you can start a food franchise business.

Here are some of the top food franchise opportunities in India to consider in 2023.

  • Wow!Momos
  • Tibbs Frankie
  • Subway

3. Health Care and Diagnostic Centres

The diagnostic market in India is estimated to be worth about 75000 crores of Indian rupees, and the pathology and radiology industry in the private sector is worth about 45000 crores. For the most part, the diagnostic and pathology sectors have a sizable market.

Setting up your own diagnostic laboratory, purchasing equipment, and hiring pathologists and other machine operators is a time-consuming and expensive process. Then there is the pricey process of marketing.

Owning a diagnostic and pathology franchise of a well-known brand is thus the most affordable and practical option to enter the industry if you want to start your own diagnostic business. And you should be aware that one of India's industries with the quickest growth is the diagnostic franchise.

You should also know that the diagnostic franchise business is booming in India.

Here are some of the top Healthcare & Diagnostic franchise opportunities in India to consider in 2023.

  • Dr Lal Pathlabs
  • Apollo Clinic
  • Thyrocare

4. Ice Cream Franchise

Did you know, the secret to a good mood is ice cream? One of the most popular franchises in the Indian business industry is the ice cream franchise. Cold delights like ice cream are comfort food to all the melancholy and tiredness, whether it is summer or winter.

Ice cream is a favourite for any age group and is famous in any season of the year.  The ice cream industry is ripe with room for innovation, entertainment, and financial gain. It is projected that by 2028, the Indian ice cream market will be valued at a total of INR 508.4 billion crores. While you're eating your favourite flavour, you should probably start thinking about opening an ice cream shop.

Since its creation, ice cream has become one of the most popular sweets worldwide. In the Indian food industry, a wide variety of brands, both domestic and foreign, provide Ice cream franchises to entrepreneurs, small business owners, and interested people.

Ice cream Franchises are among the very successful company sectors that have experienced continuous economic expansion.

Here are some of the top Ice Cream franchise opportunities in India to consider in 2023.

  • Baskin Robbins
  • Naturals Ice Cream
  • Kwality Walls

5. Pharmacy Franchise

The impact of Covid-19 may be catastrophic for some industries, but pharmacy franchises are doing well. The manufacturing of low-priced pharmaceuticals in India has long been a source of pride for the country. The pharmacy business is booming right now throughout the country.

Since the country's pharmaceutical industry is gaining momentum, opening your own medical supply store presents significant difficulties due to the need for legal authorization, a solid product range, specific expertise, and adequate experience. Nevertheless, there are many upsides to opening a pharmacy franchise in India.

Here are some of the top Pharmacy franchise opportunities in India to consider in 2023.

  • Sanjivani
  • Sasta Sundar
  • MedPlus

6. Courier & Delivery Franchise

Due to the growing popularity of e-commerce, the delivery and courier franchise industry is expanding. Additionally, the creation of services like food, grocery, pharmacy, alcohol, laundry delivery, etc. was influenced by the lockdown that was imposed in many nations. Numerous courier service franchises have entered the global market due to high demand, and India is no exception.

Entrepreneurs engage in these kinds of enterprises because they have very low entry costs, offer the chance to work from home, and offer flexible part-time employment. Franchises that specialise in providing courier services to consumers are likewise technologically savvy, with apps and other tools that allow them to provide instantaneous service, secure payment, and tracking, among other conveniences.

Here are some of the top Courier & Delivery franchise opportunities in India to consider in 2023.

  • Delhivery
  • InXpress
  • ShadowFax

7. Preschool Franchises

The transformative influence of education has been felt by every age. Knowledge is the only true source of power because it can never be taken away. Schools compete not just on the basis of their facilities, but also on the basis of the quality of the education they provide. It can be quite lucrative to start a franchised preschool or play school in India.

It's interesting to note that it's profitable to start a preschool business not just in India, but everywhere. One sector that has universal respect is the educational sector. Preschool franchises in India are highly profitable because of the country's large preschool population.

Here are some of the top preschool franchise opportunities in India to consider in 2023.

  • Petals Preschool & Daycare
  • Kidzee
  • EuroKids

8. Electric Vehicle Franchises

Electric vehicles, not just in India but around the world, are a crucial component of our future. The Indian government has taken the initiative to ensure that all automobiles on Indian roads are electric by the year 2030.

With government assistance and initiatives, the electric two-wheeler market in India has flourished. The market for electric two-wheelers is expected to expand rapidly in the next years, thanks to increased demand and encouraging government policies.

Here are some of the top Electric Vehicle franchise opportunities in India to consider in 2023.

  • Hero Electric
  • Okinawa
  • Ampere

9. Beverage Franchises

India is well-known as a major producer of beverages, but the industry is still rapidly developing in the country. The growth of the beverage business is greatly impacted by franchising. The top beverage franchises in India provide their franchisees with high-quality goods, an innovative business model, a variety of cost-effective storefronts, and ongoing assistance.

Here are some of the top beverage franchise opportunities in India to consider in 2023.

  • Lassi Corner
  • Juice Lounge
  • London Shakes

10.  Furniture & Home Decor Franchises

Best franchise options in furniture and home décor, include a successful company model, a recognised brand name, and the backing of industry experts. If you want to realise your entrepreneurial dreams, opening a furniture franchise that embodies the boldest interior ambitions of customers is a great place to start.

Here are some of the top furniture & home decor franchise opportunities in India to consider in 2023.

  • Pepperfry
  • Insta Decor
  • Cromatica


In this article, we have talked about the 10 hottest franchise business ideas in India and the latest franchise business ideas in India.

To acquire any franchise in India, you have to invest at least  5  lahks to  20 lakh.  For more details on more new business ideas in India to consider in 2023, you can get in touch with us at FranchiseBazar.

Disclaimer: The brands mentioned in this blog are the recommendations provided by the author. FranchiseBAZAR does not claim to work with these brands / represent them / or are associated with them in any manner. Investors and prospective franchisees are to do their own due diligence before investing in any franchise business at their own risks and discretion. FranchiseBAZAR or its Directors, disclaim any liability or risks arising out of any transactions that may take place due to information provided in this blog.

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