Top 10 Most Profitable Retail Franchises in India in 2023

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Written By: Soundarya Raghuwanshi

Are you willing to start your own supermarket? Do you wish to have your own retail store? Want to have profit as your success mantra?  You can get all your answers in this article on the most profitable retail franchises in India, in the year 2023.

India is rich in cultural diversity with varying choices and interests of its population. The need for goods is ever-increasing, as demonstrated by the rising GDP of the country. Having a retail store catering to the various needs of the residents is thus, the need of the hour.

The retail franchise in India covers an exhaustive range of franchises ranging from clothing, food items, beverages, grocery, home appliances, self-care items to name a few. This business model allows you to sell a wide range of products under a single brand name, hence increasing the profitability of the venture.

Some of the popular retail industry segments having franchising models include:

Industry Segments

Franchise Brands

Foot Wear

Bata, Adidas, Relaxo, Red Tape

Furniture Stores

Maharaja, Rawat Brothers, pepperfrycom, Cromatica

Grocery Stores and Food Marts

Grocery 4u, Sasta Saman, Niyama

TV, E-commerce outlets

Reliance Communications, Dott, Blockart

Home Appliances, Interior Designing

Gilma, Magppie, Floating Walls, PowerPlus

Book Stores

Crossword, Landmark, Just Books, Book Cafe

Toy Shops

Toyz Land, Magick, Chhota Bheem


Sia art, Bulchee, Devotie, PC jewellers


Sanjivani, Medzone

Sports Shops

Justcycling, Ryder cycles

In India, more than 1000+ retail stores adopt franchising every year.

Thus, investing in a retail franchise in India is a very popular business choice made by many successful entrepreneurs. Let's now cover the most profitable retail franchises to invest in.

10 Most Profitable Retail Franchises in India in 2023

1. Grocery 4U

Grocery 4u retail private limited is a successful chain of convenience stores facilitating both online and offline shopping. It aims to enhance the shopping experience for customers, solving basic to extravagant needs of customers and hence making shopping a joyful ride.

It has established 80+ outlets in a limited period of 24 months, linking affordability with the concept of supermarkets. With its unbeatable prices and various discounts offered, it has made shopping both affordable and a luxury experience.

You can now become a franchise partner of Grocery 4U and begin your successful supermarket franchise in India.

But why choose the Grocery 4u Franchise? 

  1. Lesser investment and higher profit margin.
  2. Training and business support by the company.
  3. High brand value ensures success in the market.
  • Investment Rs 20-30 Lakhs

2. Bata

Bata India is part of the Bata Shoe Organisation and is India's biggest retailer and leading maker of shoes.

In 1931, the company was founded as the Bata Shoe Company Private Limited. In 1932, it began as a small business in Konnagar, which is near Calcutta. In January 1934, the first building for Bata's business, which is now called the Bata, was built. In the years that followed, the site got twice as big.

Today, Bata India has become the biggest store in India that sells shoes. It has a retail network of more than 1,375 stores, which no other shoe company can beat. The stores are in good places, and you can find them in all metros, mini-metros, and towns.

You can start your own footwear retail shop and become a successful entrepreneur with Bata.

But why choose the Bata Franchise?

  1. Provides training and uniform to staff.
  2. Provides Billing software.
  3. Provides 50% sharing in Schemes.
  • Investment – Rs 40-50 Lakhs

3. Gourmet and more

Gourmet and More is a very popular chain of Supermarkets selling the finest of products from across the globe covering all your regular daily requirements.

They keep their stock updated with the most trending and best quality products every week. They also provide delivery service to make your retail experience more comforting.

Get your own Gourmet and more Supermarkets by investing in this highly profitable supermarket franchise and start earning profit.

But why choose Gourmet and More Franchises? 

  1. Provides complete operational and product training support by a team of skilled workers.
  2. Software support for billing and running stores.
  3. Provides Industry led methods and experience sharing.
  • Investment – Rs 30-40 Lakhs

4. Patanjali Ayurved

Patanjali Ayurved is an Indian multinational brand leading in Ayurved and Wellness products. It is based in Haridwar, UP. It has a wide range of products including cosmetics, medicines, food products and personal wellness items.

Its products are made from rare plants and herbs and hence promote a healthy and environment-friendly lifestyle.

You can invest in this eco-friendly highly profitable retail franchise and start your entrepreneur journey.

But why choose Patanjali Ayurved? 

  1. Very high brand value especially in cosmetics and medicinal products.
  2. Very low-cost investment, hence increasing profit margin.
  3. Products refilling facility.
  • Investment – Rs 5-7 Lakhs

5. Vishal Mega mart

It is India's leading fashion-based supermarket with more than 400+ outlets across India. It provides good quality affordable clothing with a wide range of collections to choose from.

It is known for its unique combination of affordable clothing and excellent quality.

It also sells other accessories including home appliances, household items, etc at a very discounted price.

But why choose the Vishal Mart Franchise? 

  1. Highly profitable retail supermarket opportunity at a medium investment range.
  2. Training and support of a team of experienced people.
  3. Increasing need and demand for supermarkets in small cities and towns.
  • Investment – Rs 30-50 Lakhs.

6. 7 Heven Supermarket

7 Heven is India's leading brand in the Supermarket and retail sector. It envisions providing home and Kitchen goods and appliances at affordable pricing and increasing its reach to all cities of India.

It has opened 100+ Franchise outlets in 14+ States in India. 7 Heven has a tie-up with 1200+ International and National brands to sell their products in the supermarket.

You can invest in this highly profitable retail franchise and become a successful Entrepreneur.

But why choose the 7 Heven Franchise? 

  1. Provide Backend help by a team of specialists.
  2. Branding and Marketing support.
  3. 7 Heven will help you in product selection, purchasing and refilling.
  • Investment – Rs 10-20 lakhs

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7.   True mart supermarket

True Mart is a Supermarket chain operating in India since 1997. It is based in Gwalior, M.P. It sells various products including groceries, food items, household items, daily care products, etc. It also has its own manufacturing plant for selling clean and good quality pulses, Heena, spices, etc.

All True mart shops are earning high profits and they are now willing to increase their presence across India. You can invest in this highly profitable Supermarket retail franchise and become a proud owner.

But why choose the True Mart Franchise?

  1. Supermarkets are a growing business opportunity in India.
  2. Provides brand name and products.
  3. High profit margin track record.
  • Investment – Rs 50 Lakhs - 1 Crore.

8.  PC Jewellers

With a pan-India presence, PC Jewellers is a leading jewellery company in India. It is one of the most trusted jewellery companies selling gold, diamond, silver jewellery and mixed products ranging from Kundan to traditional jewellery.

Its motto is to suit every Indian choice and demand. It is a very profitable retail franchise to invest in as it has a very successful business model.

But why choose the PC Jewellers Franchise?

  1. Marketing, branding and HR support.
  2. Investment varies with location and area, hence making investment variable.
  3. Very high brand value.
  • Investment – Rs 2 Crore- 5 Crore

9.  NOTION luxury flooring

Notion luxury flooring is a leading flooring and home decor brand in India. It provides unique and exotic indoor and outdoor flooring options including wooden decking, laminated flooring, etc.

Its services and products are based on Indian climate and taste, making it the premium choice of customers. Notion is expanding its outlets and inviting franchisees to come and join them in their endeavour.

But why choose Notion? 

  1. The wood flooring market is growing at a high rate of 30-35 % per year, hence it is a popular choice to invest in.
  2. Very high Return on Investment Rate of 40%
  3. Very high brand value in the flooring sector.
  • InvestmentRs 10-20 Lakhs

10.  Ferns N Petals

Ferns N Petals is one of India's largest Gifting Brands. It covers various gift options like Cakes, Flower bouquets, Accessories, and Chocolates, including personalised gift items.

It offers franchise opportunities to individuals, to start their own businesses with low investment and high returns. With 450+ outlets in all parts of India, it is an expanding and profitable business opportunity.

But Why choose Ferns N Petals?

  1. Provides training with expert Florists.
  2. Helps in location selection to maximise profit.
  3. Enhance profitability with low investment and high returns.
  • Investment – Rs 5-10 Lakhs.

We have now covered the most profitable retail franchises in India in 2023. You can choose from these successful franchise models and start your own success journey.


Q.1. How profitable is the retail sector franchise to invest in? 

Retail, Beauty, Education, and healthcare are among the top-rated sectors of franchising in India. They provide ever-increasing growth opportunities along with high profitability. With an increase in growth of the franchise market in India, there is a very high probability of success in starting a retail venture.

Q.2. What is the correct definition of Retail Franchise?

Retail Franchise is a business model of starting a single store selling diverse products of different brands, under a single store brand name. For e.g. Big basket is a retail supermarket selling different brands of food and home-use products.

To conclude,

India has seen tremendous growth in the franchise market, with Retail appearing as one of the most profitable sectors. There are a lot of opportunities available for an individual to choose from.

You can browse through these options and find your perfect match at FranchiseBazar, India's leading market for franchise-related solutions. So what are you waiting for? Click here to know how you can grow your business from one to many.

Disclaimer: The brands mentioned in this blog are the recommendations provided by the author. FranchiseBAZAR does not claim to work with these brands / represent them / or are associated with them in any manner. Investors and prospective franchisees are to do their own due diligence before investing in any franchise business at their own risks and discretion. FranchiseBAZAR or its Directors, disclaim any liability or risks arising out of any transactions that may take place due to information provided in this blog.

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