Top 10 Skill Tech Franchise Businesses in India in 2024

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Written By: Shruti Agrawal

With the changing preferences, the world has turned into a digital platform and COVID-19 has allowed it to move in a fast-forward way. This makes technology an integral part of the learning process and it has revolutionized the way knowledge is imparted and acquired. So why not take advantage of the profitable opportunity and start a skilled tech franchise in India in 2024?

About Skill Tech Franchise Businesses in India

"Skilltech" (education technology) is a portmanteau of the words "skill" and "technology." It refers to the integration of technology into the field of imparting skills to enhance and facilitate learning and teaching processes.

Skilltech encompasses a wide range of digital tools, software, platforms, and applications designed to support activities, both in traditional classroom settings and through online or remote learning.

The growth of Skilltech has been especially pronounced in recent years, driven by factors such as increased internet penetration, the proliferation of smartphones and tablets, and the need for flexible and remote learning solutions, as seen during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Let us start this blog with the top 10 skill tech franchises you should invest in 2024.  Alongside we will also provide you insights about the market trends that are leading to the growth of the skill tech businesses and more.

Top 10 Skill-Tech Franchise Businesses in India for 2024

Nava Vision

Incorporated in 2015, it's an education business, based in Bengaluru. It offers unique programs for experiential learning in schools, colleges, and institutes that introduce students to new technologies and concepts.

 It is certified as the fastest-growing education startup in India by the Government of India.

Investing in a Nava Vision franchise may be a good opportunity for those interested in the education sector and looking to start a business in India. The company also offers a preschool franchise opportunity. It offers both individual and master franchise opportunities.

  • Investment Required: INR 10 lakhs-50 lakhs


It was started in 2015 and is focused on powering career success for a global workforce. It's an online education platform that offers degree courses and career transition programs. It also offers business solutions to help professional teams lead innovation.

UpGrad franchise can be a good opportunity for those interested in the e-learning industry and have the required investment.

  • Investment Required: INR 2 lakhs-3 lakhs

Henry Harvin

It's a global EdTech company that offers over 800 certification courses and training programs in various domains such as Project Management, Six Sigma, Design Thinking, Business Analytics, Machine Learning, Accounting and taxation, Digital Marketing, and many more.

The institute has also received affiliations from reputed authorities for some of its specialized certifications.

  • Investment Required: INR 2 lakhs-5 lakhs


It was launched in 2014 and is based in Bengaluru. Vedantu is an Indian multinational online tutoring platform that primarily provides services to students from grades 4 to 12. Vedantu offers live online classes for K12, CBSE, ICSE, JEE & NEET courses led by experienced master teachers.

The app offers one-of-a-kind comprehensive & interactive LIVE Classes that are specially designed for students to make their learning fun, interesting & personalized.

  • Investment Required: INR 10 lakhs-15 lakhs


It's an educational technology company that provides an online educational platform with its headquarters in Bangalore.

It offers live courses by educators across the country in English and 14 Indian languages, these courses are for various competitive exams such as IIT, JEE, NEET UG, CAT, SSC Exams, State PSCs, and CBSE Class 6 - 12. It has a mobile app called the Unacademy Learner App that provides anywhere, anytime access to its online learning system.

In May 2022, it was valued at USD 3.44 billion. It has raised over US$200 million in funding from multiple investors.

Unacademy has created exciting opportunities for its franchise network. This requires,

  • Investment: INR 10 lakhs- 15 lakhs

Career Launcher

It's an education service provider that offers coaching for various entrance exams, professional training programs, and internship programs. It offers entrance coaching for various exams such as CAT, CUET, IPM, CLAT, AILET, JEE, NEET, GRE, GMAT etc.

It offers multiple education franchise opportunities for different entrepreneurs such as Virtual Business Partners, POS, Tutor Partner, Counsellor Partner, School Partner, Higher Ed Partner, Women Entrepreneur Partner, and Study Abroad Franchise etc. When one decides to own a Career Launcher franchise, one becomes part of a 25-year-old legacy.

  • Investment Required: INR 2 lakhs-5 lakhs

Imarticus Learning

It's an ed-tech company that offers certification courses in finance, analytics, technology, fintech, and business analysis. They provide placement assistance to help students find job opportunities after completing their courses.

They offer classroom and online training programs that provide certification programs, and job-assured, executive, and university-assured courses.

Its franchise can be a good opportunity for those interested in the education franchise industry and have the required investment. The franchisee can benefit from the support provided by Imarticus Learning and the recognition it has received for its courses and faculty.

  • Investment Required: INR 5 lakhs-10 lakhs

Twin Win Academy

It offers personality development and life skills training programs for students. Their programs strive to develop the holistic personality of students.

The franchisee can benefit from the support provided by the Academy and the recognition it has received for its programs. It offers personality development and life skills training programs for students, and its franchise model trains students on personality development, confidence building, and life management.

  • Investment Required: INR 2 lakhs-5 lakhs

Mechatron Robotics

It is provides STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics) education to students across the world.

They offer robotics training, robotics franchises, robotics labs, robotics kits, and online robotics programs. Mechatron Robotics has trained more than 50,000+ students across the world.

  • Investment is: INR 2 lakhs- 5 lakhs

Vedant International School

It is an educational institution in India that offers NCF (National Curriculum Framework) and engaging full-day programs and activities that enrich students' learning experience.

Vedant International School has highly qualified, trained, and experienced teachers who are well-equipped to mentor students in all aspects of learning and development.

It is a well-known educational institution in India and has received recognition for its services and it offers franchise opportunities for those interested in starting their own business in the education industry.

  • Investment is: INR 2 lakhs- 5 lakhs

Market Trends Leading To Growth Of Skill Tech Franchise Business Opportunities in India

As the world moves towards a digital future, India has witnessed a surge in the adoption of Skill-based technology, or "skill tech," solutions. The government of India is running various schemes and missions to make Skilled India. This not only allowed people to redefine the way they acquire knowledge but has also opened promising opportunities for those looking to invest in the educational sector.

This trend has created numerous opportunities for entrepreneurs, educators, and investors to contribute to the transformation of skills through technology.

The skill tech franchise business in India is a part of the larger franchise industry, which is projected to grow significantly in the next five years. According to a report titled 'FranCast White Paper on Franchise Forecast 2023-24', the India franchise business is projected to reach USD 140-150 billion in the next five years.

The growth is mainly due to an expansion of the franchise base across rural markets, tier 2/3 cities, and local communities.

In terms of the future of the franchise business in India, market trends predict a growth rate of 1.8% for the future of the franchise industry in India in the upcoming years, which is projected to increase to 4-5%, with multi-unit ownership becoming more popular.

The Franchised businesses in the skill tech segment are expected to contribute a total of USD 99.8 billion in output to the Indian economy, an improvement of 4.7%.

To Conclude,

The world of skill-based technology, or "skill-tech," is ushering in a new era of learning and teaching, revolutionizing the way knowledge is imparted and acquired. Within the vibrant landscape of India, where a robust educational ecosystem meets a burgeoning tech-savvy population, the potential for skill-tech franchise businesses to thrive is abundant.

This compilation of the "Ten Best Skill Tech Franchise Business Opportunities in India" serves as a glimpse into the myriad possibilities that await aspiring entrepreneurs and investors in this sector. From online tutoring platforms and coding academies to language learning apps and adaptive educational solutions, the choices are as diverse as the educational needs they aim to fulfil.

It's important to emphasize that success in the skill tech franchise business sector is not solely defined by the technology employed but also by the commitment to quality, personalized learning experiences, and a genuine dedication to empowering students and learners. As India's skills landscape continues to evolve, the potential for innovation and growth in the edutech franchise sector remains promising.

However, potential investors must conduct thorough research, assess market demand, and scrutinize franchise agreements before embarking on this educational journey. The dynamism of the skill-tech industry demands adaptability, a commitment to staying updated with evolving trends, and a passion for shaping the future of skill development.

In short, the fusion of skills and technology is not just a trend but a transformative force, and those who embark on the path of Edutech franchising in India can make a lasting impact on the skills landscape while building successful and fulfilling ventures.

Contact us at FranchiseBazar to get started with a skill-tech franchise anywhere in India right away or click here if you have a business idea you wish to grow in India in 2024.

Disclaimer: The brands mentioned in this blog are the recommendations provided by the author. FranchiseBAZAR does not claim to work with these brands / represent them / or are associated with them in any manner. Investors and prospective franchisees are to do their own due diligence before investing in any franchise business at their own risks and discretion. FranchiseBAZAR or its Directors, disclaim any liability or risks arising out of any transactions that may take place due to information provided in this blog.

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