Top 10 Toy Franchises in India for 2023

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Written By: Shruti Agrawal

Since ages, toys have been an integral part of every child's childhood. They not only keep the children engaged and entertained but also help children develop their cognitive and physical development. So, doesn’t it already sound to be an interesting business venture to start?  Yes.  You can also start a toy franchise anywhere in India this year with us at FranchiseBazar.

About The Toy Franchise Business Industry in India

India has a large population of children aged between 0-14 years, which makes up around 27% of the entire population of the country.

So, the factors like large children population, growing middle class, growing disposable income in the hands of Indian families because of the increasing GDP of the country, and the increasing awareness about the importance of play in a child's life among parents give a boost to the Toy industry.

The toy industry in India has undergone a remarkable transformation in recent years. Recognizing the immense potential of the toy market, both international and domestic brands have ventured into India, offering a diverse array of toys catering to various age groups and interests.

Earlier, India used to be dependent on the Chinese toy industry but for the last 2-3 years, since the "Made in India" initiative launched in 2014, the government continuously promoted the toy industry, and for the last 2 years India's toy export increased by 61%.

Top 10 Toy Franchises to Invest in India 2023

The toy industry in India is expected to reach USD 2-3 billion by 2024. This growth has paved the way for numerous toy business franchises to thrive in the Indian market.

Here we will explore the top ten toy business franchises in India, shedding light on their unique offerings, market presence, and growth prospects.

1. TToys

TToys is a well-known Indian toy retail and distribution company, which is a one-stop solution for all those looking for a variety of toys, considering different income statuses of people.

It specializes in offering a wide range of toys, games, and related products for children. TToys is not only a retail toy store but also a prominent distributor of toys and games in India. The company focuses on providing a diverse selection of toys that cater to different age groups and interests of children.

The investment required ranges between INR 50,000-1,00,000. Entrepreneurs who are looking for an opportunity that does not need a big investment must go for this toy franchise. As it promises a return of 15-20%.

2. Zephyr

The brand was established in 1988 by Zaheer Gabajiwala, initially, it started with a small workshop. But it has grown leaps and bounds and is currently India's largest toy manufacturing company.

Zephyr is a well-known brand in the toy industry and offers a wide range of toys for children of all ages and has launched some well-known toy brands like Blix, Mechanix and more.

It is one of the few Indian companies that invest extensively in Research and development, which allows it to be at the forefront of STEM education and robotics toys.

They have a strong presence in India and are looking for franchise partners to expand their reach. The initial investment required to start the franchise is between INR 8 lakhs-15 lakhs and the minimum revenue that can be generated is around 40%.

3. Sunbaby

Brand was established by Sonali Aggarwal in 2001 along with her spouse Sunil Aggarwal. It's a well-known toy brand, which has influenced both domestic and international markets.

The brand was established keeping in mind not only providing the best quality but also the best range that is pocket-friendly and can be afforded by most people. Every product must pass the "quality standards". 

It offers a range of toys, including ride-on cars, walkers, and playpens. It specializes in outdoor toys like swings, slides, and trampolines. It has a strong online presence which contributes almost 70% to the entire sales and the rest 30% is contributed by offline sales and serving people from 650 Indian cities.

The brand is looking for expansion by way of a toy franchise and is providing ample opportunities to entrepreneurs who want to expand their arms in the toy business and allow them to not just enjoy financial gains but also enjoy the smiles of kids using those toys. The investment required is not.

4. Kids On Wheels

It was set up in 2004 by a young entrepreneur Karan S Pansi.  The philosophy behind establishing the brand is to leave kids amused and for that brand provides a wide range of kids' cars, which are toy replicas of actual luxurious cars like Mercedes, Jaguar, Lamborghini etc.

The name of the brand is also derived from the same fact.

The brand has a presence in malls and spaces for kids' amusement and more. It ensures the comfort of kids as well as parents.

Kids can roam around in these cars by enjoying themselves and at the same time, parents will be relieved and need not be hands-on all the time and can also enjoy their time.

The brand is catering the toy franchise services to entrepreneurs who are looking to enter the toy world. Franchisees benefit from the brand's strong reputation in kid's toys and cards, allowing them to diversify their offerings and cater to the holistic needs of kids and parents.

The investment required to start the business ranges from INR 5 lakhs to INR 10 lakhs.

5. Toyzone

ToyZone is a homegrown Indian toy brand established in 1985 by Sanjay Mehndiratta. Though its manufacturing setup took off in 2004. It is the largest toy manufacturer in the Micro and Small Enterprises segment.

The brand has rapidly gained popularity among parents and children alike. With a focus on educational and eco-friendly toys, ToyZone offers a unique selling proposition. The company also pioneered in "Magic Cars".

TOYZONE toy franchise model provides entrepreneurs with the opportunity, with access to a wide range of toys, including puzzles, board games, and arts and craft supplies, to enter the children's retail industry with a well-established brand and a diverse product range.

In addition, ToyZone's commitment to sustainability aligns with the growing consumer demand for eco-friendly products.

6. Mirada

Established in the year 2018, Mirada is a toy manufacturing and selling company. it was established by Adarsh Rohilla and Rohit Sharma. It's a Noida-based company.

It provides manufactured craft toys for girls, and boys, soft toys, puzzles etc. Also, the company's highest-selling products are a DIY range of make-up and nail art.

Presently the company has more than 2,500 outlets in the entire country and is also expanding to the international market, firstly in Middle East countries.

So, starting a toy franchise business with MIRADA will prove to be a lucrative business opportunity for entrepreneurs. The brand's commitment to safety and quality resonates well with Indian parents.

7. Funskool

A brand that promises to bring branded toys to the market, started in the year 1986 by Ravi Mammen and has been in operation for over three decades. It is based in Chennai.

Funskool is a leading Indian toy manufacturer with a business of around INR 250 crore. It offers a diverse range of toys, including puzzles, board games, and educational toys, which provides children of different age, gender and IQ. Some of its well-known brands are Play N Learn, Fundough etc.

Funskool's toy franchise program enables individuals to become part of a well-established Indian brand with a strong track record of delivering quality products.

8. Khilonewala

A venture started in 2011 in the city of Indore. Khilonewala is a company in India that provides toys on rent for children between the ages of 1 to 12 years old. It is India's No.1 Toy Library.

It's a brand that considers the emotions and requirements of both kids and parents. Since the life of toys is not much, it needs a minimum expenditure on edutainment, once kids get bored, they can return it. It also reduces the pile of toys.

At the same time, the kids every week will get new toys, games and books. Also, help them channel their energy in the most productive way possible.

Present in over 35 cities this brand is looking for expansion to every such region where there is a market for such products. So, one must become a part of "Khilonewala World". So, the toy franchise can be started, if one can invest between INR 3.5 lakhs-5.5 lakhs. It is a low-investment, high-return business with zero competition.

9. Simba Toys

A German-based toy manufacturer which was established in 2011. It is a toy store that is slated to be India's largest toy chain. It is the world's third-largest toy maker.

The company opened its first global franchise store in Bangalore in 2012 and plans to open three other stores in Delhi and Indiranagar, Bangalore.

The brand is open to providing the franchise opportunity to entrepreneurs, looking for a well-known and established brand. The expected investment for a Simba Store franchise in India is between INR 15 lakhs - 20 lakhs. This investment includes the franchise fee, project management fee, equipment, furniture and fixtures, and advertising.

10. BabyOye

It was established in 2010, May in Mumbai. It was acquired in 2016 by Firstcry. It is an e-commerce platform which is designed exclusively to avail baby and mother care products.

The philosophy behind the brand is to make pre and post-pregnancy and infant care comfortable and allow people to make informed decisions.

A brand proves to be a one-stop solution for newborns, toddlers as well as for mothers. Also, it provides products and services related to pregnancy and infant care. It offers a range of products including toys, books, baby food and more.

To own a Babyoye franchise, one would need to contact FirstCry as they acquired the franchise business of BabyOye in 2016. The investment needed to own a FirstCry franchise is between Rs. 20,00,000 to Rs. 30,00,000.

In conclusion,

The toy franchise industry in India continues to thrive, and 2023 promises to be an exciting year for toy enthusiasts and aspiring entrepreneurs alike. The top ten toy franchises in India, as of this year, represent a diverse range of offerings, catering to the ever-evolving tastes and preferences of children and parents.

These toy franchises have demonstrated their ability to combine quality products, engaging in-store experiences, and effective marketing strategies to capture the imagination of young minds and create lasting memories.

Furthermore, the advent of e-commerce and digital marketing has expanded the reach of these franchises, allowing them to connect with customers not only through brick-and-mortar stores but also via online platforms, making toys more accessible than ever before.

In 2023 and beyond, the top toy franchises in India will likely continue to innovate and adapt to changing consumer trends, ensuring that the joy of play remains an integral part of every child's life.

Whether it's fostering creativity, encouraging learning, or simply providing hours of entertainment, these franchises are poised to bring smiles to countless faces and reinforce their positions as leaders in the Indian toy market.

Contact FranchiseBazar to learn how to start a toy franchise in India or grow your toy business anywhere in India right away!

Disclaimer: The brands mentioned in this blog are the recommendations provided by the author. FranchiseBAZAR does not claim to work with these brands / represent them / or are associated with them in any manner. Investors and prospective franchisees are to do their own due diligence before investing in any franchise business at their own risks and discretion. FranchiseBAZAR or its Directors, disclaim any liability or risks arising out of any transactions that may take place due to information provided in this blog.


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