Top 11 Food Franchise Opportunities in India Under 1 Crore

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By Resham Daswani

Entrepreneurs who seek to invest wisely in the food industry have a range of options to consider, from pricey international restaurant chains to more affordable concepts like street food kiosks or trailers. For those specifically seeking food franchise opportunities under 1 crore in India, this blog is sure to offer valuable insights.

Due to its extensive urbanization and rapidly growing population, India has a sizable consumer market for food. Food franchises have excellent prospects as a result of the trend. As a result, India has a large number of domestic and foreign chains. Each one of them is effective at meeting a variety of customers' needs.

For instance, older residents and tourists enjoy the Indian chain Chaat Adda's traditional street cuisine. Moreover, younger people choose an international fast food chain like Burger King. India's food industry includes a wide range of products. It involves franchisees for donuts, coffee, pizza, tea, bakeries, and ice cream.

11 Popular Food Franchise Opportunities in India Under 1 Crore

When we talk about food franchises under 1 crore in India, the investment amount sounds huge.  However, if you look at the list, you will realise it keeps getting longer every year. Further, you will see that a number of domestic brands are at the top alongside brands from other countries.

To get a clear picture, here are the best food franchises in India

1. Moti Mahal

Moti Mahal extends an invitation to franchisees who are knowledgeable about the intricacies of the business and the obligations and privileges of partners. Company-owned outlets continue to operate profitably in prime locations around the world. This is with thanks to our procedures, which we have continuously improved through our pursuit of excellence.

Join us at this exciting time in our development to write a success story with us! Because of the low costs and large revenues, you, as one of our business partners, will benefit right away from the success of the group.

2.  Haldiram Bhujiawala Pvt Ltd

In the Indian food sector, Haldiram is a well-known name that sells a variety of snacks, sweets, and Namkeens. As a result of its rising popularity, the company has broadened its market. This is possible by providing franchise options to would-be business owners.

For anyone looking to launch their own food company with the backing of a well-known brand, a Haldiram franchise is a lucrative business option.

3. Sanjeev Kapoor’s The Yellow Chilli

Sanjeev Kapoor is the only person who comes to mind when we discuss Indian cuisine. He was the author of numerous cookbooks, the host of shows like Khana Khajana, the inventor of numerous foodstuffs and inventive recipes, and the recipient of numerous culinary honours.

The Yellow Chilli restaurant chain, which Sanjeev Kapoor currently offers franchises. Furthermore, it is gaining popularity in every city where it is open so far. Sanjeev Kapoor has experience as a restaurant consultant. It is without a doubt among India's top franchise restaurant chains for food.

All of the chain restaurants that are open under the name Sanjeev Kapoor are doing well.

4.  Subways

In 1965, Peter Buck and Fred Deluca established the American fast-food chain Subway. In India, the Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) business model of Subway first appeared in 2001. The Subway franchise there has grown to 500+ franchise locations throughout 68+ Indian cities.

5.  Burger King

Burger King's quick expansion in India can relate to a number of elements. This includes its low operating costs, hospitable business climate, and strong consumer demand.

During the previous four years, the company has reported a 25% annual growth rate in India alone. That suggests that Burger King has a good chance of expanding further throughout the nation.

6.  Kailash Parbat

A journey from a roadside Halwai to the world's most popular Indian restaurant. The Mulchandani brothers began selling their well-known chaat in a small stall on Bans Road in Karachi in the 1940s. They became a favourite in the area quite quickly.

The Mulchandani brothers came to India as a result of Partition, and in 1952 Bombay saw the founding of Kailash Parbat. Since then, it has become incredibly well-known throughout the world, not only in India.

People of all ages love Kailash Parbat, which has grown to be a powerful brand in the restaurant business that meets demands for Chinese food, North and South Indian flavours, and much more.

7.  Smoke House Deli

The nation's favorite European café, Smoke House Deli, has been providing exquisitely prepared food and experiences for more than ten years.

Smoke House Deli's delightfully peculiar universe has evolved through time into a more attractive, healthful, and contemporary version of itself while maintaining the "handmade with love" tenet.

We place a strong emphasis on serving comfort food made with locally grown, organic, and healthy products that are responsibly sourced. For the greatest in taste and health, cooked from scratch, our produce is directly sourced from regional farms across the nation.

8.  The Belgian Waffles

One receives comprehensive support from the Belgian Waffle franchise, including shop design, operational training, marketing assistance, and of course, the product and its ingredients.

Any qualified persons who share our vision and enthusiasm are welcome to get in touch with us. To make an inexpensive franchise investment, click the button below. We anticipate hearing from you!

9.  Xtreme Sports Bar & Grill

Xtreme Sports Bar is a very adaptable format for any location thanks to its nationwide appeal for sports. Moreover, Xtreme Sports Bar offers automatic support for choosing a location, negotiating a lease, carrying out interior design, setting up operations, and marketing and advertising. More than any other brand in the nation, Xtreme Sports Bar has formed relationships with multinational businesses for the tailored licencing strategy.

In conclusion, ongoing support will be given to your franchise at every stage. One can benefit from a competitive edge, maximized profits, and decreased chances of brand failure by associating with an established system, like Xtreme Sports Bar.

10.  Bikanervala

The flavour, quality, and cleanliness of Bikanervala are highly renowned. Customers have always received the same flavour and quality of items from the company.

As we all know, a franchise is a strategy that enables people to launch and operate their own business using the name of an existing company. Accessible establishments can be found in a variety of industries, including food, retail, and services. Also, if you own the Bikanervala franchise, you can operate both a restaurant and a resort.

The company gives establishment opportunities to people who are interested in starting a business in the culinary industry. There are Bikanervala restaurants to be found throughout India, notably in Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Pune, Ahmedabad, and Jaipur.

11.  India Sweet House

Vishwanath, Shwetha, and Rajesh launched India Sweet House in Bangalore in the midst of the lockdowns of the year 2020.

They have successfully started and run enterprises in a variety of industries, including the production of sweets, customer support services, software development, building homes and offices, as well as dairy and agricultural farming with huge workforces and cattle.

Vishwa is in charge of brand development, strategic planning, and store evolution, while Shwetha is in charge of leading the team at the store front and ensuring a great customer experience while continuously working on the brand concepts and sales strategies. Rajesh is directly involved in the production of sweets, the curation of new products, and menu evolution.

As per an article in FnB news, it enhances the importance of food franchises in India. Further, it also projects what is its growth scope in 2023.  Click here to read the complete article.


Q.1. Which are some trending food franchises in India?

Top international food brands like KFC, Domino’s Pizza, and Pizza Hut and domestic brands like Tibbs frankie, Amul ice cream, and Chick Blast are some of the most trending food franchises in India today.

Q2. Which are the most profitable food franchises in India?

Subway, Xero Degrees, Kathi Junction, Pizza Hut, MoKart, KFC, and also Taco Bell are the 7 most profitable food franchises in India.


One of the key reasons you should consider purchasing an Indian restaurant franchise is the possibility for growth and expansion. This is partly because of the rapidly rising demand for Indian food, which is expected to expand by more than 20% annually.

If our blog on food franchises under 1 crore in India, has helped simplify your thirst towards franchising a business in India, feel free to leave us a comment in the box below. 

Furthermore, speak to our consultants at FranchiseBazar to know more food franchise under 1 crore in India.  We keep ourselves updated with the top food franchise opportunities in India under 1 crore and many more investment categories as per your budget.

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