Top 5 Ice-cream Parlour Franchise Opportunities in India

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India is one of the largest producers of milk in the world and our love for dairy products is too exquisite. One of the most admired dairy products in the market is ice-cream. Today, various ice-cream parlors offer a wide range of ice-cream, gelatos, shakes, traditional Indian ice-creams, and many other dairy products. If you are one of those budding entrepreneurs looking to invest in the dairy franchise, then starting your own ice-cream franchise is one of the most lucrative opportunities you can grab. Since many companies offer ice-cream franchise opportunities in India, starting a franchise of a well-known brand will enable you to generate higher sales because many customers find well-known brands trust-worthy and prefer buying their ice-creams more. Various notable ice-cream brands in India have a unique concept to attract the attention of the customers by offering them top-notch quality ice-creams. Here is a list of the top 5 ice-cream parlour franchise opportunities in India along with the ice-cream franchise cost requirement so you can choose from the best and start your own successful venture.  

Top 5 Ice-cream Parlour Franchise Opportunities in India 

Bombay Dessert Company Franchise:

Bombay Dessert Company was established in 2018 and today it is one of the leading ice-cream brand in India. The company serves delicious homemade ice-creams with captivating toppings at affordable prices to the customers. One of the special ice-cream offered by the company is fire ice-cream that comes in numerous flavours and deliciously matches the majority of the customers’ tastes buds. Apart from serving ice-creams, the company also serve wide ranges of scrumptious milkshakes, the ingredients used by the firm to prepare its beverages are 100% vegetarian and authentic, that is why the company is emerging for its authenticity and unique flavours of ice-cream in India. Since the company started to expand, it has extended its menu and has been adding more cuisines such as crispy fries, churros, cheesecakes, and its signature items as well. At present, The Bombay Dessert Company has been successfully operating 4 branches in India. Due to its immense growth, it is now providing promising ice-cream shop franchise opportunities by offering all the relevant training and support to the franchisee at a low cost. 

Investment: 10-15 lakhs

Space: Less than 250 sq ft. 

Happy Moments Franchise:

Happy Moments is a notable ice-cream manufacturing company that manufactures various ice-creams that have a leading demand in India, such as delicious Shrikhand, Basundi, Risch Aamras, Classic rabdi, and many other delectable sweets. The company is a one-stop solution for some sweet food cravings. To enhance and expand our love for these traditional Indian beverages, Happy Moments is providing pioneering ice-cream franchise opportunities in India. The company offers high and quick Return On Investment (ROI), various strategic plans for rapid growth, on-going brand support, guidance, and efficient group working facilities to its franchisee so that he/she can effectively set-up and run the franchise with complete sustainability. Since the company provides immense support to its franchisee the risk of failure in investing in Happy Moments is comparatively low and can generate higher sales in the future as well. 

Investment: 10-15 lakhs 

Space: 200-500 sq ft. 

Michaels Ice-cream Burger Franchise:

Michaels Ice-cream Burger is an international ice-cream brand that has a prominent brand image in India. The company offers one of the most scrumptious ice-creams with garnishing toppings that are made by chefs with excellent culinary skills. The company has a highly admired and creative menu for its customers and various unique strategies to generate its emerging sales. Apart from serving ice-creams, now the company has extended its menu and has started serving other cuisines such as burgers, burger cakes, and many other delectable sweets as well. The company has a high-profit margin since it is one of the leading and highly notable ice-cream brand in India due to which it has won a prominent award for its unique and strategic business model by the president of India. The company offers the best ice-cream franchise opportunities and provides all the required strategies, support, supply of ingredients, brand identity, and superior operating system to its franchise partners, all at a low investment. 


Space: 250-500 sq ft. 

Frapino Franchise:

Frapino was established in 2017 in India and later in 2019, the company eyed for expansion through its innovative franchise model across the country. The company serves appetizing Italian milkshakes, gelatos, shakes, and ice-creams at reasonable prices to the customers. All of these beverages are prepared from premium quality and natural ingredients, the company highly emphasizes on providing chemical-free authentic beverages to its customers and that is why its beverages are safe and thus they have a luscious and rare taste. Since it has been expanding rapidly across the country, it has gained promising brand recognition in India. Now the company is providing takeaway facilities in which it offers bottled shakes, Italian shakes, fruit shakes, sundaes, and many other shakes with palatable flavours. If you are going for the Frapino ice-cream franchise then you will receive marketing support, training, guidance, and field assistance.

Investment: 15-20 lakhs

Space: 250-500 sq ft. 

Dairy Don Franchise:

Dairy Don is an acclaimed ice-cream brand that has been consistently and successfully running since 1984 in India. Being one of the oldest ice-cream brand, Dairy Don has several years of experience in the field, and thus, the company has a unique approach towards its customers. The company offers a wide array of ice-cream. Gelatos, and shakes which are now widely ordered by various corporate offices, in various events, festivals, celebrations, and on many other auspicious occasions. Due to such numerous growth and prominent brand recognition, the company offers robust franchise opportunities in India. Due to a large customer-based network and emerging network with various corporate offices, starting a Dairy Don franchise is one of the most lucrative choices for any aspiring entrepreneur. Dairy Don offers the best training, on-going marketing assistance, support, architectural support, staff members training, and on-going updates to its franchise partners. 

Investment: 10-15 lakhs

Space: 250-500 sq ft. 

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