Top 5 Logistics Franchise Opportunities in India

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Numerous sectors have undergone the worst downfall due to the unpredictable occurrence of COVID-19, many of them have stick to the adaptation linked with the innovative technology, and few others like tourists and travel, hotels, etc. had to face the defeat amid the pandemic. But here is one sector that didn’t need any adaptation as since its commencement its backbone was technology, the sector that was progressing since its beginning and has been growing still amid the pandemic due to its versatile mechanization; Logistics sector.

The logistics sector in India is likely to grow to 10.7% between the years 2020-2024. Despite the transportation issue, the logistics sector is still ensuring the highest growth possible amid the horrific pandemic circumstances. Due to the strict social distancing norms, it has become difficult for people to step outside of the house that is why the demand for supply and delivery services has been increasing to 25-30% which leads to the consistent growth in Logistics Sector as well. 

Without further ado let us have a look at the top best Logistics Franchise Opportunities in India. 


1. Safexpress:

Safexpress logistics company was inaugurated in the year 1997 with a vision to lead as a complete logistics solution and provide its customer satisfied services. Today the company has been enlarging swiftly with its consistent efforts and has become the “Knowledge Leader” as well as “Market Leader” of the logistics industry. Today the company render augmented services for 9 various business such as Apparels & Lifestyle, Automotive, Book & Periodicals, Healthcare, High-tech, E-commerce, Engineering & Electrical Hardware, FMCG & Consumer Electronics and institutional. The company now provides extensive supply chain service distribution in Express Distribution, 3PL, and Consulting as well.

SafeXpress provide franchise opportunity in Associative Program and couriers supply chain, the company’s network is extended in more than 610 cities in India which makes the company as one of the best logistics company in India.

Benefits of owning Safexpress Franchise in India?

Safexpress believes in bestowing towards social improvement and make efforts to not only work for its own growth but the progress of society as well.

To save the environment make necessary modification Safexpress make attempts to reduce its carbon imprints for the safety of the environment. 

The company has been satisfying its stakeholders by fulfilling its commitments towards them.

The company‘s vision is to deliver quality and prominent services to its customers with accurate ethical behavior.


2. DTDC:

DTDC was founded in 1990. In 2019 DTDC Supply chain solution division was launched with a deep focus on providing cargo services via surface, air, and rail modes and now have over 1000+ franchise centers in India. Due to the company’s immense growth and strategic marketing, it has become a case study and many business institutions as well. DTDC assists startups with minimum investment and guides them to generate profit for them as well as for DTDC via franchising, which is creating a powerful impact among new start-ups. Currently, the company has 5800 channel partners across India and is considered as one of the pre-eminent courier franchise in India. With 25 years of experience and 10,000 expansion across the globe, DTDC has outspread as the best courier platform in the logistics company. For the enlargement of such a widely known platform, its franchising opportunities are available in India.

Benefits of owning a DTDC Franchise in India?

The logistics methods are well organized with current modern technology which assures efficient operation of various tasks.

The shipments are put promptly to assure the highest productivity. 

As the company has over 25 years of experience its brand awareness has been rapidly expanding which help their franchisee to reap high reach. 

For the consistent approach and effective management functioning, the company treats transparency in a significant way. 

The company’s team is led by hight and well-trained experts to assure the best service possible. 


3. Overnite Express: 

Overnite Express was started in the year 1987 as an Indian courier company with its offices located in Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai, and Delhi. Since its commencement, the company has been swiftly growing at a fast pace and has its services expanded in Bangladesh and Kathmandu. At present, the company has 3000 located offices on five continents and has been uniformly serving its services in those locations. The offices are all well organized, standardized, and attractive due to the well-spread of brand quality. The company’s rapid growth has been continuing since the past 30 years due to its healthy business model business associates friendly policies, firm technology, and systematic planning. 

Benefits of owning Overnite Franchise in India?

The company provides demand-based multiple services to its customer for their complete satisfaction.

Due to 30 years of growth and 3000 located office and expansion getting customers and having a high reach is highly possible and beneficial.

The company assists in sales and strategic marketing to convert numerous leads to sales. 

Due to the company's continuously expanding network, it provides key formulas to its franchisee for successful and stable growth and profit. The investment requires to operate the Overnite franchise is 50,000 and the space requirement is less than 250 sq ft. 

4. Safe Shift Packers: 

Safe Shift Packers is an international company that assists in providing shifting, Transportation, Warehouse, and Storage facility by taking into account the safety care. Their Mover and Packer service in India is proven to be helpful as they provide quality transportation at a convenient rate and safe delivery of goods as well. Being the fast-forward service provider with complete efficiency the company has been gaining recognition as a well time shipping and delivery company with a motive to provide quality service possible. The company’s service is of promising quality with economical packaging for safe mover and packers functioning. The company has opened its door to provide franchising opportunities in India.

Benefits of owning a Safe Shift Packers Franchise in India?

The company’s brand awareness has been leading since its commencement which will help the franchisee to get quick reach while operating the business.

For the effective and stable management operation, the company provides the best transparency possible.

The technology or logistics process is managed by great professionals who take care of its standardization and optimum utilization. 

The company’s teams consist of well-trained and experts individuals who provide satisfying services to its clients. 

The company ensures the effective management od the shipment process so the operation can be done with tranquility. 


5. Ludhiana Express Franchise: 

The company was inaugurated in 2011and it is the news logistics business model as an online store that provides the latest shinning and designer outfits, suits, jewelry, and accessories. The company provides handpicked services to ll the latest and modern trends at present. The services provided by the company ais accessible 24/7 so you can virtually to business or trading online. The company pays meticulous details on the latest fashions to put a wide range of products on their virtual shelves so their customers can get the best product and services with good brand quality.  

Benefits of owning Ludhiana Express Franchise in India? The investment requirement for owning a Ludhiana franchise is only 50,000 with less than 250sq which is beneficial for young entrepreneurs or people with a low budget looking for a successful business plan. 

The rate of failure is low due to the emerging growth of the company.

The company offers a high ROI to its franchisee.

The system and operation carried out and practice by the company are effective and strategic.

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