Top 5 Professional Franchise Ideas In India

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The Indian franchise industry is reaping fruitful growth results and bestowing promising entrepreneurship opportunities to ardent entrepreneurs. The availability of a wide segment in the franchise sector is enabling entrepreneurs to choose any business as per their capabilities and interests. Various sectors in India are booming and greeting franchisees with a number of lucrative benefits, but many of them are seasonal and the demand for them often fluctuates to a greater extent. Due to this fluctuating demand, sales in such sectors often decline. To keep a distance from such a repetitive fluctuating graph, and enjoy the remunerative long-term progress, investing in a professional franchise is a sublime choice. Since the majority of profession-based franchise businesses are proven, they often hold lesser risks in the business. So if you are an entrepreneur looking for some professional business ideas then here are the top 5 professional franchise ideas and opportunities that you can grab and invest in right now. Most of these franchise ideas have consistent demand and have high growth expectancy in the near future. 

Top 5 Professional Franchise Ideas In India


Consultancy Franchise:


Nearly 90% of the start-ups shut down their venture during the initial stage of their development. This horrific consequence occurs due to many reasons, it can be lack of finance or lack of lead generation, or maybe lack of guidance. As India is the second-largest ecosystem for start-ups, the growth of such ventures is increasing the cut-throat rivalry in the market. Many budding entrepreneurs look for proper guidance and training to excel in their field and face the challenges boldly. If you are a successful entrepreneur and have excellent knowledge in the field of franchising and entrepreneurship, then starting your own consultancy franchise is all you need to become a professional consultant in India. One of the leading consultancy franchise you can grab in India is FranchiseBazar. 

FranchiseBazar is a notable company specifically recognized as the “Best Franchise Consultant Network” that consults franchisors and franchisee’s to connect with each other as per their requirements. At present, the company has more than 3000+ top-notch franchise brand registered on its website that offer lucrative opportunities in India. The company has nearly 20+ years of experience in the franchising field. It bestows its clients’ numerous benefits while providing consultation, such benefits involve lead generation, training, marketing tools, website listing, etc. The company’s pioneering and unique consultancy assists many business platforms and entrepreneurs to grow and successfully set-up their enterprises with strategic planning. You can start a FranchiseBazar consultancy office in your city with comparatively lesser investment and become a professional consultant.

Investment: 2-5 lakhs

Space: 100-300 sq ft

Education Franchise:

The education sector in India is estimated to reach $180 billion by the end of 2020. Since literacy is growing in our country, the demand for proper education is emerging as well. To give a robust development in the education sector, and bestow exquisite education, starting an education franchise is a lucrative decision to enjoy long-term healthy returns in the future. The education sector is ever-emerging and the growing population of Indian children and youth indicates that the demand for education will boom in the near future. To get a hold of the profit and render your professional education services to the students, one of the best education franchise you can start is the Club Of Genius.

Club Of Genius is a leading educational platform that provides state-of-the-art international trends in the educational sector to children. The platform highly emphasizes empowering the skills of the students through a systematic engagement and enhancement program designed by well-qualified professional experts. The platform bestows 40+ programs in numerous fields that build students’ potential. These courses can be availed by the students by paying only a one-time fee. Club Of Genius provides promising franchise opportunities along with proven designed formula, MaxMind’s marketing team, planning, high and quick ROI, and promotional activities to the franchisee. One of the best features of investing in the Club On Genius franchise is that you do not need to pay any royalty fee and can incubate the franchise at a low-cost. 

Investment: 10-15 lakhs

Space: 500-750 sq ft. 

Logistics Franchise: 

The logistics sector is growing at a rate of 10.7% in India. Since the exuberant expansion of e-commerce, cloud kitchen, and delivery services is swiftly growing in our country, the demand for logistics and courier facilities is showing a robust increase, even the delivery services have grown from 25% to 30% in India. Starting a professional logistics franchise is a lucrative opportunity for you to build your on-demand service business in India. Even if you are a budding entrepreneur with no experience, you can still become a professional logistics business owner and reap benefits. One of the leading logistics franchise you can start in India is Day Xpress Pvt Ltd. 

Day Xpress is a leading supply chain unit in India that was inaugurated in 2015. The company provides quality-based and solution-based delivery services, cargo services, and shipments to customers. Day Xpress has a giant worldwide network by surface, air, and ocean mode through which it renders its timely services to various remote and challenging locations. The company has a well-organized customer service team that solves various delivery, tracking, and billing related issues and provides ease to customers. A professional team of experts ensures the proper operation of various services through a transparent supply chain. The company provides good support, a complete training package, training manual, and advice, to the franchise partner. 

Investment: 5-10 lakhs 

Space: 750-1000 sq ft. 

Beauty Franchise:

The beauty sector is an exquisite business in India that is growing at a faster pace. At present,  the Indian Beauty and Wellness sector is witnessing robust growth of 15-20% in 2020. Such quick growth is a good chance for you to keep pace with the speedy business and make lucrative advantages. Even the demand for beauty products and services is reaping and bestowing an opportune chance to grow in this field. If you are a beauty enthusiast looking to invest in a promising beauty franchise then you can pick up one of the superlative franchises is Green Trends Salon.

Green Trends is a top-notch and fastest-growing salon brand that renders the latest and voguish haircuts, skincare, hair color bridal packages, and many other services to the customers at reasonable prices. The brand has several years of experience in the field and a well-trained professional team of experts with a wide knowledge to render stylish services. The brand is eyeing for expansion in India by providing profitable franchise opportunities in India. As a franchisee, you will get various benefits such as marketing support, quick ROI, training, and guidance from the brand.

Investment: 40-50 lakhs 

Space: 1000-2000 sq ft. 

Healthcare Franchise:

Healthcare is a necessary service that every individual need for the safety and security of health. Since the COVID-19 pandemic hit our country, every individual has become more conscious about his/her health, and the demand for several healthcare services and products is witnessing an augmenting growth in India. At present, the healthcare sector is growing at a rate of 16.9% in India. With the growing population in India, the demand for healthcare products and services is likely to take a robust turn. To become a professional healthcare business owner, grabbing a healthcare franchise is all you need to kick-start your entrepreneurship career and make strategic progress. One of the best healthcare franchises you can start now is the Eye Mantra healthcare franchise.  

Eye Mantra is a striking healthcare platform that provides all relevant and qualitative eye care services to patients. The company has a best-in-class surgery unit and 100% painless treatment methods through which it performs more than 3000 surgeries on a yearly basis. The company has a systemized Eyemantra Foundation through which performs its CSR activities, it is widely known for its plenteous contribution towards its CSR responsibilities. Currently, Eye mantra is successfully operating 10+ branches across India. To be a part of such a passionate platform you can grab its franchise now.

Investment: 5-10 lakhs

Space: 1000-2000 sq ft. 

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