Top 5 Successful Franchise Businesses Women can start in India in 2023

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Written By: Resham Daswani

Women's franchises in India have grown despite the pandemic's disruptions. New services and goods are often introduced to the market. However, it's important to highlight the reliability of well-known local businesses. 

In recent decades, more and more Indian women have entered the labour and found success in business. Women may find the most success as entrepreneurs in industries traditionally dominated by men, such as the creation and sale of silver and stone jewellery, the operation of a beauty salon, the production of lingerie, the launch of a cafe, or the management of a pre-school. 

We've compiled a list of the best 5 franchises in India for women, all of which are owned by reputable companies with a track record of helping their franchisees succeed.

Top 5 Best Women Franchise Business Ideas to Consider in 2023

1. Fitness / Healthcare Franchise Business

People everywhere are enthusiastic about adopting a healthful lifestyle that includes careful dietary management and frequent physical activity.  People continue to practise yoga, aerobics, dance, and Zumba because of this.  

Best Healthcare Franchises in India include:

  • Dermapuritys - DermaPuritys is a worldwide skin care and medical facility. For decades, they've been helping people by offering cutting-edge treatments that revive your senses and give your skin a new lease of life.  The clinic has state-of-the-art medical equipment and is staffed by board-certified dermatologists, plastic surgeons, anti-ageing specialists, body shapers, non-surgical facelift specialists, hair rejuvenation specialists, permanent makeup artists, and weight management experts.
  • VLCC - With 310 locations in 143 cities in 12 countries in South Asia, South East Asia, the Gulf Cooperation Council Region, and East Africa, Mrs Vandana Luthra's 1989 company is a global leader in the wellness and beauty industry. With over 30 years under its belt, VLCC has become one of the leading players in India's and other nations' beauty and wellness services markets, and its name has become virtually synonymous with wellness and beauty in Indian homes.
  • The Wellness Club - The Wellness Club Gym N Spa is a posh fitness centre and spa franchise. Our anthem Is a high-end service available at a reasonable price. Our founders are dedicated exercisers with extensive backgrounds in exercise science, service and management protocols, and more. Cardiovascular training and elite strength training meet in the Wellness Club's fitness centres. We also provide Zumba, Salsa, Yoga, Bhangra, Kickboxing, CrossFit, and Functional Training, depending on the layout of the gyms we operate.

2. Cafe Franchise Business

College students and other young people who like to hang out and discover new places to socialise or spend time alone find this quite appealing.    High-profit margins, rapid expansion, and enormous potential all make the coffee shop industry in India an attractive investment.  

Best Cafe Franchises in India include

  • Stark Bistro -It was envisioned as a place where Marvel fans of all stripes could come together to celebrate their shared love of great food and fantastical entertainment.Stark Bistro provides not just an experience, but a feeling, thanks to its modern, inventive architecture that transports you to the Marvel universe.
  • Cafe Frespresso - Frespresso is a coffee shop chain that also serves food and cold drinks, as well as sundaes and ice cream sundaes. It's About Much More Than Coffee, After All. What customers are looking for is provided by Café Frespresso: a hip and happening environment offering something different from the norm. We think it's important for cafe-going to be both cheap and pleasurable.
  • Barista - The Barista espresso chain originates in India and spreads across South Asia. In the year 2000, Barista was the first business in India to introduce the coffee culture. In India, it is the second-largest coffee chain. 

3. Cloud Kitchen Franchise Business

We're discussing how cloud kitchens are changing the way restaurants and diners interact with one another and with customers. Forecasts predict that by 2024, India's cloud kitchen market will be worth $2 billion.

In any case, due to the recent boom in enthusiasm for the cloud kitchen business concept, India now boasts several of the world's finest cloud kitchen franchisees.

Best Cloud Kitchen Franchises in India include:

  • Rebel Foods - We are the largest and fastest-growing internet restaurant company in the world, with over 4,000 restaurants in 70 locations under 45 different brands (our and partner).
  • Kouziana Kitchen - Kouzina is a multi-brand, next-generation cloud kitchen service. It's already established in 10 different locations and is fast spreading across the country. In just 4 years, the internet meal delivery industry in India is projected to grow to a whopping USD 16 billion. The cloud-based kitchen industry is thriving. It's the only business strategy that can keep up with the surging popularity of online meal delivery in India. The opportunity for cloud kitchens arises as a result of rising demand, the subsequent impact on offline eateries, and the aggressive expansion efforts of huge aggregators.

4. Beauty Salon Franchise Business

The hair and beauty salon franchise in India is one of the most successful enterprises in the beauty care industry.  There is no doubting the lucrative nature of the beauty and wellness market in India, which is why nearly everyone now participates in it.  

Because each salon franchise in India offers a unique set of amenities and features to its clientele, finding the right one is crucial.

Best Salon Franchises in India include:

  • Naturals Salon - The Naturals salon chain is the largest and most successful in all of India. Naturals currently operates over 650 salons across the subcontinent and plans to expand to 3000 salons by 2020 thanks to our world-class service, courteous employees, and the devoted support of our consumers. 
  • Lakme Salon - Lakme, which has been around for more than 50 years, is India's longest-running and most prestigious beauty brand. It's a full-service beauty company, from colour cosmetics and skin care to hair care and the Lakme Beauty Salon chain.
  • Looks Salon - Looks Salon is a fast-growing, nationally recognised salon chain that has opened up new possibilities in the hairstyling market. Rapidly becoming the nation's leading salon franchise.  The Looks salon network began operations in January of 1989 and has now expanded to 162 locations across India. 

5. Preschool Franchise Business

In order to achieve financial independence, a number of women in India have chosen to start their own preschool franchises.  This is an achievable opportunity that can be launched from the convenience of your own home, and it has already proven successful in India.  Preschool franchises in India are in high demand, making the country a great place to start a business in 2023.  

Best Preschool Franchises in India include

  • EuroKids - EuroKids International Ltd, originally known as Egmont Imagination India Ltd, is the company responsible for the EuroKids brand. Publishing books for young readers was the company's main focus. The organisation saw an opportunity to put its resources to good use by offering high-quality PreSchool learning content to pupils in India. In 2001, this sparked the process that would eventually result in the establishment of a franchised PreSchool network.
  • Kidzee - When it comes to CDE (Child Development Education), Kidzee is the gold standard. Kidzee is the largest preschool network in Asia, operating over 700 locations across more than 300 cities. Kidzee's CDE specialists spent years perfecting a child-centred teaching approach they named iLLUME. Kidzee uses iLLUME to guarantee an optimal growth and learning for every child. 
  • Maple Bear - The Maple Bear curriculum is created in Canada and is grounded in the best methods currently used in that country. The programme is accessible worldwide and has offices in a number of locations, including India, Brazil, Korea, Vietnam, Turkey, Bangladesh, and Paris, France. In a very methodical and scientific way, Maple Bear introduces children to the world of learning. The programme takes an absolute approach to experiential learning, often known as learning via experimentation and discovery, and is thus substantially distinct from the standard educational model. 

Women business owners in India are making waves in the country's thriving startup scene.  According to studies, India's start-up ecosystem is bolstered by the country's 432 million working-age women and its 15.7 million women-owned firms.  

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Q.1. Why is the franchising model a good opportunity for women in India today?

Women can typically achieve a more desirable work-life balance through franchising than through more conventional jobs. As an example, women can choose a franchise whose hours align with those of their children's schools, or look for a business that is closed on the weekends. When there is a general manager present, business owners can decide on their own schedules.

Q.2. Which is a profitable franchise opportunity for women in India?

Many Indian women are seizing the opportunity to strike out on their own and open a franchise business from the comfort of their own homes. In addition to caring for their families, many women would also like to contribute financially to the household.


So, FranchiseBazar is here to help and support you as you pursue your goal of becoming one of the millions of successful women entrepreneurs in India.  Seize the moment.  Call us today.

Disclaimer: The brands mentioned in this blog are the recommendations provided by the author. FranchiseBAZAR does not claim to work with these brands / represent them / or are associated with them in any manner. Investors and prospective franchisees are to do their own due diligence before investing in any franchise business at their own risks and discretion. FranchiseBAZAR or its Directors, disclaim any liability or risks arising out of any transactions that may take place due to information provided in this blog.

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