Top 6 Burger Franchises in India 2024

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Written By: Nitika Jindal

This blog has a detailed analysis of the top 6 best burger franchises in India in 2024. As India’s vibrant eating culture gains momentum, the burger market is growing. The made-in-India burger brands are becoming the toughest competitors to the existing big players in this niche.

With so many fast burger lovers, the burger franchise in India 2024 is bringing the golden day to investors who are interested in the teen favorite burger and the kid favorite burger. India’s appetite has become more intense than ever which is influenced by the new burger trend.

This is the reason to set up a burger franchise in your city. These are the trust alternatives. These are explained below in this blog.

Let us get started.

Best Burger Franchise In India 2024 

Let us check out the top 6 best burger franchises in India in 2024.

Biggies Burger Franchise 

The Biggies Burger was born in November 2011 their parent company that is beamer Food and Beverage was founded and the brand The Biggies Burger was born as a food enterprise.

Here is why you should be a part of the Biggies burger franchise in India 2024.

  • Trust by the investor
  • Brand by the customer.
  • Owned by the franchises.

Investment Scope: RS 20 lakh - RS 30 lakh.

Come and join the world of the Biggies Burger.

Burger Singh Franchise

The idea of the Burger Singh came from the three urban Indian men who saw the launch of the Chadrayaan and then the Mangalyaan and were completely motivated by the cost-effective prowess of the Indian space program.

Here is why to be a part of the Burger Singh franchise in India in 2024.

  • Zero royalty fee for one full year.
  • Burger Singh is the largest and perfect made-in-India burger chain, providing a unique product.
  • The burger, Singh, is the perfect fit for the Indian market in both taste and value for money.

INVESTMENT SCOPE: RS 10 lakh - RS 15 lakh.

Come and be your own boss by becoming the Burger Singh franchise owner today.

Jumbo King Franchise 

The Jumbo King is western India’s largest chain of homegrown quick-service restaurants that was incepted on August 23, 2001, by Dheeraj Gupta.

Here is why to be a part of the Jumbo King Burger franchise in India in 2024.

  • Jumbo King is the key to unlocking the restaurant business through franchising.
  • Jumbo King is of India, for India, and by India.
  • Jumbo King is the top-three player in the Indian burger industry.

Investment Scope: RS 20 lakh - RS 30 lakh.

Come and join India’s largest homegrown QSR quick service restaurant the burger chain.

Wat A Burger Franchise 

The wat a burger is what happens when the IT professional and the pilot come together the homegrown burger chain is born that is the wat a burger.

Here is why to be a part of the wat a burger franchise in India in 2024.

  • The Wat a Burger India’s largest home-grown burger chain is here to serve you.
  • The Wat a Burger has 65 and more outlets.
  • Wat a Burger has outlets in 27 or more of the cities, and 2.5 lakh and more burgers are sold in the month.

Investment Scope: RS 20 LAKH - RS 30 LAKH.

Come and start your entrepreneurial journey with the Wat-a-Burger franchise.

Funbyte Franchise 

The Funbyte is the best burger idea and the best burger tradition in the world.

Here is why you should be a part of the Funbyte Burger franchise in India in 2024.

  • The Funbyte began its journey in 2008 to brand the sandwich and the burger at a reasonable price.
  • Funbyte is running 42 and more stores in various states of North India.
  • The Funbyte began its journey in the Argba ( 45, 45, and 0.31) ) 2008 to brand the sandwich and the burger at a reasonable price.


Come and join Funbyte; they make the best burger in town.

Fries And Burger Franchise

The fries and burgers are everyone’s unique space to create memories and to share memories.

Here is why to be a part of the fries and burger franchise in India in 2024.

  • Fries and Burger was founded in 2020 as a burger joint, and they believe that the perfect burger is a work of art that is why they take pride in handcrafting each and every burger with the freshest ingredient, bursting with the flavor that will make your taste buds dance.
  • They have been serving their mouthwatering burger to food enthusiasts who appreciate the beauty of the handmade creation.
  • Apart from the burger, they also serve various other foods.

Investment Scope: RS 20 lakh - RS 30 lakh.

Come and join the fries and burger they have 5 years of experience and enjoy an exceptional journey of taste.

Why To Invest In The Burger Franchise In India 2024

India’s burger industry will be the fastest-growing segment in India in 2024. The creativity of the restaurant in this burger is the key. The modern Indian snack has been ruling the world ever since the brand launched the unique variety that is perfect for Indian taste buds.

As a result, we will have the best burger franchise business in India in 2024. The best brand you may be interested in purchasing the burger franchise from has been described.

These brands have been shortlisted based on growth, unique variety, the option for the franchise, the other great parameter, and the other perfect parameter. Here is a detailed brief on the brand in this blog.

Market Trend Of The Burger Franchise In India 2024

With the influx of the young population, the fast lifestyle and the exposure to the globalized world people are going out and prefer the fast serving food. This is the reason which led to the growth of the fast food market in India 2024 with the international brand that is dominating the market.

The chain outlet is the fastest-growing contributor to the Indian foodservice market, with an increase of 108 percent in fast food expenditure by non-metro cities in India, driving the expansion of the popular international and domestic fast food chains.

The food service market in India in 2024 is expected to reach USD 79.65 billion by 2028, which is growing at a CAGR of 11.19 percent. The Indian fast-food industry is expected to further prosper at an annual rate of 10 percent and be worth USD 27.57 billion by 2020.

The qsr of the quick service restaurant market in India was valued at INR 171.90 billion in the FY 2022 financial year 2022 and is expected to reach INR 431.27 billion in the FY 2027 financial year 2027 and expand at the compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 20.2 percent.


Q.1 What Exactly Is The Burger Franchise?

The burger franchise is the business model in which the burger brand invites the investor to purchase the franchise in exchange for a significant investment and the perfect investment and both the party agree in writing to split the revenue.

Q. 2 What Is The Successful Burger Franchise?

Successful burger franchises maintain a consistent taste, work standard and the uniformity the perfect taste, the work standard and uniformity in what they do and serve the customer For example globally the brand Burger King is the burger expert.

Q.3: How Do You Launch the Burger Franchise?

You can launch your burger franchise by first creating a solid business plan and the perfect plan, then launching a campaign that announces that you are looking for a franchise partner, expanding your cuisine, and shining in the burger niche. You should then introduce the new flavor that seduces the burger lover and that interests the burger lover.

To Conclude,

The list of the best burger franchises in India in 2024 cannot be counted. These are the top 6 best burger franchise brands in India in 2024, which can make a fortune for the investor and the franchise partner that is interested in the fast food business. By bringing a unique variety, the brand attempts to retain the users and rule this particular food market niche.

The brands given in the list in this blog compete with each other on multiple parameters. The choice is yours. The demand for the small burger brand is bringing the cheapest investment opportunity and the perfect investment opportunity. The demand for big brands like Burger King is high.

The Burger franchise has achieved success in India in 2024. The burger franchise is essential in India in 2024. In this comprehensive blog, we have explored and discussed the top 6 best burger franchises in India in 2024.

Thank you for joining us on this journey, and we want to wish you the best of luck as you embark on your own burger franchise in India in 2024. By visiting the franchisebazar which is India’s largest market for franchises, you can open your own burger franchise in India in 2024. You can set the investment range, select your location, and compare the options offered on the franchise website.

If you are an entrepreneur who found our blog helpful and wants to start your own burger franchise business industry opportunity in India 2024, get in touch with the consultant at the franchisebazar to learn more about the burger franchise business opportunity in India 2024.

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Disclaimer: The brands mentioned in this blog are the recommendations provided by the author. FranchiseBAZAR does not claim to work with these brands / represent them / or are associated with them in any manner. Investors and prospective franchisees are to do their own due diligence before investing in any franchise business at their own risk and discretion. FranchiseBAZAR or its Directors disclaim any liability or risks arising out of any transactions that may take place due to the information provided in this blog.

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