Top 7 Women Ethnic Wear Franchises in India for 2023

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Written By: Shruti Agrawal

The Women's Ethnic wear has been associated with the rich heritage culture of the country. During the Indian Vedic civilization, women used to wear a dhoti as a skirt and shawl to wrap around the upper body and since then women have been using unique ethnic attire to look gorgeous. So, if you are considering starting an ethnic wear franchise in India, we have some compelling reasons and brands that will make you do so.

Why have Indian Ethnic Wear Franchise Businesses become so popular?

India is a land of different religions, cultures, ethnicities, and people with different lifestyles, and this is reflected in their language, personality, food, clothing and more. However, with the cosmopolitan lifestyle, women started taking on more contemporary looks.

They are still rooted in their culture and prefer traditional and ethnic wear, and they don’t need any special occasion to celebrate Indian culture.

This makes the Indian market size of women’s ethnic wear reach more than USD 24 billion by 2025. That creates ample opportunities to explore business and to expand one’s arms in the women's ethnic wear industry by collaborating with brands to start the women's ethnic wear franchise business.

Top 7 Women Ethnic Wear Franchises in India to Consider in 2023

Starting a franchise business in women’s ethnic wear can be a lucrative venture, given the demand for traditional and ethnic clothing among Indian women.

Here are some of the women's ethnic wear franchise business, which allows women to be in their fullest glory:

1. Taneira

A brand that derived its name from two words i.e. Tan means body and Eira is a Sanskrit name for Goddess Saraswati. It was launched in 2017. Taneira is a brand under the Tata Group that offers a collection of exquisite handloom sarees made only from pure and natural fabrics.

The brand celebrates the diverse textiles and workmanship available in India. Taneira upholds the Tata trust and assures the highest quality of personalized service and a delightful experience.

The saree market in India is estimated to be around INR 50,000 crore and is growing at the rate of 6-8 per cent. In ethnic clothing, Sarees sales account for 80-85 per cent while the remaining comes from kurta sets, blouses and lehengas.

This makes the market and the brand appealing for the entrepreneur to collaborate with.

Why consider the Taneira Franchise Business?

  • It has TATA group's reputation, it enhances your franchise's credibility and trustworthiness in the eyes of customers.
  • Taneira's focus on preserving and promoting India's textile heritage and traditions resonates well with customers who appreciate the cultural significance of sarees.
  • This extensive collection allows you to cater to a broad spectrum of customer preferences, from traditional to contemporary styles.
  • It provides strong franchise support, including training, marketing, supply chain management, and access to a well-established network of suppliers and artisans.
  • Taneira has both physical retail stores and an online presence, providing customers with multiple shopping options.

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2. Beautitude

It's a brand launched by a couple Pushkar Shukla and Akanksha Kanwal Shukla in 2015. It's a destination for people looking for handcrafted, handwoven, and designer sarees. Other than that brand also seeps into other ethnic wear like dupattas, designer blouses, handmade jeweler and more.

The brand follows the GLOCAL Approach i.e. its manufacturing unit is in India and it syncs with the philosophy of modern-day requirements and global trends, using the in-house designers. The idea behind the brand is to allow women to explore contemporary and affordable designs and realise the essence of sarees.

Why invest in Beatitude as a franchise business?

  • It targets a large group of population i.e., between 28-60. So, its consumer base is quite extensive i.e. around 4 lakh.
  • The organisation believes in social development by empowering women as 60% of employees are women. It helps the entrepreneur fulfil the social responsibility.
  • The products are quality-assured and fulfil all the parameters of quality and transparency. So, the consumers can be assured that they are not cheated by fake local brands.
  • The brand has an extensive online presence and is present on different shopping and social media platforms.
  • The investment needed is INR 20 lakhs to 30 lakhs. Which is a very feasible investment range for such an exclusive brand.

3. Shree

A brand which was started in 2010 by husband-wife duo, Sheetal Kapoor and Sandeep Kapoor. SHREE is a women's ethnic wear brand that offers a variety of traditional Indian clothing for women.

It was started during the time when there was not much option for casual women's ethnic wear in the ready-made market. SHREE has a turnover of Rs 40 crore and is a global Indian ethnic wear brand with over 100 stores worldwide.

The brand offers a range of clothing including kurtas, tunics, palazzos, trousers, sarees, dress materials, blouses, and salwar suits. SHREE has an online store where customers can purchase their products.

The brand is also available on different shopping sites. In addition, SHREE has physical stores in India and plans to open 100+ flagship stores in the country.

Why consider the SHREE Franchise?

  • The investment range for a SHREE franchise is INR 2 Lac - 5 Lac, and the area requirement is 200 - 1000 Sq.ft.
  • SHREE produces more than sixty new Indian wear designs every month.
  • SHREE has both an online and offline presence. This can help franchisees reach a wider audience and increase sales.

4. Soch

The brand is the brainchild of Sobha Chatlani. Started in 2005, as an in-house ethnic wear brand and since then it has expanded to multiple locations.

It is an Indian ethnic wear brand for women that offers a wide range of clothing options. The brand celebrates Indian ethnicity and craftsmanship. It celebrates the spirit of modern Indian women and design outfits for all age groups

Their collection includes sarees, salwar kameez, kurtis, kurta sets, and more. Soch's clothing is known for its unique constructions, smart silhouettes, and fine cuts. The brand is available for purchase online on their website, as well as on e-commerce platforms.

The minimum investment needed for starting the SOCH franchise is INR 1.5 crore.

Why consider SOCH as a franchise business?

  • Its territorial reach is expanding at around 15-20% every year.
  • Every week it is coming up with a new collection i.e. 52 catalogues in a year.
  • A brand is into customized product range offering a wide range of colours, silhouettes, etc., catering to multi-cultural society and a wider customer range, making it trendy.

5. Cotton Culture

The brand started its journey in 1992 though it entered into retail branding in 2010. Since then, it has managed to open more than 30 stores in different parts of India and still expanding.

It is an Indian clothing brand that offers a range of ethnic wear exclusively for women. Their collection includes kurtis, suit sets, leggings, palazzo pants, and more. Cotton Culture is available for purchase online on their website, as well as on e-commerce platforms like Amazon.

They also have an Instagram page where they showcase their latest arrivals.

Why consider COTTON CULTURE as a franchise business?

  • The franchise fee is INR 2-5 lakhs, and the total investment required is around Rs. 20-30 lakhs. This is relatively low compared to other franchise opportunities.
  • It has been in the industry since 1992 and has gained a reputation for its quality products and unique designs.
  •  Cotton Culture is expanding its presence in India and has plans to open more stores in the future.

6. Jaipur Ethnic

The brand originated in Jaipur, the city of Rajasthan. This Indian clothing brand offers high-end ethnic wear for women. These include a wide range of clothes including sarees, lehengas, kurtas, skirts, dupattas and more. The store provides free alteration services to its customers.

They are termed as the best Kurti store in Delhi for their exclusive designs, quality fabric etc. The brand does the entire production in its own factory located in Jaipur only. It has an Instagram account where it showcases its handcrafted Kurtis.

Why consider JAIPUR ETHNIC as a franchise business?

  • The franchise investment is low i.e. around INR 10 Lakhs and the returns are comparatively good.
  • As a franchisee of Jaipur Ethnic, one will get support in terms of conceptual, structural, legal, and training-related aspects
  • The main benefit of having a franchise business is that it is a well-known brand with a popular taste, hence there are excellent prospects of generating a profit.

7. Biba

A home-grown brand started in 1983 by fashion designer Meena Bindra. BIBA in Punjabi means pretty women. The brand is popular for Indian ethnic wear among women and offers a wide range of ethnic dresses online along with jewelry.

The brand is known for its trendy and budget-friendly Indian ethnic wear. Biba's collection of ethnic wear for women includes straight-printed fusion wear, straight-printed kurta and pant sets, kurta and yarn-dyed shrug sets, and more.

The brand also offers ethnic dresses for girls that are filled with beautiful colors, combinations, eye-pleasing prints, intricate embroidery, and threadwork. Biba's clothing is made of high-quality fabrics and is designed to cater to the needs of modern women.

The Initial Investment for BIBA Franchise Cost is around INR 1,00,00,000 to INR 2,00,00,000 and The Franchise Fee is INR 10,00,000- INR 20,00,000 charged by the brand.

Why consider BIBA as a franchise business?

  • It's a well-known brand, which has more than 180 outlets across 76 cities in the country and also has a presence in 275 multi-brand outlets.
  • It has a profit margin of around 20%-25%.
  • It covers a vast market by providing for all ages and sizes girls and women i.e. from the age of 2 years to 60 years. Gives ample opportunity for the franchisee to expand their market reach and celebrate femininity.

In conclusion, women's ethnic wear brands offer a diverse and vibrant array of clothing options that cater to the rich and diverse cultural traditions and preferences of women in India.

In the ever-evolving fashion industry, women's ethnic wear brands continue to adapt and innovate, staying relevant and appealing to a broad and diverse customer base. Whether you're a fashion enthusiast looking to embrace your cultural heritage or an entrepreneur considering a franchise opportunity, these brands offer a unique and vibrant segment of the fashion market to explore and engage with.

In essence, a franchise business in the women's ethnic wear industry offers an exciting opportunity to be part of a culturally rich and evergreen market. Contact FranchiseBazar for more details.

Disclaimer: The brands mentioned in this blog are the recommendations provided by the author. FranchiseBAZAR does not claim to work with these brands / represent them / or are associated with them in any manner. Investors and prospective franchisees are to do their own due diligence before investing in any franchise business at their own risks and discretion. FranchiseBAZAR or its Directors, disclaim any liability or risks arising out of any transactions that may take place due to information provided in this blog.

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