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The Automobile business in India is a huge driver of macroeconomic development and mechanical turn of events. The Automobile business holds a 7.1% offer in India's GDP.  India is extended to be the world's third-biggest car market regarding volume by 2026.  India has 4 enormous car-producing center points: Delhi-Gurgaon-Faridabad in the North, Mumbai-Pune-Nashik-Aurangabad in the West, Chennai-Bengaluru-Hosur in the South, and Jamshedpur-Kolkata in the East. 

The Automobile business made 30.9 Mn vehicles including traveler vehicles, business vehicles, three-wheelers, bikes, and quadricycles in FY 2018-19. Out of 30.9 Mn vehicles fabricated in FY 2018-19, India has traded 4.6 Mn. The FDI value inflow got by the Automobile Industry in FY 2019-20 is estimated at USD 2.82 Bn.  The Department of Heavy Industry has helped set up India's first Machine Tool Park (TMPT) is a top-notch office that has been created on 530 sections of land.  The Indian automobile industry is one of the biggest on the planet. The business represents 7.1 percent of the nation's Gross Domestic Product (GDP). The Two Wheelers portion with 80% of the overall industry is the head of the Indian Automobile market attributable to a developing working class and a youthful populace. Besides, the developing revenue of the organizations in investigating the provincial business sectors further helped the development of the area. The general Passenger Vehicle (PV) section has a 14 percent piece of the overall industry. 

India is additionally an unmistakable auto exporter and has solid fare development desires for the not-so-distant future. Generally speaking, car trades became 13.01 percent year-on-year between April-December 2017. Likewise, a few activities by the Government of India and the significant car major parts in the Indian market are relied upon to make India an innovator in the 2W and Four Wheeler (4W) market on the planet by 2020. 

Homegrown autos creation expanded at 2.36 percent CAGR between FY16-20 with 26.36 million vehicles being made in the nation in FY20. By and large, homegrown car deals expanded at 1.29 percent CAGR between FY16-FY20 with 21.55 million vehicles being sold in FY20.¬ Bikes and traveler vehicles rule the homegrown Indian auto market. Traveler vehicle deals are overwhelmed by little and average-sized vehicles. Bikes and traveler vehicles represented 80.8 percent and 12.9 percent of the overall industry, separately, representing a joined offer of over 20.1 million vehicles in FY20.  By and large, a car sends out arrived at 4.77 million vehicles in FY20, developing at a CAGR of 6.94 percent during FY16-FY20. Bikes made up 73.9 percent of the vehicles traded, trailed by traveler vehicles at 14.2 percent, three-wheelers at 10.5 percent, and business vehicles at 1.3 percent. 

EV deals, barring E-carts, in India saw a development of 20% and arrived at 1.56 lakh units in FY20 driven by bikes. Premium motorbike deals in India recorded a seven-crease bounce in homegrown deals, arriving at 13,982 units during April-September 2019. The offer of extravagance vehicles remained between 15,000 to 17,000 in the initial half-year of 2019. Creation of traveler vehicles, business vehicles, three-wheelers, and bikes developed at 11.27 percent year-on-year between April-December 2017 to 21,415,719 vehicles. The deals of traveler vehicles and bikes developed by 5.22 percent and 40.31 percent year-on-year separately, in December 2017.

1.Carzonrent Franchise:

A pioneer in molding the offered ground transportation industry in India, Carzonrent (India) Pvt. Ltd. (CIPL) is India's # 1 individual gr franchise offering a total bunch of start to finish long and momentary vehicle rental arrangements through its armada of 6500 vehicles the nation over. A brainchild of Rajiv K. Vij, CEO, Carzonrent (India) Pvt. Ltd., was dispatched in the year 2000 with a momentary target of offering a protected and solid vehicle of movement to clients and a drawn-out vision of giving the structure a lot to the chaotic Indian individual ground transportation industry and helping the business get its due recognition.``COR" the marking of Carzonrent means the way that Personal Ground Transportation is the "Center" business of Carzonrent. Carzonrent is maybe the first and the main player to offer a total of 360-degree answers for totally changing the Indian individual ground transportation industry into a coordinated business.

Guaranteeing traveler solace to the minutest detail, Carzonrent has pulled out all stops, from getting the most recent innovation to setting up 24x7 client assistance focuses; to acquiring consistency activities; to presenting redid answers for all client portions, the organization has zeroed in all endeavors towards getting sorted out the to a great extent chaotic Indian individual ground transportation industry. 

Space Req. - Less than 250 Sq.ft  Investment Range - Rs. 5Lakhs - 10Lakhs

2.EBW Franchise:

Established in mid-2013, Express Bike Works is a brand of Entropy Innovations, a designing development organization that has upset the bike administration industry. The group, graduated class of IIT IIM, has planned and produced India's first completely mechanized bike wash machine that tends to a huge number of issues looked at by an individual proprietor just as an assistance station. The machine is equipped for washing even the dirtiest of bikes within 25 minutes, which is the quickest on the planet, fit for washing more than 230 bicycles in less than 10 hours. Beginning with a couple of retail touchpoints in Mumbai under the name The EBW Store the organization has now forayed into worldwide business sectors. The organization makes them a fabricated unit in Mumbai. The EBW Store vows to offer its clients an unrivaled involvement with bicycle care and on-street help anyplace in India. The machine has been planned and produced in-house by the group and has a temporary patent. 

Space Req. - Less than 250 Sq.ft  Investment Range - Rs. 15Lakhs - 20Lakhs

3.Automoto Franchise:

Automoto; your one-stop vehicle care master. At Automoto, we offer key types of assistance, for example, Vehicle diagnostics, Steam wash, Interior sanitization, Insurance, Oil Change & Tuning & execution overhauls that are so basic for a vehicle proprietor. Automoto ’30 Minutes express service rsquo; is an ideal vehicle care bundle for any Car proprietor. Simply crash into your closest Automoto source at a fuel siphon & hand over your vehicle to our specialists. Basic administrations, for example, Engine oil change, Filter change, Fuel channel assessment, Battery review, Brake cushion & plate cushion investigation, AC Filter/dust channel change & steam wash will be finished within 30 minutes alongside a free ‘ Automoto ’ ‘ Sweet 16’ multipoint registration administration that guarantees your vehicle is all set constantly. In light of area & request, Automoto is situated to pioneer a truly necessary change & advancement in the vehicle adjusting industry. 

Space Req. - Less than 250 Sq.ft Investment Range - Rs. 15Lakhs - 20Lakhs

4.Cares 4 Cars Franchise:

We anticipate extending our establishment Recommended by numerous proprietors "s. It's an image inseparable from quality assistance, trust, and greatness. CARES 4 CARS is the enrolled brand name of OJAS ENTERPRISES. With regards to steam vehicle washing and vehicle itemizing, we are notable for our skill, polished methodology, and comfort. Set up in the year 2014, Cares 4 Cars in Kharghar, Mumbai is a top part in the classification Car Detailing in Navi Mumbai. This notable foundation goes about as a one-stop objective adjusting clients both neighborhood and from different pieces of Mumbai. Throughout its excursion, this business has set up firm traction in its industry. The conviction that consumer loyalty is as significant as their items and administrations have helped this foundation collect an immense base of clients, which keeps on developing continuously. This business utilizes people that are devoted to their jobs and put in a great deal of exertion to accomplish the normal vision and bigger objectives of the organization. Sooner rather than later, this business plans to grow its line of items and administrations and oblige a bigger customer base foundation. The prominence of Cares 4 Cars is obvious from the fantastic surveys it has gotten from Justdial clients, Facebook and Google. THE CARE4CARS DIFFERENCE Every other market has high rivalry nowadays. Also, there is a significant level of rivalry concerning vehicle enumerating focus. In any case, the nature of administrations by the focuses matters generally, and this is the thing that improves us and is extraordinary when contrasted with all other vehicles itemizing focus. We have confidence in our work, the morals behind the individuals we utilize, and the fulfillment that you have after examining your vehicle after we're finished. We need every one of our customers to be upbeat. 

Space Req. - 1000 - 2000 Sq.ft  Investment Range - Rs. 15Lakhs - 20Lakhs

5.Cleveland Cycle Werks Franchise:

Cleveland CycleWerks is a main American bike brand that began in 2009 and is settled in Cleveland, Ohio. As a worth-centered worldwide organization, we have a solid presence across 23 nations. With quality and plan as our prime center, we focus on planning bicycles as well as giving each rider the ideal trekking experience. We have entered now in India to investigate the Indian market.  Why Cleveland Cycle Werks:  First of its sort Automotive business  Great quality and configuration organization.  We focus on planning bicycles as well as giving each rider the ideal trekking experience.  Extraordinary Services.  Why Cleveland Cycle Werks Franchise Opportunity:  Enthusiasm towards the drink business  Extraordinary comprehension of business sectors at a Pan-India level  Extraordinary Managerial Skills  The market tried business which has been very much accepted  A wide assortment of offering with customization according to the client 

Space Req. - 750 - 1000 Sq.ft  Investment Range - Rs. 1Crore - 2Crore

6.YSR Franchise:

We are an assortment of smart personalities and together we accomplish what none of us could alone. Adjusting to new difficulties, we unexpectedly consider things. Consistently, we draw on the aptitudes and information on the huge number of staff working in workplaces around the globe. Our experts offer skill over each part of the obtainment and use of direction. This incorporates autos mines, minerals preparing rail and aviation routes designing industry, and ordinary inexhaustible and elective energies to name a few. An effective Sarangi accomplice has two key characteristics: an extraordinary assistance demeanor and the capacity to rapidly gain proficiency with our demonstrated administration methods. Having some business experience could be a reward, however is certifiably not a basic factor for your Sarangi achievement.

Space Req. - 500 - 750 Sq.ft Investment Range - Rs. 40Lakhs - 50Lakhs

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