Top Cosmetic Franchise in India for 2023

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Written By: Resham Daswani

The cosmetics business, which is worth about $4.5 billion right now, grows by up to 20% each year. It makes sense since India has been making skin care, hair care, and other goods for hundreds of years. So, there are a lot of domestic brands in the cosmetics franchise market in the country. 

For example, HIMALAYA Him Ayurveda is an Indian chain that makes skin care and health care medicines. When it comes to foreign representatives of a cosmetics franchise, India has giants like My Glamm, which started in Europe but is popular with Indian women who buy their makeup. 

There are different ideas on the market for cosmetics franchises. There are beauty centres, companies that make cosmetics, companies that make fragrances and do aromatherapy, dermatology clinics, and franchises for cosmetic stores. 

Some shops that sell beauty goods, like Modi Revlon, only carry products from one brand. But there are also chains of cosmetics stores that sell goods from more than one company.

Now let us look at the top Cosmetic Franchises in India.

Best Cosmetic Franchises in India to Consider in 2023

1. Himalaya Him Ayurveda

Himalaya Pharmaceutical Company is an Indian company that was started by Muhammad Manal in 1930 and is based in Bangalore, Karnataka, India. So, the company makes health goods with Ayurvedic ingredients and calls them "Himalaya Herbal Healthcare."

  • Investment Amount - Rs. 7-25 lakhs [depending on the franchise business model]

2. Lakme

Hindustan Unilever owns Lakme, an Indian fashion brand that is well-known around the world. Lakme has a wide range of goods, such as skin care products, colour cosmetics, hair care products, and beauty salons all over the country. 

Lakme has grown to have more than 240 stores in more than 60 countries. These stores are run by a team of more than 2,200 experts who serve over 1 million customers.

  • Investment Amount - Rs. 50-60 lakhs 

3. Recode Studios

Recode Studios was founded in 2018 with the goal of shaking up the beauty and personal care industry with its global collaboration and marketing strategies and its new, innovative goods that have been tested by experts. 

The brand wants to be one of the most popular places in the country to sell various beauty and lifestyle brands. The brand is also dedicated to providing excellent customer service and making sure every customer has a great buying experience.

  • Investment Amount - Rs. 10-20 lakhs 

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4. Sugar Cosmetics.

Sugar Cosmetics is one of the fastest-growing high-end cosmetics brands in India, and youth love it. Many Indian women choose it because it doesn't add to the clutter, comes in unique low-poly packaging, and has goods that are at the top of the charts. 

The brand is dedicated to making goods that look great on all Indian skin tones, no matter the season or time of year. They have a cruelty-free line that looks great and works well. Sugar Cosmetics is working hard to grow its strong presence in more than 35,000 stores in 550 towns. It has the trust of big-name funders and the passion of millions of people who love beauty.

  • Investment Amount - Rs. 10-20 lakhs 

5. MAC Cosmetics

M.A.C cosmetics has been the ultimate colour authority since 1984, with artistry at its core, inclusion and diversity at its heart, and a commitment to conscious beauty and social responsibility at its forefront.  This is one of the fastest-growing franchise opportunities to choose from.

6. Modi Revlon

In India, Revlon is a well-known brand in the beauty business. It has brought glitz and colour to the lives of many women, making them look and feel beautiful and confident. Revlon has made it fun and exciting for modern Indian women to try out new colours and items that are ahead of the curve. 

The company has a wide range of high-quality products in different areas, such as colour cosmetics, skincare, fragrances, hair care, and hair colours. At area offices, franchisees will get training and help on the job. Setting up the business is done with the help of experts. There is also help with choosing a spot.

  • Investment Amount - Above Rs. 20 lakhs 

7. My Glamm

MyGlamm, which is backed by one of Europe's biggest natural beauty companies, worked with experts and makeup artists from all over the world to create exciting new makeup products. Our single, clear goal was to make it easy to look glamorous. 

Our goods are built around new ideas that make them easy to use. MyGlamm products were thought up, made, and tested in labs in Italy and Germany. They were made to make a woman's makeup process easier.

  • Investment Amount - Rs. 30 lakhs 


The word "Nayaka" comes from the Sanskrit language and means "actress" or "person in the spotlight." Nykaa is all about bringing out the star in every woman and being her counsellor and friend as she goes on her own journey to find her own identity and style. Nykaa really cares about meeting all of your beauty and wellness needs. They have the largest range of real beauty products from all over the world and offer beauty advice. Because, in the end, Your beauty is what drives us.

  • Investment Amount - Rs. 20-30 lakhs 

9.  ColorBar Cosmetics

Since we started in 2004, we've built a strong reputation in the beauty industry with our range of high-quality makeup, skincare, and items made in Europe* and are on par with high-end beauty brands worldwide. Colorbar has done a great job of making its high-end beauty mixes available to everyone.

  • Investment Amount - Rs. 10-20 lakhs 

10. NewU

NewU is an all-in-one beauty shop where you can find a wide variety of cosmetics, skincare, haircare, personal grooming, and fragrances. We try to make your shopping trip fun by giving you deals that you can't get anywhere else.

  • Investment Amount - Rs. 20-30 lakhs 


Q.1. How profitable is the cosmetic franchise business in India?

In cosmetics, the average profit margin is between 10% and 15%. The profit margin for high-end names is more than 50%. From 2022 to 2028, the Indian makeup market is expected to grow by more than 9.5% annually.

Q.2. How much is the cost of a recode studio franchise in India?

To start a recode studio franchise in India, you will need an investment amount of Rs. 10-20 lakhs with a minimum square feet area of 300 sq. ft.

Q.3. Which are the best multi-brand cosmetic store franchises in India?

Beauty planet, beauty palace are some of the best multi-brand cosmetic franchises in India to choose from.  Moreover, you can choose an appropriate franchise brand based on your investment budget.

In conclusion,

In FY2020, the India makeup market was worth USD 13191.23 million. By FY2026, it is expected to be worth USD 28985.33 million, which is a CAGR of 16.39%. Growth in the market is expected because people have more money to spend because they have more money in their pockets.

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