Top Franchise Opportunities You Don’t Want To Miss!

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Written by Rashmi Vohra                                                                             May 15, 2021

Franchising is completely based on a marketing idea that can be embraced by an association as a methodology for business extension. Where carried out, a franchisor licenses its expertise, methods, protected property, utilization of its plan of action, brand, and rights to offer its marked items and administrations to a franchisee. Consequently, the franchisee pays certain expenses and consents to conform to specific commitments, commonly set out in a Franchise Agreement.

Franchising is not an equivalent partnership, particularly because of the lawful benefits the franchisor has over the franchisee. In any case, under explicit conditions like transparency, favourable legal conditions, monetary methods and appropriate statistical surveying, franchising can be a vehicle of accomplishment for both franchisor and franchisee.

Why go with buying a franchise?

  •         Lesser risk involved

At the point when you run your own business, you develop it from the beginning, there will be disappointments that will cost cash, time, energy and dissatisfaction. With a franchise, these entanglements can be avoided because you have a reliable framework to count on.

  •        Easier to get funding

It is much easier to get a loan from banks when buying a franchise as the brand already has a market value and goodwill which will make it easier for banks to trust your credibility and grant you the loan for buying the franchise.

  •    Help from franchisors

A franchise empowers a private venture to rival large organizations, more so than a free independent company, because of the pool of help from the franchisor and organization of other franchisees.

  • Can check the effectiveness of rest of franchises

The danger of business disappointment is diminished by franchising. Your business depends on a demonstrated thought. You can check how effective rest franchises are before submitting yourself.

  •  Support of franchisors

The franchisor provides you support - generally as a total bundle including preparing, help setting up the business, a manual revealing to you how to maintain the business and continuous counsel.

  • No requirement of market testing

Items and administrations will have effectively settled a piece of the overall industry. Subsequently, there will be no requirement for market testing.

  • Utilization of brand name

You can utilize a perceived brand name and exchange brand. You profit by any publicizing or advancement by the proprietor of the franchise- the 'franchisor'.

  • Profit by thoughts

You can profit by conveying and offering thoughts to, and accepting help from, other franchisees in the organization.

  • Access to proper training

Under buying a franchise you are accessible to get full-fledged training and advice from fellow experienced partners which one cannot enjoy while starting up their own business as all other people are rivals and will never share their ideas or advice with you. Franchisor provides you with training which includes accounting, marketing or managing.

  • Lesser capital required

Starting with your business startup any day would require more capital investment than that of investing or buying a franchise. There are costlier franchises and there are cheaper ones too, you get options to choose from as per your skills, investment, lifestyle, experience and location.

The top 8 franchise opportunities, you don’t want to miss are listed below:

  1. Chicago Pizza

Location- Delhi, India

Industry- Food Franchise

Space Req.- 250 - 500 Sq. ft

Investment Range- Rs. 15Lakhs - 20Lakhs

Franchise Outlets- No Franchisee

Chicago Pizza is the largest and only Pizza takeaway brand having 100+ outlets and looking for expansion in Pan India. We are honoured with the Best Pizza Award by Hindustan Times. With a growing fanbase throughout the country, we seek to satisfy all and spread joy and charisma through our mouth-watering, one-of-a-kind tasty pizza.

Why Franchise with Chicago Pizza?

  • A Growing reputed brand with 100+ outlets.

  • Once a Lifetime Opportunity.

  • Great returns on investment.

  • Brand support and assistance.

  • So, grab hold of this phenomenal opportunity and be a franchisee of the best pizza brand India has to offer!


Location- Bengaluru, Karnataka

Industry- Consultancy Franchise

Space Req.- Less than 250 Sq. ft

 Investment Range- Rs. 2Lakhs - 5Lakhs

Franchise Outlets- Less than 10

It is estimated that there is over 10,000+ franchise opportunities in the organized format seeking Franchises across India. 1000’s of new businesses is transforming themselves into organized franchise businesses in India. Several global brands are also looking at appointing franchises in India. This means millions of entrepreneurs across all cities, towns and villages of India are going to buy new franchise business opportunities. Here is your opportunity to play a vital role in enabling new opportunities for the new India.

Being the nation’s #1 Franchise Consultants network, undoubtedly, FranchiseBazar has been the pioneers in connecting clients to their desired brand or area of interest.

Why FranchiseBazar?

Glad you asked, as you’re in to be surprised and fascinated with the benefits and the potential rewards which would be unearthed by you in time. Here are a few things that you might need to know about FB.

  • 20+ years of Franchising Experience.

  • 3000+ brands listed on their website. 

  • 100+ cities and towns of India covered extensively.

  • One-stop shop for all types of franchise business.

  • 100+ New business ideas and brands onboarded every month.

  • Exclusive sign up with brands who only work with them.


Location- Gurgaon, India

Industry- Education Franchise

Space Req.- 1000 - 2000 Sq. ft

 Investment Range- Rs. 20Lakhs - 30Lakhs

 Franchise Outlets-Less than 10

Virohan is an Ed-Tech company committed to providing progressive careers to youth in the healthcare sector. Funded by Yunus Social Business (an impact fund Co-founded by Noble Laureate Prof. Mohammand Yunus), Elea Foundation for Ethics in Globalization, Artha Impact, AngelList, Keiretsu Forum amongst others, we aim to create India’s largest professional healthcare training company.

Virohan has several markets aligned paramedical and allied healthcare courses (MLT, OTT, HA, Radiology etc.) which led to a job in the healthcare sector and a progressive long-term career. Virohan caters to students of ages 18-25, providing diplomas for various courses like operating theatre technician, medical lab technician, radiology technician, hospital administration, emergency medical technician, and others.

    4.Precious Paws

Location- Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Industry- Pet Franchise

Space Req.- 250 - 500 Sq. ft

Investment Range- Rs. 20Lakhs - 30Lakhs

Franchise Outlets- Less than 10

Precious Paws is an Award-Winning Thai Spa Themed Pet Boutique since 2015 located in Business Bay and Oud Metha in Dubai. It is the most Luxurious Thai Pet Spa and Boutique in the entire Middle East. The pet spa offers unique and exclusive pet facilities including mobile grooming, day and night care facilities, and a range of the world’s best organic products imported from the US, New Zealand, the UK, Australia and all over the world. Precious Paws is inviting a franchise in India.


Location- Chennai, India

Industry- Cleaning Franchise

Space Req.- Less than 250 Sq. ft

Investment Range- Rs. 5Lakhs - 10Lakhs

Franchise Outlets- No Franchisee

Twinto, a Tech Solutions company founded in the year 2016, are pioneers in the industrial high structure cleaning sector. What sets us apart from other cleaning service providers is that we are hugely aligned to modern technologies, reducing reliance on manual functioning and focusing on some of the biggest challenges the industry has and can be resolved at a lower cost and time. We are the only company in this industry that not only has invented its machine but also services the customers only using our in-house tools. In no time, we have scaled up to 100+ trained employees and a dedicated quality team that believes in nothing but the best. Headquartered in Chennai, South India, we have a Pan India presence and are now poised to have TWINTO franchisees across the Top 50 cities and towns in India.

    6.Schneider Electric Wiser

Location- Bengaluru, India

Industry- Retail Franchise

Space Req.- 500 - 750 Sq. ft

Investment Range- Rs. 20Lakhs - 30Lakhs

Franchise Outlets- No Franchisee

Schneider electric was born during the first Industrial Revolution. The company has grown through strategic acquisitions in the electric industry with a clear focus on energy management and innovative technologies. With a very wide portfolio, of connected technology, connected products, edge control, apps analytics, and services we are the global specialist in energy management and automation. Schneider Electric SE engages in the digital transformation of energy management and automation. It operates through the following segments: Energy Management; Industrial Automation; and Central Functions and Digital Costs. The Energy Management segment leverages a complete end-to-end technology offering enabled by EcoStruxure. Schneider Electric with its brand name “Wiser” is now launching wireless smart home automation devices at your doorstep. Schneider Electric - Wiser open for franchising in Bengaluru, Hubli, Mangalore, Belgaum, Davangere, Mysuru.

  7.Dhanush MEP Centre

Location- Hyderabad, India

Industry- Education Franchise

Space Req.- 1000 - 2000 Sq. ft

Investment Range- Rs. 10Lakhs - 15Lakhs

Franchise Outlets- Less than 10

Dhanush Engineering Services was established in 2004. Ever since our inception, we have been providing unrivalled services in developing Vocational/Technical skills in MEP (Mechanical (HVAC), Electrical and Plumbing), also called the building services in the construction industry, building services is 40% of Construction Industry. 16 years into this niche training industry, we have emerged as the leaders in the field of MEP. We are the 1st and only institute to become NSDC (National Skill Development Corporation) Approved Training Partner in MEP. Various technical/ vocational courses across several sectors will be offered at different locations across India. Dhanush has been mandated to skill and places 1 million youth by 2030. Our value lies in rendering the innovative and most productive skill training along with integrity and dedication for bringing a sustainable value for the nation. Since our establishment as Dhanush EnggServices India Pvt. Ltd. and since then we have been consistently delivering our services in creating technical and vocational skilled MEP (Mechanical Electrical, and Plumbing) which is also known as building services in the construction industry.

8.Moo Chuu India

Location- Hyderabad, India

Industry- Retail Franchise (Footwear)

Space Req.- 250 - 500 Sq. ft

Investment Range- Rs. 10Lakhs - 15Lakhs

Franchise Outlets- No Franchisee

Moo Chuu started in Thailand in 2014. Currently, it has active operations in around 12 countries. With its unique customization concept and strong branding, it is poised to become the leading chain of flip-flop footwear in India. It was introduced in India in November 2018 and Moo chu India holds the rights for distribution and retail sales of Moo Chuu Footwear in India. The major USP of its flipflops is that they can be customized based on customer choice of sole and strap colour. Besides customization, Moo Chuu India flipflops are highly durable, waterproof, allergy-free, comfortable, anti-slippery and also, they are made of recycled synthetic rubber.

Moo Chuu is India's only customised flip flop brand which makes light, strong, durable, waterproof, customisable, comfortable and 100% waterproof flip flops. It works with the unique concept of designing one's flip flops by selecting the style, sole, strap and size according to one's unique taste. Through this, Moo Chuu can cater to a wide variety of customer needs and preferences. Some Moo Chuu styles include- Candy, Cross, Flippy, Alpha, etc. Moo Chuu India also makes sure that everything is contactless from the manufacturing process to the delivery. Along with this, the company even provides the facility and conveyance of shipping everywhere in India. Therefore, accompanying all these benefits with itself, one should consider Moo Chuu whenever the thought of purchasing flip flops crosses your mind. 

For more such opportunities and to know more about every brand, visit They have plenty of franchise opportunities to offer as per your needs and requirements.


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