Top Healthcare Franchises in Vadodara for 2024

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Written By: Yukta Palekar

Healthcare concerns are a growing concern globally, with the demand for quality medical services increasing. For this purpose, Vadodara is ranked third in Gujarat with affordable and high-quality service in private hospitals.

The universal healthcare system in India offers both low-cost and expensive top-tier quality services. Vadodara is a popular destination for medical tourists, and there are numerous opportunities for medical supply franchises.

Best Healthcare Franchises In Vadodara 2024

Vadodara, also known as Sanskrit Nagari, is a prime location for exploring these opportunities. The growing importance of healthcare has led to an increased market for medical supply franchise opportunities in the healthcare sector.

The top 10 best healthcare franchises in India include healthcare, medical, and polyclinic franchises.


Ohman, a subsidiary of Bhandari Healthcare Pvt Ltd in Jaipur, specializes in male health, particularly issues related to male reproductive systems, such as male infertility. As a one-stop shop for male sexual health services, Ohman can be operated profitably by nonmedical professionals or doctors.

The Indian Sexual Wellness Market is accelerating, and Ohman offers a competitive advantage for clients. To become a franchisee, individuals must have good business acumen, a strong work ethic, local community connections, and a willingness to follow their proven system.

Franchisees must also have the minimum financial qualifications to fund the franchise and the first few months of operation. Franchisees must provide a detailed report of all centres in their 2-kilometre area radius before Ohman approves their application.

Ohman's customers are men with sexual problems who need medical services. Investments for Ohman's franchise model are high-cost, high-return opportunities, with a range of Rs. 75Lakhs - 1Crore.

Adidev Herbals

Adidev Herbals Pvt Ltd., founded in 2002, is a market leader in herbal health care products, with 17 franchise units and an initial investment of Rs 2 to 5 Lakhs. The company specializes in treatment-based skin and hair care products, offering pure natural, safe, and high-quality products with no side effects.


Bione is a pioneering company in Microbiome and Genetic testing, offering products and services like DNA and Gut testing, anti-aging dietary supplements, and DNA testing.

Founded by Dr. Surendra K Chikara and advised by Dr. George Church, Bione aims to make life longer and disease-free, making testing and awareness available even in remote areas.

They also offer at-home testing kits for DNA and Gut Microbiome Tests. Franchise opportunities in India are available through Franchise Bazar, with an investment range of Rs. 10Lakhs - 15Lakhs.

Divya Upchar Sansthan

Divya Upchar Sansthan, founded in 2010, is a franchisee that offers Indian sciences like Ayurveda and Chakras and Aura to help people stay healthy and prevent illness.

The company invests between Rs 10 to 20 Lakhs in franchise units and charges a 20% loyalty fee. The aim is to treat patients with herbal medicines and energies their aura to regain body strength and combat illness.


DermaPuritys is a global skincare and wellness clinic established in New Delhi, offering advanced solutions and treatments to rejuvenate the body’s sensitivity and enhance skin health

Due to over eight years of experience, the clinic’s facility headquarters in the U.S. DermaPuritys franchise offers integrated skincare and hair-care services using cutting-edge technology and methods.

Cosmetic Dermatology: - The clinic offers services such as; Cosmetic surgery, Anti-aging, Body shaming, non-surgical face-lifts, Hair rejuvenation, Permanent makeup, and Weight management.

The clinic is equipped with highly qualified consultants and skin practitioners and focuses on customer satisfaction. The DermaPuritys franchise opportunity in India is available for investors with an investment range of Rs. 2Crore - 5Crore. The clinic aims to address all skin and hair issues, ensuring complete customer satisfaction.


Oracle Dermatology and Cosmetic Group, founded in 2004, is the largest medical group in South Korea and the world. With 70 franchise units, the group offers the latest advancements in skin care, dermatology, and cosmetic plastic surgery. Additionally, Oracle produces medical equipment, cosmetics, and consumables. Initial investment ranges from Rs 1 to 2 Cr.


Dra Doorstep is a unique healthcare start-up that provides affordable, accessible, and quality medical services at the doorstep of patients. It aims to provide high-quality care using information and technology in health care.

The company caters to emergencies, long waiting times, and specialized procedures for elderly couples staying alone or unable to travel.

DrAtDoorstep offers regular check-ups and follow-ups to prevent hospital-acquired infections. The company has treated over 5000 patients at their doorstep in the last two years and plans to expand soon.

It also provides first aid and CPR training for HRPL employees and offers health check-up camps at Havmore.

A few of its associated partners include Olympus, GSRTC, HRPL, Mahavir Medical, IndusInd Bank, Cadmach, and NISARG. The company offers various packages, including Silver, Gold, Diamond, and Platinum Packages, which include doctors at the doorstep, nurses or dressers, laboratory, e-pharmacy, ambulance, and home care attendants.

DrAtDoorstep provides treatment by highly qualified doctors in Vadodara and Ahmedabad, under expert guidance in allopathy, dentistry, homeopathic, ayurvedic, physiotherapy, and dietitian departments. They also offer highly qualified nursing care and offer online e-pharmacy services.

DrAtDoorstep offers a unique payment experience with "Health Wallet" and an investment range of Rs. 10Lakhs to 15Lakhs.


MOH SPA, founded in 2007, has been franchising since 2008 with 70 franchise units. This is a company that offers high-quality services and helps people to escape from their daily routine.

It gives space to relax, recharge the mind-body-spirit and bring physical-mental-emotional-spiritual selves back into alignment. The initial investment ranges from Rs20-30Lakhs.

Eye Mantra

Eye Mantra is a leading eye care chain in India. With over 10 branches, the team aims to provide world-class eye care at affordable rates to all sections of society. Eye Mantra Foundation (NGO) receives all earnings from Eye Mantra, which is used to provide free eye treatment for the underprivileged.

The company offers an exclusive 6-step free eye test conducted by certified optometrists and free eye checkups for seniors. Eye Mantra is a pioneering platform in cataract treatment, having operated over 2,000+ eyes so far.

They are among the first to have a Femto Assisted Surgery Unit, offering a 100% painless, STITCHLESS, and redesigned approach to cataract surgery. With over 20 years of excellence in Lasik, Squint, Cornea, and Cataract surgery, Eye Mantra is a leading eye care chain in Delhi.

To expand their reach, they have opened a door for franchising in India, with an investment range of Rs. 5 lakhs-10 lakhs.

India IVF Fertility

India IVF Fertility, a bootstrapped company, has become the fastest-growing fertility treatment chain in India since 2014. Serving 8 states and 14 cities, the company has shared best practices to improve patient experience, increase employment opportunities, and invest in facilities.

India IVF is known for quality, ethical, and transparent patient care, and its culture supports collaboration and innovation. Accredited by the Department of Health Govt. of India, it is fully licensed and has medically certified 200 processes and quality checks for high success rates.

The company has an experienced fertility panel of doctors, nurses, and staff, using cutting-edge technology like artificial intelligence and machine learning. The investment range for India IVF is between Rs. 20lakhs and 30lakhs, with the vision of providing affordable and successful procedures for couples.

Why is it a smart idea to invest in a healthcare franchise business?

Growing Demand:

  • Result of technological advancements and population increase.
  • Franchise models cater to niche healthcare services, enhancing profitability.

Secure Investment:

  • Essential for investors seeking long-term profits.
  • Researching successful franchises crucial for ensuring sustained success.
  • Growing population ensures a consistent demand for healthcare services.

Trustworthy Brand Experience:

  • Vital in the healthcare sector where quality is prioritized over cost.
  • Healthcare franchises provide a reliable and established brand experience.

Support for Healthcare Professionals:

  • Franchising helps healthcare professionals overcome business challenges.
  • Ideal for doctors lacking business skills, offering a platform for growth.

Collaborative Competition:

  • Franchising unites healthcare professionals under one brand.
  • Benefits include buying power, shared marketing, operational systems, support, and training.
  • Enables small healthcare ventures to compete with larger organizations, ensuring significant revenue.

Healthcare Franchise Boom:

  • Increasing interest among healthcare professionals in entrepreneurship.
  • Attracts investors due to the collaborative and competitive advantages offered by the franchise system.


Ready to start on a delightful entrepreneurial journey in Vadodara's flourishing Healthcare Franchises industry? If you are lured to the allure of well-known brands, the proper Healthcare franchise might be your formula for success.

Explore your alternatives, conduct your research, and take the first step toward establishing your own culinary empire in Vadodara.

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