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India is quickly becoming a major player in the global apparel retail industry, and a centre for sellers of children's clothing and accessories as well. The kids clothing industry is divided into separate categories for boys' clothes and girls' clothes for kids aged 0 to 14. 

The market share for boys' clothing in India is presently the largest. However, the girls' clothing market is also expanding rapidly, with tastes gradually shifting as fashion evolves. While the girls' clothing market has historically been focused on traditional and cultural garments, recent years have seen a change towards more modern and casual styles.

If you are one of those aspiring entrepreneurs looking to start a kidswear franchise in India, we have some great reasons why this can be a promising opportunity in 2023.  Wondering how?  Our article will give you insights about the childrens clothing market statistics, factors governing the kids apparel market in India, some of the top kids clothing franchises in India and more.

Top 10 Kids Clothing Franchises in India to consider in 2023

Businesses aimed at children are expected to do well. If you look at the top Kids franchises for sale in India in 2022, you'll see that the market champions are largely unchanged from the past few years. The order of the top has shifted slightly but still remains relatively stable. 

This means that you can confidently put money into any of the ideas presented here. The market for children's goods and services is huge, and it's growing. Many businesses exist to meet the needs of parents who are looking for methods to entertain, cheer up, or otherwise support their children. 

The need for children-oriented services will never go away. Franchises catering to children can be found in a wide variety of industries, including education and tutoring, child care, children's parties and educational play, sports, ballet, and more. 

If you're still a kid at heart but want to start your own business in India, a kidswear franchise in India is a great option. Moreover, this business could be a safe bet for your money.

Here are the best Kids Clothing franchises in India.

1. Gini & Jony Kids Wear

The Lakhani siblings promote the Indian kid's clothing line Gini & Jony. There are 106 locations in India and other countries where you can visit one of the company's 200 exclusive brand outlets or other large format multi-brand stores like Shoppers Stop, Lifestyle Stores, Pantaloons, etc.

2.  Xtro Kidswear

In 2012, XTRO opened its doors in Coimbatore, India, as an upscale childrenswear boutique. They stock a broad selection of trendy, high-quality clothing for children from newborns to teenagers in our 8,000 square foot showroom. 

They stock over a thousand different styles each season, and our clients love us for it. The dedication to providing superior service and going above and beyond to ensure that our young clients are completely satisfied has helped us build a solid clientele.

3.  MiniKlub

Miniklub was established in 2013 by First Steps Babywear Pvt. Ltd. as a one-of-a-kind initiative. We are an Indian company that sells products of foreign design. For infants up to children of age eight, we create essentials that reflect the carefree attitude of childhood through clothing and accessories that are never dull.

4.  Lollipop

Lolipop, a brand promoted by Anshu's clothing Ltd., is a frontrunner in the childrenswear industry, stocking an extensive collection of cute clothing for both boys and girls, as well as accessories and footwear in the trendiest styles. Lolipop sells age-appropriate apparel for children between the ages of 2 and 12.

5.  Lilliput

This company, which debuted in India in 2003, sells high-end childrenswear.  They are also widely consumed in the African continent, the Gulf region, and the Middle East.  The Delhi-based company sells trendy, reasonably priced apparel for kids of all ages.  

They sell a wide variety of clothing, including blazers, shorts, skirts, capris, jeans, skorts and even track trousers.  It has an incredible variety of fashionable items in many price ranges, and the quality of what it produces is second to none.

6.  Nature Kids

We are a manufacturer and exporter of infant clothing, baby bedding, and baby accessories made from 100% organic cotton. The clothes your children wear can have just as much of an impact on their health as the food they eat.  We're helping more than just our health-conscious clients when we manufacture organic cotton clothing. The quality of living for us product developers is also greatly enhanced. 

Conventional cotton production relies heavily on the use of synthetic herbicides, fertilizers, and other toxic chemicals, which can have harmful effects on the health of those involved in the process. 

7.  Little Kangaroo

They are well-known for their extensive assortment that meets all of a child's clothing requirements.  Their "marshmallow" line caters to infants between the ages of 0 and 9 months with muted colors, plush materials, and delicate patterns.

8.  Carter’s

This is a name that has been trusted for many years.  This is an easy-to-use brand that makes dressing your infant a breeze.  They also offer a variety of baby necessities and essentials in addition to clothing. Franchises in India's clothing industry are shops that offer garments and related goods to customers.

9.  GAP

Established in 1969 as a retailer of apparel and accessories, it has since expanded into the childrenswear market. Adorable and adaptable childrenswear is available from this retailer.  They sell everything from blazers to suit sets, coats to Capris, dresses to sweatpants and trousers to joggers.

10.  FirstCry

FirstCry is the most popular online infant and kid store in Asia. The company's primary focus is on providing first-rate products for your offspring. FirstCry is there for you at every stage of motherhood and childhood. In addition, FirstCry is the proud owner of more than 2 lakhs worth of children's and baby goods, including more than 2,000 of the most prestigious national and foreign baby brands.

FirstCry also provides an additional incentive in the form of a loyalty cash scheme called Shop & Earn. 

The website's web portal has seen increased revenue. This portal is not just for kids; parents can use it to shop for their offspring. After making their selection, they can put their earned cash towards the merchandise of their choice. Elders can use their trust funds to pay for future requests this way.

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Rising Trends in Kids Clothing Business in India 

Here’s 5 reasons why you should grab this opportunity of starting a kids franchise in India

  • The large number of children in India is one of the main drivers of the country's children's clothing industry. There are currently about 375 million people in the nation who are under the age of 15. This is an enormous pool of potential buyers for children's clothing. 

  • In addition, thanks to the booming economy of recent years, per capita revenue in India has been on the rise. As a consequence, parents are shelling out more money to stock their children's closets. 

  • Most families in urban India are nuclear, with both parents working and ready to make sacrifices for their children's well-being. Furthermore, Indian children in both urban and semi-urban areas are getting more and more media exposure, making them more knowledgeable about brands that target them. As a consequence, kids now weigh in on clothing purchases just as much as their parents do. 

  • In addition, chain stores and international companies are creating products that meet the needs of both parents and children. The improved aesthetic merchandising, appropriate product assortment, effective promotional strategies, and targeted advertising have all contributed to their success in attracting customers. 

  • Furthermore, both domestic and international labels that originally specialized to adults have expanded their offerings to include children's wear.


Q.1. What is the expected growth rate of the kidswear market in India in 2023-28?

The CAGR is exhibited to grow at a rate of 2.6%.

Q.2.  Is Kids clothing franchise a profitable business opportunity in India?

It ranks among the most lucrative businesses in the world. It's no secret that parents love to go buying for their children. So, it's a smart move to open a store of a well-known children's retail franchise in India.

Q.3.  What is the future of the clothing industry in India?

The market is predicted to expand at a CAGR of 10% over the next few years, taking it to $190 billion by 2025–26.


If you are looking to start a new business in India in 2023, and are interested in the apparel industry market, this is the right time to venture into the kidswear franchise business in India.  We have simplified your search by providing the best kidswear franchises in India.  But there is more to the list. Get in touch with us at FranchiseBazar and view our plethora of franchise businesses in India.

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