Top Service-Oriented Business Ideas In India

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Written by Rashmi Vohra                                                                          May 28, 2021

Accommodation desiring buyers are continually searching for an approach to do things better, quicker and less expensively. Commonly, that implies going to a speciality selective services business person who realizes how to take care of work to be done. Here, we provide some ideas for aspiring entrepreneurs who are willing to open a business in the service sector. As of now, there is a considerably undeniable degree of potential for business people to leave an imprint with new service business thoughts in India. Notwithstanding, beginning appropriately is critical for accomplishing continuous development with regards to new businesses in India. 

Clients today are looking for speedier and less expensive items or administrations that they can profit from without many efforts. Today, the service industry contributes 55% to India's GDP. The prevalence of the service business originates from the way that they are low-speculation ideas. The break-even takes place relatively sooner contrasted with different organizations as a non-foundation focused business in the beginning upstage. What makes the service business much more engaging is that it might at first include smaller outcomes, however, once it extends, there is no halting to the scaling of this business.

What is a service-based business?

A service-based business offers assistance to its customers or clients. Organizations and different endeavours commonly are arranged by whether they give merchandise or administrations. Those that give merchandise incorporate ranches, mines and producers. Banks, retail locations and interchanges media are altogether instances of service-based organizations. Such organizations structure the service business, which addresses a significant area of the economy in developed countries.

The meaning of a service-based business is extremely wide. Service-based organizations incorporate eateries and food supplies, as well as retail shops of each kind. The transportation, travel and cordiality ventures additionally are essential services that permit individuals and cargo to go anyplace on the planet. Medical/Healthcare service-based business, similar to the ventures that keep up structures and other public frameworks. Data administrations, including programming organizations and Internet-based organizations, have become such a significant piece of the service-based business that they sometimes are viewed as their economic area.

Advantages of service-based business

  1. Adaptability 

At the point when you sell items, you are restricted by the adornments and overhauls every item has to bring to the table. With a service-based organization, you can add administrations to your menu/offerings as clients show interest. For instance, if you run a vehicle enumerating service and customers have shown that getting and dropping the vehicle off would be beneficial assistance, you can add that to your offering to acquire customers.

    2.Free samples

Free samples of an item either cost your organization cash or are a smaller adaptation of the original item. That makes free item samples either costly or an inaccurate portrayal of your organization's contribution.

A service-based business can offer a free example of its business offering easily and give the client a precise portrayal of the help your organisation has to offer. For instance, a salon can provide the first haircut service to its clients as free to let them know about the expertise skills your business has to offer.

   3.Unique Selling Proposition 

A unique selling proposition is a way your organization stands apart from the opposition. Organizations that contend in a similar market selling similar items have a predetermined number of ways they can separate themselves. A service-based business can be dynamic in its offerings and make a few manners by which it separates itself from the opposition. For instance, 10 salons would all be able to offer similar fundamental services however can likewise offer specific unique service that outshines in the market and can attract the potential customers.

Disadvantages of service-based business

  1. Time Consuming

Services set aside an effort to perform and time to sell. In contrast to items, you can't simply set services on a rack in a corner shop and sit tight for a purchaser. To sell a service, you should regularly invest energy persuading an individual that she or her firm requires the service. For the most part, this requires broad examination and information, as well as a positive character. If you invest a lot of energy constructing an individual relationship with a customer and the customer goes with a contender, you have lost money since you might have been investing that time playing out help or seeking an alternate customer.


In contrast to items, services are elusive. This implies that there isn't anything to exhibit or show for forthcoming purchasers. To manage this issue, sales reps should attempt to "productize" their administrations, as Entrepreneur Magazine's Susan LaPlante-Dube notes. For instance, service sales reps can place their services in packages, offering more highlights for more significant compensation. Salons may offer a spa package that incorporates a shampoo and scalp rub and a lunch hour offer which is simply fast trim - nothing fancier. Being adequately innovative to transform service into an item can be a task, and the manners by which you productize should be consistently rethought as contenders get on.


Many times, potential customers doubt service supplier than items. On the off chance that a customer buys an item that he isn't content with, commonly, he can simply return it. Yet, on account of services, the harm is now done. Notwithstanding contracts making it harder to get cashback for a service inadequately performed, most services, for example, a terrible haircut or a shoddy promoting effort, can't be effectively fixed. At the point when you sell a service, in almost all cases, you should expect that the potential customer thinks you are attempting to pull one over on her.

Service-based business ideas

  1. Tuition Classes

If you end up having an enthusiasm for teaching, why not utilize your abilities and offer knowledge? It's a feasible plan of action that will give you a good month to month pay. It has a beginning expense requirement of nothing, as at home you can take exercises. That will slice lease and travel costs. You simply need to save to buy a whiteboard and markers. 

You can pitch about it on your web-based media, or you can utilize banners and flyers to advance it.

   2.Event Management 

This one is especially for you on the off chance that you love parties. Event coordinators never put resources into the workplace at the hour of origin. You need to have incredible relational abilities to get fruitful as an event manager/coordinator. Your job will include looking at many venues, sponsoring gatherings, planning exercises, and being 24X7 accessible on a go. 

Combined with an incredible computerized promoting methodology, you can acquire gigantic income out of this business. Likewise, monitoring your leads as you plan your occasion is basic. You need to arrange with various clients by following up with them. For a situation where you need to deal with plenty of possibilities, a lead management framework will prove to be useful.

   3.Travel Service 

The travel business has seen steep development in India in the course of the most recent decade. Individuals, for different reasons, venture to every part of the globe. For willing travel business visionaries, it's the right business to go with. Opening a travel service is a low-speculation and high ROI business. You should tie-up with a host office and they will assist you with getting the IATA number speedier. Indeed, as far as you might be concerned, they will execute all the backend undertakings. You simply need to gather a charge from the clients.


Tea is considered an absolute necessity in India. A startup similar to this is never going to make a misfortune. It will anyway be fruitful in a market like India with a cafe business. You simply need to burn through cash on leasing a room and get some essential furnishings. Make your cafe a universal one or a tea joint, anything you desire or think your objective market needs. For a superior return, your shop ought to be close to the college or IT Park.

    5.Publishing content to a blog 

Publishing content to a blog can be profoundly worthwhile and is a minimal effort business to build up. Organizations are looking for skilled and proficient bloggers who can help them produce online data for their site. It has developed to turn into the establishment for successful organizations and new companies. Bloggers are known as makers of content and influencers via web-based media. 

This is a truly effective business thought in the present advanced age. You simply need to book an area name of your decision and take a space from a facilitating service provider to begin. From that point, online media is your help to advance your content.

    6.Tiffin Services 

Individuals, who can prepare and deliver tiffin services for proficient lunch or supper, can receive flavorful rewards. Caught up working families in India, who need lunch in their workplaces or their homes, would

Go with your services. Consistency can likewise get you numerous corporate orders or customers whenever they host a gathering of chance for certain special events.

   7.Web-based Media Marketing Services 

Another idea for the low investment service-based business in India is online media advertising/marketing. Organizations search for specialists in web-based media to help them through advanced promotion. You need to have the capability to get drifts and deal with your leads effectively to begin a fruitful web-based media advertising organization.

  8.Food Truck Business 

Indeed, even in a cutthroat market, food as an item can generally do ponders. As demand is high and time is less, it is getting increasingly more ordinary to open food joints in a portable vehicle. You can modify and retrofit it as a beautiful food truck if you own a four-wheeler. Regardless of whether you have no own arrangement, EMI alternatives as low as Rs. 10000 can in any case be utilized to put resources into this business.

   9.Photography Services 

On the off chance that you have an imaginative eye and are attempting to get that perfect shot, this one is ideal for you. The individual and specialized requirements of a photographic artist have consistently sought after. Make time on the web and different independent locales and build up your profile so you can have leads. You can likewise tie up right away with an expert photography organization.

    10.Staffing Services 

Staffing business can be a worthwhile and exceptional yield service business thoughts where you help busy customers track down the potentially qualified candidate for their business. Your work comprises of coordinating with the profile and leading meetings with the business' best representatives. You need to track down a reasonable individual for the work and you can acquire mass charges for administrations.

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