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In India, Healthcare Franchising is so strong because medical franchisees love to invest in a new health-related business of their own with the support of different franchisors. There are several Health Care Franchise Opportunities in India that are functioning very well in the market. Popular health franchise businesses pertain to life insurance, health/wellness, nutrition, low carb, massage, fitness, medicine and many more.

The healthcare sector has become one of the largest sectors in terms of earning high revenue and better employment in the Indian economy. This sector has been growing at a CAGR of around 20-25% and employing approx. 5 million people directly since years.

The Healthcare sector is one of the most rapidly growing industries in the world as far as health is concerned. It is observed that the demand for quality medical services is constantly increasing, providing various favourable opportunities for the development of medical franchise companies. 

In India, the healthcare system is universal which means there are low-cost as well as highly expensive top-tier quality medical services in our nation. For years, India has always been considered a popular destination for medical tourists as it offers quite affordable high-quality services in private hospitals. 

Nowadays, every entrepreneur is dreaming of starting their own healthcare business. It is the best franchise opportunity in India.

Sometimes, it becomes impossible to predict the future of any industry, but with the help of few industry reports, some well-informed insights can be derived.

  • The healthcare industry is expected to show steady growth in the near future. In fact, industry insights predict strong growth through at least 2024, especially in rural areas as healthcare businesses offer urgent care that is already popular in urban areas, that’s why rural communities are in great need of health services.

  • The healthcare industry caters to franchise opportunities with lots of added benefits for the investors. Healthcare Franchising is a popular concept that fuels 5% of the GDP and employs over 10 million people across the world. 

  • It is estimated that the healthcare franchise in India has the potential to generate 2 million additional jobs between 2022-2024.

2021 Profitable Franchise Opportunities in Healthcare Sector-

  • DrAtDoorstep: DrAtDoorstep is one of the innovative and unique healthcare start-ups that delivers services so that it can bring the ‘’Family Doctor Clinic’’ to the doorsteps of patients at a very economical and affordable rate. It is the unique health care delivery system that uses Health Informatics (Information and Technology in Health care). It was launched in February 2017 under NISARG WELLNESS PVT. LTD. in Vadodara. An innovative concept is to provide a high quality of health care services using information and technology at the doorstep. DrAtDoorstep provides world-class best doctors in allopathy, dentist, homeopathic, ayurvedic, physiotherapy and dietitian. Also, it has highly qualified best nursing care with all laboratory investigations like blood, urine, stool, ECG, X-Ray. The medicines can be ordered through the online e-pharmacy store, all at Doorstep. The company exclusively provides a unique payment experience with "Health Wallet". Few of the associated partners are Olympus, GSRTC, HRPL, Mahavir Medical, IndusInd Bank, Cadmach, NISARG.

DrAtDoorstep- Franchise Model:

Space Req.: Less than 250 sq. ft.

Investment Range: Rs. 10 Lacs - 15 Lacs

Franchise Outlets: Less than 10

Franchising / Distribution Commenced On: 2021

Industry: Health Care Franchise

  • Nimai’s Borneo: Nimai provides qualified and professional doctors who serve mothers and children the services for Maternity Care and Paediatric Care. The company provides excellent antenatal check-ups, guides us on antenatal exercises, provides antenatal counselling and much more. It also provides guidance on exercise during pregnancy and what tests are needed to do in order to know about the mother’s as well as baby’s health. The company has more than 18 years of experience in servicing for the welfare of mother and child, having more than 100-bed capacities. To date, the company has created more than 70 lakhs happy patients and delivered 5000+ neonates by achieving a success rate of 95% over the years. 

The company’s operations were commenced in 2019 and have been involved in franchising business since 2021.

Nimai’s Borneo- Franchise Model:

Space Req.: Greater than 5000 sq. ft.

Investment Range: Rs. 2 Crores – 5 Crores

Industry: Health Care Franchise

  • Oxford Diagnostics: Oxford Diagnostics was started in the year 2018 with a well-skilled team of lab scientists, technologists, HR team, marketing team, corporate team, skilled phlebotomist, having more than 30 collection centers. It is a state of art pathology lab diagnostics; 24 hours open every day. The company has done more than 50 million RT PCR at Raipur CG. Oxford Diagnostics is the fast-growing pathology lab & the largest chain laboratory in our nation. The company has 80+ million satisfied patients; 40+ satisfied hospitals/labs/nursing homes; has launched LBC / HPV PCR/HPV HYBRID testing facility at the laboratory.

Oxford Diagnostics- Franchise Model:

Space Req.: 250-500 sq. ft.

Investment Range: Rs. 2 Crores – 5 Crores

Franchise Outlets: 20 - 40

Franchising / Distribution Commenced On: 2018

Industry: Health Care Franchise

  • Dava Discount: Dava Discount was incorporated in 2015 as a division of ‘Rajnish Wellness Limited’, already a BSE listed company, which is entering into an online pharmacy. Customer satisfaction is the major social cause of the business, along with providing quality ‘Branded Medicines’. The only market leaders offering a discount of up to 20-25% on Branded medicines. Due to the high cost of medicines, it has become impossible for some sections of the population to afford; even normal medication which sometimes becomes fatal for patients. So, to avoid such cases, Dava Discount provides all branded medicines at a flat 25% less on MRP. It continuously seeks to expand the network and believes in providing the best price in the industry. Dava Discount franchisee assures the best of services with effective and unique marketing skills in the chosen territory or Pin code that ensures timely supply of branded medicines at competitive pricing. It also assures that goodwill is reliable for the seamlessly processing of all tasks.

The company’s operations were commenced in 2018 and have been involved in franchising business since 2021.

Dava Discount- Franchise Model:

Space Req.: 250 - 500 sq. ft.

Initial Investment: Rs. 2 Lacs – 5 Lacs

Franchise Outlets: 10 – 20

Industry: Health Care Franchise

Thus, it can be stated that healthcare franchising can be used as a model to improve client-related, strategic, executive and professional results. Franchise seekers can grab onto health franchise opportunities and find the best one to collaborate with. 

The franchisee acquires the right to provide health care services with the help of the franchisor’s business format. An ageing population and prioritization of in-home care mean that the healthcare market is ripe for franchising success.

Online resources provide efficient Health Business Opportunities that enable investors to reach the healthcare industry, grow and achieve desired results.

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