Two Wheeler Automobile Business Opportunities In India

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India is the second-largest market of two-wheeler manufacturing after China. The market unit sales of two-wheeler in India was around 21.2 million and expected to reach 26.6 million by 2025. The reason for the increase in sales of two-wheelers in India is poor public transport facilities in many parts of the country and two-wheelers provide great comfort and mobility to Indian families.

Two-wheeler franchises in India include

  • Two-wheeler dealership franchise business

  • Two-wheeler Servicing franchise business

  • Two-wheeler Spare part franchise business

Two Wheeler dealership franchise in India :

In October 2020 total domestic sales of two-wheelers increased 16.88% to 20,53,814 units as against 17,57,180 units in the same month last year. Two-wheeler production also jumped 40.14% to 24,18,028 units in October 2020 from 17,25,462 units in October 2019, reflecting the robust demand.

The market size of electric two-wheelers at the global level is around $ 40312 million in 2019 and it is expected to reach $118657 million by 2030. It is expected to grow at a CAGR of 10.5% from 2020- 2030.

Factors such as the implementation of government regulations to encourage the use of electric bikes, consumer inclination toward use of e-bikes as an eco-friendly & efficient solution for commute, increase in fuel costs, and rise in interest in cycling as fitness & recreational activity are expected to drive the market growth. However, the high cost of e-bikes and the ban on the use of e-bikes in major cities of China hinder the market growth. Furthermore, improvement in bicycling infrastructure & battery technology is expected to offer lucrative opportunities for the electric bike market growth.

An increase in global carbon emission by fuel combustion has been one of the major concerns for governments and environmentalists for the past few decades. This, in turn, boosts the demand for electric vehicles across the globe, thereby supplementing the growth of the market. In addition, due to the rise in the cost of fuel at the international level, an increase in pollution, and traffic congestion especially in urban areas have increased the popularity of electric bikes across every continent. Moreover, higher running and maintenance cost of fuel vehicles leads to shifting in preference for electric bikes in daily commute, which, in turn, propels the E-bikes market growth. 

 Two-wheeler service related franchise in India

As per the data, 33.3 % of India’s population own two-wheelers and the number is increasing day by day due to traffic congestion, increase in income, and easy availability of EMI. So as the number increases, the demand for servicing and maintenance is also increasing. We all know that sales are done online and offline and customers are not getting proper after-sale services and they depend on unorganized shops who are experts in this field . The two-wheeler franchise service business is untouched in India. The two-wheeler after-sale service market is controlled by 95% of roadside garages that are not expert and unreliable. There is a demand for reliable service centers with professional workers and good quality spare parts.

Upgradation in technology increases the demand for good two-wheeler services franchise business in India.The introduction of the BS6 engine is going to be a big challenge for local garages because they don’t have the skill for this. This also increases demand for a reliable two-wheeler sale service franchise in India. The roadside garages failed to meet the customer's expectations and now the customer is tired of the poor quality of services and the billing process followed by some dealers.This is the time to enter this market and to mark the presence and grab the opportunities because the market is fresh and large.

Top profitable two-wheeler  franchise businesses in India

1.SpeedForce: SpeedForce is one of the leading two-wheeler servicing franchise businesses in India. It has a chain of branches all over India. They provide innovative repair and maintenance services for any two-wheeler. They had a wide range of trustworthy services like pick up and drop facility, on-road breakdown support, insurance support, Annual Maintenance Contracts, warranty program on spare parts, and lubricants. They are bringing a revolution in servicing two-wheelers. With well-equipped two-wheeler service stations and skillful mechanics, They provide quality services with excellent packages that are intended to offer you great maintenance and saving. SpeedForce is a one-stop solution for all two-wheeler needs. They are committed to making your ride safe.

Services :

  • Doorstep service

  • No long queues for servicing

  • On-road breakdown support

  • Timely service reminders

  • Insurance for two-wheelers

  • 100% genuine spares and lubricant

Why Speedforce franchise :

  • Low Investment and High Returns

  • Investment required: 7.5 lakh

  • 125+ outlets all across India

  • A Goodwill of SpeedForce brand that is trusted across the nation

  •  Help in setting your business in a perfect geographical location

  •  Backed by years of research, experience, and financial stability

  •  A perfectly designed marketing strategy to kick start your business

  •  A comprehensive sales team that makes sure you are always high on profits

  •  A Supportive technical team that has solutions for everything

  •  A workforce that is skilled and professional to make sure customers are always happy with the service you provide

  •  Automobile Industry background not required.

2.Service plus: ServicePlus is India's 1st Network of Multi-brand, Tech-Enabled Two-wheeler service solution companies. Their team consists of people who care for your motorcycles as much as they care for their own. They focus on creating unique service experiences that help build a foundation of trust with their customers. They have 18k+ happy customers, rebuilt 182 engines, and 84% customer retention.

Services : 

  • Online Bookings with Pickup and Dropoff

  • In-house Management Software

  • Replacement Vehicle Offered

  • Track-Your-Service Online

  • AMC Packages with Competitive Pricing

  • 100% Original Parts with Warranty

  • In-house Training Academy

  • Multi-brand Two-wheeler Service Center

Why the ServicePlus franchise?

  • Experienced team

  • Online booking service

  • Technology-enabled business model

  • Low investment,high return

  • Investment required 5lakh-10 lakh

  • Training and support

  • Workshop Layout and Tooling

  • Marketing and Brand Support

3.ServiceForce franchise: It is India’s Largest 2 Wheeler Multi-Brand Workshop Chain. They are offering Home Service, Breakdown and accidental assistance, PUC, Insurance and Pick drop facility to any 2 wheeler. Serviceforce has made a strategic alliance with Indian Oil Corporation Ltd (IOCL), India’s largest Enterprise for setting up service centers at its Petrol Stations, With the high footfalls at the Petrol pumps The company has more than 250 franchises in various states, servicing over 30 lakhs customers per year.

Why service force?

  • Technology-enabled business model

  • Low investment, high return

  • Investment required 10lakh-15 lakh

  • Training and support

  • Workshop Layout and Tooling

  • Marketing and Brand Support

  • Experienced team

4.BikeDost: It is a tech-based network of two-wheeler workshops that offer quality-wise services to customers. Their service delivery model through which technology enables quality service experiences to customers and a 360° two-wheeler management. BikeDost offers some innovative workshops and a bouquet of two-wheeler services that delivers a quality-based customer experience. It also enables holistic two-wheeler management. They have extensive and dynamic technology that assure the standard and quality services to our customers and offers them all such services across workshops and locations. They are now partnering with various entrepreneurs to set up ultra-modern workshops. Their workshops are not just a place to receive services and repairs, but a place where they can render their customers support in the form of entire services along with products that they can require throughout the vehicle life span. They provide automated and proactive engagement to our customers in order to render holistic solutions, their brand affiliations across various places help us to generate customers’ footfalls. Even their supply chain has a quality-wise approach where they tie up with various top-notch brands 

Why Bikedost?

  • Low-cost franchise with good return

  • Investment - 10 lakh to 15 lakh

  • Training and support

  • Support in marketing and promotion

  • 100% genuine spare parts 

5. Autoray: AutoRay is a multi-brand specialized 2-wheeler hub in the verticals of used bike sales, service maintenance, insurance and its claim, finance, warranty, stickering, and remodeling integrated with an advanced automated and computation technology. AutoRay owns its 1st outlet in Sivakasi, Tamil Nadu, and successfully implemented the complete technology in that outlet and plans to expand that in various locations of Tamil Nadu to start with. AutoRay invites serious entrepreneurs, existing workshops, and investors to utilize this opportunity to explore an in-depth domain experience and generate huge revenue.

Why Autopay?

  • Low investment, high return

  • Investment required -15 lakh-20 lakh

  • Training and support 

  • Genuine parts

  • Marketing support 

For any two-wheeler franchise opportunities, you can visit Franchisebazar and you can select from listed brands from the website as per your investment plan. You can also clear your doubts from experts.


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