Light up your life by entering into the retail franchise sector with a Vantra Lighting Franchise

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Ever walked into someone’s home and felt truly captivated by the grandeur of the modern lighting systems around you? 

Today, we bring you one such brand revolutionizing the Indian retail sector with the luminance of their mesmerizing and expansive range of modern lighting solutions perfect for entrepreneurs looking to start a lighting franchise in India. 

But first, let’s get to know the Indian lighting industry a little better, shall we? 

The Indian home improvement and lighting industry has seen a significant evolution over the past couple of years with the momentum seen to be gradually drifting from conventional lighting products to LEDs. 

With a number of brands coming up with their unique offerings in the modern lighting and retail segment coupled with an increase in the disposable income of millennials, home improvement spending has been growing at a significantly faster pace than the rest of the retail sector in India. 

Vantra Lighting Solutions is one such brand committed to continuously exploring and striving for ceaseless innovation. They offer a wide range of products that cater to every mood, space and requirement. Whether customers want to accentuate their home, garnish their ceiling with a spell of light, or fulfill the utilitarian requirement of their home, Vantra lighting has got it all. 

If boasting of a catalogue offering one of the widest range of home improvement products with their lighting solutions wasn't enough, Vantra lighting possibly also operates with the highest margin segment with a lot of scope of improvement on all fronts.

With the Indian LED market expected to reach US$ 3.76 billion by 2022, Vantra’s optimal positioning of the brand and their constantly improving products makes a Vantra lighting franchise one of the best prospects for entrepreneurs looking to start a home improvement business in India. 

The Franchise Model : 

The company primarily works on three franchise models offering entrepreneurs a variety of options to enter into this exciting segment of the Indian retail franchise industry depending upon their preferences and investment levels. 

  • Vantra Retail Flagship Stores: Vantra Flagship store will have large format model of 2000 sq. ft. with minimum of 50sq.ft frontage. It consists of an expansive range of products offering decorative lighting, indoor lighting, outdoor lighting, and visual displays to showcase products and variety of lighting solutions. 

  • Vantra Retail Flagship Bungalow: You could also get started with a Vantra Lighting franchise in a Bungalow situated at a Destination Driven location within the same catchment. You will need to have commercial approvals for the same along with ample parking for client cars.

  • Vantra Studio Model: Vantra studio model will be a compact 500 sq. ft. format at prime retail locations in malls, shops in Prime Construction / lighting related markets, upcoming residential and commercial suburbs where a lot of new houses, offices and industries are coming up.

Vantra is looking forward to working with progressive select franchises in every city and town of India. You don't have to be an expert on all matters of Lighting to become a Vantra franchisee. The franchisee should be someone with an attitude to provide customers with the best possible service while always aiming to benefit tremendously by the expertise of Vantra.

Delighted about this exciting new business opportunity? 

Don’t keep yourself in the dark! 

Head over to Vantra Lighting and apply instantly to get more details about the startup costs, ROI, financials, and get started with your own lighting franchise in India in no time.

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