Waffles in the Limelight of Bakery franchise

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There are always days when you feel like skipping a meal, but eventually feel hungry, waffles are the best option on days like these, to satisfy your taste buds and go light on your stomach. Waffles have become a rising trend recently due to the rapid increase in the demand of bakery business franchise in India. They have become fancier now that they are in the limelight, with waffle franchises coming up with different flavours and combinations. The Belgian waffles franchise in India has placed itself on the top-charts with some of the best-tasting waffles in the country.

Bakery business originally started off with baking just bread, then moved on to cakes, cookies and much more, the whole industry transformed gradually from a pure purpose based one to a rather fancy one, with waffles originating from the Dutch countryside and eventually gaining popularity all over the world. Even in India, this industry wasn’t elaborate and expanded about 5 years ago. The current trend is all credited to the increase in the impact of western culture and food on India. Investing in a waffle house franchise in India could be one of the best decision you’ve made.

Belgium is famous for waffles currently because of the variety of waffles found there, with more than a dozen types of waffles, the people of Belgium love coming up with new waffle types. Under the umbrella of established waffle franchises in India. The Belgian Waffle Company is a name that almost every foodie has heard. They started in the year 2015, and have taken the world of food and desserts into their grip, and the main reason for this is their ever-growing franchise and uniform quality. If you were to join hands with them, you would be exposed to customers who are familiar with the brand and are also expecting the same assured quality, which naturally sets you up with a pre-existing customer base.

In the race of bakery items, waffles are leaving others behind and everyone wants in on a waffle house franchise in India. Innovative and mouthwatering waffle combinations, with ice creams and chocolates, have become overly popular among the youngsters, due to its balance between crisp and soft, moist and dry, savoury yet light all in affordable prices, people are increasingly attracted towards it, and waffle franchises are doing an excellent job keeping it that way.

Waffle house franchises have seen a huge return in the recent few years, with a few franchises turning in over 30 crore Indian rupee in the year 2017. 2018 is almost coming to an end but the demand for waffles doesn’t seem like it will decline soon, and this is something you should take advantage of. Join hands with FranchiseBazar and open up to great waffle franchise opportunities across the nation, waiting for you to take charge of. Who knows, maybe your brand will be the next waffle revolution.

So what are you waiting for? Head on to www.franchisebazar.com and browse through the options and find which waffle franchise you want to join hands with. Let the waffle-ing begin!

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