Which are the best franchises to own in India post-pandemic in 2020-2021?

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Is it better to start a business or buy a franchise?

At least 2-3 start-ups are born in India on a daily basis exceeding 50,000 annually. However more than 50% of such start-ups die during initial stages development itself, as they do not receive the right mentoring or / and finance. They do not receive the necessary finance as many investors or financial institutions love to put their capital on proven business models or solution-based business ideas with great upside. Doubtlessly opening a franchise is not only a proven model but a time-tested model that will attract customers as well as financial institutions to provide loans. 

Starting a business with a new idea has a comparatively higher risk rate than preferring a franchise model, as a franchise opportunity is provided by a well-established company which has notable brand awareness in the market. Another a new business model marketing and advertising requires excessive costs which barely matches to your average revenue rate.In the case of a franchise business, you will not have to spend a lot for marketing and advertising as the brand is alreadybest reason for watering the roots of your franchise business is marketing and advertising. In known in the market through which many customers will recognize it and start buying your product/service. But, how do you know that your investment in a franchise business is worthwhile? since many franchise businesses require high investments. 

Best franchise business 2021

Is a franchise business a good investment?

When an entrepreneur invests in a franchise, he/she promotes the employment rate by bestowing job opportunities. An entrepreneur is a backbone of any economy because many job opportunities arise when an entrepreneur creates a franchise business. And because the business has a proven system to conduct the operation, many people show a major interest in working in a proven business model rather than working in a new one, because the risk of failure is comparatively low in any proven business model i.e franchise. 

When it comes to operating the business again, franchising is one of the finest models because the franchisee receives necessary training and support from the franchisor which helps to reduce the additional wastages and promotes effective and optimum utilization. Even if they need loans for the business, financial institutions often prefer holding the hands of those entrepreneurs who have franchises of profitable and well-established business platforms. 

Franchising before and after the pandemic:

There is no sector in the entire industry that has not yet been affected by the horrific pandemic, the franchise sector has various impacts due to COVID-19. Before the pandemic, the franchise of automotive sector, restaurants sector, and hospitality was at its peak, but since the pandemic hit many of these sectors have undergone a huge loss.A few of such sectors have been pushing towards adaptation in order to survive in the market, and a few of them have completely shut down their business. In terms of franchising, the opportunities of various business sectors that have adapted and are not only surviving but the market is drastically growing. A few of the fastest-growing platforms which have a proven growth due to the latest technological adaptation is healthcare, departmental stores, cloud kitchen, ed-tech, logistics, business services, franchise consultancy, e-commerce, and courier franchise opportunities. Whereas in the pre-pandemic era the hospitality, MEME’s, and automobile sector were growing because most of such business was operated in a traditional market which now is fading due to COVID-19 and the brand-new virtual market is influencing the industry. That is why the growth of technology-based franchise opportunity is reaping fruitful benefits in India. Do you know what are some of the most profitable sectors that offer the best franchise opportunities in India? 

What are the most profitable franchises to own in India? 

What are the best franchise to own in 2021 ?

Healthcare and cleaning Franchise:

While the virus was spreading like a forest fire many consumers were spending their money on healthcare safety to stay ensured about their health, that is why healthcare sector was booming. Cleanliness has become a foremost priority for everyone which is why commercial cleaning businesses are showing a high growth rate, as each office, hospital, bank, gym, and many other commercial places can only operate when they are well cleaned and sanitized.Just perfect for you if you are looking to buy commercial cleaning services franchise in India in 2021. 

Cloud Kitchen Franchise:

Around 90% of the restaurants were closed because the dine-in facility was prohibited to stop the widespread of the pandemic, later many restaurants owner started building a virtual presence, and instead of dine-in the takeaway and delivery model started booming in the market, one of the lucrative cloud kitchen platforms Zomato showed 21% rise in various restaurants registration who wanted to start their cloud kitchen and survive in the market. Swiggy and other Food Aggregators followed suit in taking food to customers homes.

Logistics Franchise:  

During the lockdown phase in India government only permitted the operation of logistics and delivery business, due to which logistics franchise took wide expansion over India, one of the best thing about logistics franchise is the investment and space requirement is comparatively low, only the good technical knowledge and a dedicated team are required to conduct the business. 

E-Retail/ E-Commerce franchise:

When the lockdown began in India the traditional or physical market place was completely shattered, the only way to shop grocery items was to shop online, and therefore eCommerce platforms like Amazon and Flipkart were coping up better with their productivity. In India, many traditional retail stores began building their virtual presence, and retail franchise opportunities starting augmenting. 

Now that we have known the profitable franchise sector, we need to know the hottest emerging brands in these sectors and how they will fare in the post-pandemic era? 


What are the hottest and fastest-growing franchises in India post-pandemic? 

Start A FranchiseBazar Franchise Consultancy Brokerage Office in 2021

This is the mother of all opportunities as you will deal with 3000+ Brands and become the first franchise consultant in your city who will represent FranchiseBazar. You will need to consult and guide entrepreneurs who are looking to start a new business in India in 2021 and will be looking at buying the best franchise business ideas and opportunities. If you are looking at starting a business services franchise and have a flair for marketing, sales, consultancy and have atleast 5 years of Business/ Professional experience, then you must go for this opportunity and broker some of the most exciting franchise deals of your city.

Investment: Rs3L-5L

Space: 250-350 Sft Office

JAN-PRO Franchise:

JAN-PRO is a globally recognised commercial cleaning company that has well-structured cleaning services that are provided by well-trained janitors through their latest technological equipment. The company is now one of the “leaders in the commercial cleaning service” and offers two franchise models which are; home-based franchise and Master Franchise opportunity. Necessary support and training are provided by the company to franchise partners for effective utilization and growth. 

 Investment: 75 lakhs to 1 crore

Space: 250-500 sq ft. 

KB Franchise:

KB is a cloud Kitchen platform that delivers hot and scrumptious cuisine from evening till midnight within 35 minutes of delivery time. Yes, the platform starts its service from 7 pm and winds up at 4 am so the night hunger can be killed with their finger-licking food. At present, the company has 10,000+ users who order food from the platform, which makes the platform one of the leading brands. The company provides the most efficacious support and concept to its franchise partners along with in-house POS systems to help them grow consistently. 

Investment: 10-15 lakhs

Space:750-1000 sq ft. 

JioMart Franchise:

JioMart is one of the leading e-commerce platforms that uplift the retail sector in India, JioMart was established in 2020mamid the pandemic outbreak and have helped many retail owners, seller, vendors, and Kirana store owners to survive in the market through their strategic franchise opportunity. Because the company has well-known brand awareness and emerging growth its franchise is rapidly expanding since its inception. The company hasn't yet revealed the exact investment amount required but any Kirana store owner, seller, distributor, and the vendor can take up the JioMart franchise and reap the gainful benefits. 

Delhivery Franchise:

Delhivery is a supply or logistics chain that was established in 2011 in India. The company delivers almost everything and has a pioneering image in the market, due to which it won Mahindra Transport Excellence Award in 2018, ET Start-up of the year award in 2019 which remarkably highlights its brand-image. At present, the company is eyeing for expansion In India through its franchise model and willing to invest 300cr in the next 18-24 months. The company has 700+ partners which are thriving through their 850+ delivery centers across 850+ cities in India which makes Delhivery one of the fastest-growing logistics networks. Required training and support are provided by the company to the franchisee for better enhancement. 

Investment: 50,000 thousand to 2 lakhs

Space:400-500 sq ft. 

Chhappanbhog Franchise:

Chhappanbhog offers dynamic cloud kitchen opportunity to the ardent entrepreneurs, the company has more than 30 years of experience in the food sector field and is now looking for expansion through the Cloud Kitchen franchise model in India. The platform is mostly popular for its unique concept which reduces additional cost and enhances the excellent utilization of resources which the company passes on to its franchise partners too. Patel's Chhappanbhog offers Staffing, layout, HR, and Site selection support with marketing and PR assistance as well.

Investment: 10-15 lakhs

Space: 250-500 sq ft.

The above franchise opportunities are spreading their footprints in the market due to high consumer demands, emerging virtual presence, and because they are adapting to the dynamic changes in the industry. As Charles Darwin stated, “ it is not the most intellectual of the species that survives; it is not the strongest that survives, but the species that survives is the one that is able best to adapt and adjust to the changing environment in which it finds itself.”  That is why dynamism and adaptation play a crucial part in business development because many uncontrollable factors keep on changing, the only way a business can survive in the market and grow is to observe the changing environment and adjust accordingly in the market, and after survival, the business platforms can look out for innovation for better growth. Now, after reading thisindia franchise business blog for 2021 you might have gained a clear insight into the current growing franchise sectors amid the COVID-19 pandemic, so what are you waiting for,  in which sector would you like to invest now? 

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