Why choose the Food&Beverage Franchise Business over others?

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Why choose the Food & Beverage franchise business It won’t be exaggerating if I say that the food and beverage industry remains at the top, and is in most demand of public awareness of franchising.

Everybody’s lovin’ it

With so many other options for investment when it comes to franchising nowadays, food and beverage concepts remain the most popular and as a best franchise option for entrepreneurs because people need to eat.

The Food&Beverage industry doesnt see recession. With most restaurants offering a combo menu option, even during low times, families can afford to treat themselves every now and then. Most families budget for 1 or 2 nights of eating out, even during a recession.

The demand for Food&Beverage remains high. With hectic work schedules, children’s activities and lack of time, more and more families are relying on fast food restaurants to provide their family meals.

Hence making Food& Beverage an industry in which every intelligent,smart entrepreneur would like to invest in to be in the race of best franchise owner.

Best F&B franchise to own in 2020-21

People today are searching for the Top Franchise because franchise business helps you to get the well-settled business which has already created its image, brand loyalty, credibility in the market. Moreover, when you own a franchise you can utilise the advantages of a well settled brand and its goodwill which prevents you from the risk to fail in the competitive world. 

Chai Sutta Bar

Established in: 2016

Franchising since: 2017

Franchise units: 10-20

Investment required : From Rs 10 Lakhs

Royalty Fees: 2%

Established in 2016, Chai Sutta Bar is a chain of best cafes established in Indore and now spread across different cities. Currently it’s operating in16 locations across the country, the tea cafe serves freshly brewed tea, coffee and a lot more while bringing back the old memories. Chai Sutta Bar focuses on offering quality products at the cafe and also makes sure that every customer that walks in has the best possible experience.

Keeping up the quality and service at its best it becomes one of the best tea franchise to own in 2020.

Juclear Juice Bar

Established in: 2018

Franchising since: 2019

Franchise units: Less than 10

Initial investment: From Rs 5 Lakhs

Royalty Fees: 6%

Juclear's prior aim is to serve affordable fresh fruit juices all over the country. 

They aim to help every individual in the country to be able to get access to fresh fruit juice everyday. They wish to improvise nutrition into people's diets. They target highly populated locations help more people with getting enough nutrition per day.

With the aim to bring the change and making the population fit they are counted as one of the best beverage franchise in India.

Chai Garam:

They serve the chai the authentic Indianway,Newly Brewed, Handmade.


Chai Garam offer franchise for business.They welcome franchise partners , furnish them with a chance to become business partners and develop with them. They make sure that every outlet, franchise makes profit.

India is a chai drinking country, majority of Indians have Tea in any event two times every day!Making tea a requirements of almost everyone,hence making it the best tea franchise business.


It is a spending bistro.

Less Investment so low possibility of danger.

Low working capital

Lasting item blend

Equal the initial investment can be accomplished without any problem.

Oye Lassi

Established in: 2015

Franchising since: 2017

Franchise units: 10-20

investment: From Rs 10 Lakhs

Royalty Fees: Rs 3 Lakhs

Oye Lassi is one of Hyderabad’s most popular specialty restaurants, well known for its lassi, shakes and more. It serves the all looking for a quick bite or sweet dish after food, Oye Lassi is the perfect place. The restaurant’s dedicated, experienced and professional chefs prepare all products fresh every day.

Its the best stop for lassi and sweet lovers, an intelligent entrepreneur will never leave an opportunity to serve the population with one of the best beverage franchise to own in India.


In India, the milkshake business turns out to be generally good and desirable for all ages. Keventers was an elderly person won the hearts of numerous milkshakes brand in the dairy business. Keventers moving toward new age client with milkshakes brand.

Why Keventers Franchise?

In the event that you start Keventers franchise in India you will get great advantages from their organization.

Great sales: You will get a Quicker return of venture with high deal for example inside year and a half.

Quick Dispensing: With savvy innovation gear, every milkshake is administered in under a moment to guarantee in low time get high deals just as low holding up time.

Brand Presence: Keventers takes a shot at constantly changing geologies and assorted outlook by giving changing in tastes and inclination to accomplish a high deal for a brand

Competency: The brand is working for a business is boosting the brand in the worldwide stage, so they guarantee proficient activity, framework controls, and the best preparing framework.

Heritage: Keventers is one of the main milkshakes and way of life brand; it is the glad news for India. It is known as marking and visual allure.


The store chain 7-Eleven, that is based on a franchise model now includes more than 71000 outlets all over the world , very quickly and safely adapted the changes to avoid the risk associated with COVID-1. The chain took all the precautions for the safety and hygiene from the outset of the pandemic in order to keep the workers and the customers safe and healthy.It also adapted the system of cloud kitchen and parterned with third party delivery services to ensure that its products delivered to people in place or social distancing. 

McDonalds: A food joint loved by every age group, it is one of the most profitable franchise to go with. People love it because it offers amazing taste at minimal prices, McDonalds can never fade because it keeps on adding on something to its menu which helps it stay young and in demand forever.

McDonalds is something that ca never go out of trend, therefore it becomes the best franchise option.

Burger king:Burger King franchise boasts 14,000 stores in 100 countries. It specializes in burgers, salads, chicken, veggies, and desserts. Burger King restaurant franchise provides great opportunities globally , with the motive of exploring new markets and spreadinh in the countries where they have gained name, popularity.

Burger King franchise has a lot of advantages .

1.The top most is a great franchise cost, profit balance.

2. The franchisee get a guide from the franchisor on steps to open a Burger King franchise with a detailed information about the investment.

Nirulas: It is one of the Renowned Name in the Field of Icecream Parlour and Fast Food sector. Nirulas is the First famous name for Delhi People. They have more than 50 outlets in New Delhi, Noida, Faridabad, Gurgaon, Madhya Pradesh, Bihar and other states.

Space Requirement for Nirula’s fast Food franchiseyou must have a space in the main market location or in a mall where there is good footfall.

The minimum required area for Nirulas ice cream parlor Franchise opportunity is 300 square feet. You can open up to 1500 sq ft space as per your Investment.

Investment for Nirula’s Franchise in India

Nirula’s is a Good Business opportunity with low Investment. The investment required for Nirula’s fast Food and Icecream parlor franchise is only 10 Lakh to 20 Lakh rupees.

The royalty that is being Charged by the company is only 5%. It is assumed that you will reach Break even within 18 months.

So the Nirulas fast food and Icecream Parlour Franchise opportunity is the Best option for you if you want to start a New Business.

Advantages of owning a franchise:

Franchises provide freedom of small business ownership supported by the benefits of a big business network chain.You need not necessarily have business experience to run a franchise. Franchisors usually provide the support, training before letting you be a part of their business model.

Franchises have a higher success rate than start-up businesses.

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