Why invest in Biggies Burger Franchise in India?

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Sizzling, hot, tasty, and fresh burger with juicy tomato sneaking out from crispy potato’s comfortable bed… with a digesting cold drink beside and also a sweet - -melting hot chocolate lava cup beside the cold drink… and after fulfilling your appetite to the best of your stomach’s capability it suddenly struck you, is this worth it burger platter under my budget !!!! but to your surprise, it turned out to be quite budget-friendly. You see if as a customer this deal proves to be so pocket-friendly for you as a franchisee what wonders will it weave !! Furthermore, this blog post is your one-stop guide to why one must invest in a Biggies Burger Franchise!!!!

Let’s get started

What’s in the name !!!!!!!!!!!

What makes franchises so lucrative to invest in?

A demonstrated system!!  is what franchises offer -

Training and teachings, you can predict your benefits in exchange for an investment you make and also an experienced supervisory team

  1. Branding - since they are already established in the market, they can attract more prospective customers, are skilled marketers - like on the telephone with the broker etc. and have an established supply chaThere is no
  2. No room for old miscalculations - it will impart knowledge on capital investment - where, when, why ?? and will assist in clarifying staffing issues
  3. Primary and continued support -Coaching as well as hands-on training for franchises, selection of site, field assistance, lesser investment in inventory and gadgets
  4. Funding is not very taxing- a secure plan for leasing and getting a loan becomes easier
  5. Franchisors offer beneficial deals to franchisees- lessen the opening expense
  6. A franchise is a  network of learning- build connections, get on-call/direct advice

How can we not invest in the Biggies Burger Franchise !!

Performance of the biggies burger franchise in India

Founded in 2011, by the parent company Beamer Food & Beverages, since then the company has not looked back, with massive back-to-back success, let us see the performance timeline of Bigges Burger :

  • 2017 - 21 stores around India
  • Currently - 141 stores, are located in south and west India
  • A jump from 37 outlets in the financial year October 21 to a massive hit of 130 cr by December 2023
  • Target of 2025-26 - 250 working stores
  • Unconventional menu
  • Pocket-friendly deals and meals

Biggies Burger Franchise has achieved a lot in a very short span

says its valuation figures- A round of fundraising valued at 200 million rupees was just closed by Biggies Burger.

Biggies are investing in Biggies Burger Franchise  - a look at the investors !!

  1. Ajay Upadhaya - angel individual, an investor having a net worth of  rupees 808.4 cr
  2. Graycell Ventures - venture capital, with a big family of 104 companies, it has set a record of 2 investments per year
  3. Indian angel network - angel group, with 17 golden years of investment, backing more than 225 startups. Altuni, braingroom, edmingle, as well as many more are a few successful ed-tech ventures in which the Indian angel network has invested.
  4. Jayant Mehrotra - angle (individual) - is also the chief finance officer at LODHA group, mentoria and Papa Pawsome are a few companies where he has invested.
  5. Let's venture online - VC baked company, with a record-breaking 370+ deals closed in 2022. Ajnalens, Orbo, etc are a few esteemed organizations.

What is Biggies Burger Franchise offering you !!!

 just like its name Biggies Burger has quite a few options to offer, let’s explore :


  • Location - high street / prime exclusive locations
  • Investment fee - starting the offer at rupees 35 lakhs
  • Payback time - somewhere between 20 to 30 months
  • Mode of functioning - FOCO/FOFO
  • Terms of agreement - 5 years


  • Location - it can be found in airports, malls, and public areas like metro
  • Investment fee- somewhere around 30 lakhs and more
  • Payback time - between 20 to 30 months
  • Mode of functioning - FOCO/FOFO
  • Terms of agreement - 5 years
  • Cities where it is available - Bangalore, Pune, Hyderabad, Odisha, Tamil Nadu

BIG cafe - 

  • Approximately forty lakhs or more is the investment charge. 
  • Return on investment—20–30 months
  • Mode of functioning - FOCO/FOFO
  • Terms of agreement - 5 years
  • Cities where it is available- Bangalore, Pune, Hyderabad, Odisha, Tamil Nadu


  • Area- 2000sq ft
  • Investment fee- somewhere around 70 lakhs and more
  • ROI 30-36 months
  • Mode of functioning - FOCO/FOFO
  • Terms of agreement - 5 years
  • Cities where it is available - Bangalore, Pune, Hyderabad, Odisha, and also Tamil Nadu.


A statistical viewpoint on why franchises are a better investment than owning an independent business

1. The survival of the fittest best suits the franchise business model with a 92% survival rate four years after running it. This is as compared to the independent business.

2. It was found out that franchise businesses see only 10% failure, which is also indicative of the fact that out of every 10 franchises that are born only 1 is a little weaker.

Biggies Burger Franchise Revenue Journal 

  1. By integrating strategy with emotions, Biggies Burger aims to provide its customers with an experience between the crunch of the potato bed and also the grilled gourmet, this idea has helped them.
  2. Additionally, Biggies Burger's profit margin for each store is 20-25%.

The future is big for Biggies Burger Franchise

Biggies Burger is planning to expand itself on the map, by walking with a target aim of opening 75 exclusive stores in the east of India by the year 2028 !! Therefore, this will boost their profit margin up to 20 to 30 %.

What to consider while investing in Biggies Burger Franchise 

  1. Demand / where and why is it trending - say a T20 World Cup began, so if your franchisor opened a cafe just around that time, this means that the franchisor stays updated about the current market stats.
  2. Sales - despite great marketing is the franchise yielding good sales, ask yourself such a question.
  3. Labour cost - is the franchisee paying well, this all depends on whether the company is making enough profit on sales or not.
  4. Interior and civil cost- what and how is the budget factor affecting the environment and the vibe of the business?
  5. Royalty - must consider its structure and that is being charged by the franchisor.
  6. Return on your investment is a sum factor many of variables such as the sales made, profit made, expenses, etc.
  7. Locality - a good as well as profitable location says a lot about your franchisor, it reflects their sense of awareness, a correct marketing strategy etc.
  8. The market value of the brand and the operating business model - you see the selling price, and menu diversification are quite crucial to make a company stand out.
  9. Employee regulation - what is the recruitment strategy of the company, how often they listen to the needs of its employees, what are the incentives, any other non-monetary incentives given to them or not, etc.
  10. Customer testimonials/feedback- stats may lie, but client feedback is straight out of the heart. Therefore, go out and check the franchisor’s Instagram/Facebook pages, refer to client testimonials.

Biggies Burger franchise is here to stay - Click Here To Know More

  1. Online businesses are booming due to digital marketing, Instagram/Facebook adverts, etc.
  2. Make in India encourages young entrepreneurs to try new company ideas.
  3. Urban and city development  - with the younger generation seeking opportunities in urban areas, it is providing businesses with potential candidates, which makes it easy to find potential and capable employees, labourers etc.
  4. Public transport and road services reaching new heights - connectivity is the bridge between companies to invest in a particular area or locality, with better transport, faster reach the delivery system etc, the raw material transport etc has become much cheaper and faster.
  5. Economic excellence  - with faster and more secure payments, entrepreneurs are confident to start up with their business plans. 
  6. Networking the ultimate problem solver  - an increase in post-sales services and better assistance has made businesses flourish better. Making customers fill out feedback forms, and conducting surveys, helps the customer to connect more with the brand. Moreover it also develops a sense of trust.


See today’s market has a lot to offer, it’s not just one business that is growing but many have become unicorns. But if you look at Biggies Burger franchise it not only promises a good profit, but the pre-sales valuation of Rs 200 cr says a lot about the popularity and the trust it has won of its investors. Making itself a giant in such a short period, not only is indicative of a master business plan but also an excellent marketing strategy to replace the big burger giants in the market existing already with a strong engraved hashtag. This also shows that Biggies Burger is also growing continuously with the latest trends, technology etc.

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