Why is a food franchise the best business model in the Indian Market?

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the best business model in the Indian                                                                                                          

Written by: Resham Daswani                                   


 One of the booming industries in today’s Indian market is the food business.  This market brings along with it growing opportunities in the franchise business as well.  Various reasons support the option of choosing food franchises over other businesses, of which one main reason is, it is an industry that will never go out of season or never out of demand, no matter what the economic climate is.  Nevertheless, choosing the food franchise business can give you access to a built-in customer base when you choose a well-established brand.


Let us look at some of the major reasons which drive the food franchise to be the best business model in the Indian Market.


Demand For QSR


Takeaways and quick bites are amongst the fastest growing amongst working professionals, where they can save some time and get food quickly on the go, because of their working profile of long hours.  This has led to a significant increase in the demand for quick service restaurants which cater to their demand.  In the growing future, the demand for QSR is likely to go up, as people are looking for good quality food for a major part of their meals at an affordable rate.


Minimum to No Risk involved


Franchising helps you choose a brand which has already been established in the market, and which has already gone through the highs and lows of the business, eventually becoming successful.  Acquiring a food franchise of a well-established brand relieves you of the risk that could be involved during the startup from scratch.  This is because a franchise model comes with the equipment required to run the business, proper training, and support to grow the business.


High Returns on Investment


Investing in a franchise means investing in a proven business model.  You are thus, likely to see returns on your investment over a faster period, allowing you to grow your business quickly and efficiently.


Easily Recognized by the Brand Name


If the brand you are investing in has already an established presence, it will automatically attract customers to your unit.  People will follow you because of the familiar name you are tagged with, thus leading to an increased loyal customer base as well as increased profits for the franchise owner. 


Makes you a Successful Entrepreneur


If you are a first-time entrepreneur and acquiring a franchise business model, this will help you become a successful entrepreneur as you will have the opportunity to own and operate your own business according to your plan, from choosing the location, menu, décor, hiring the staff and more.  Not to forget, you will have the support of the franchisor at every step of your path. 


Now that we have looked at why a food franchise is the best business model in the Indian market, let us look at some of the best QSR franchises in India.


Ajay’s Takeaway Food Franchise


One of the well-known and most-fastest expanding QSR franchises located in Gujarat is Ajay’s Takeaway Food Franchise.  This is a great opportunity for new entrepreneurs looking to step into the business world.  This has spread its presence across the country in a short period and is running successfully.  They are receiving full training and support from the franchisor.  So if you are interested in this QSR business, why wait longer?


Chicago Pizza


Founded in 2000 and headquartered in New Delhi, this QSR received the best franchisor award, because of the spontaneity of keeping up with the customers' preferences.  They always believe in the approach of researching the flavours based on their customers' preferences.  They also ensure that their clients receive the utmost benefit from working with them.  If you are looking to start a food franchise in India, this is a very good opportunity to consider.


99 Pancakes


This is India’s one-of-its-kind QSR chain, which specializes in offering a variety of pancakes and has more than 45 outlets in over 15 cities across the country.  They intend to grow their presence by adding technology with taste to reach out to more people and acquire a space in every corner of young India. 


Chick Blast


One of the well-known QSR brands, founded in 2009, has gained good recognition and scaled its business as a QSR.  They offer a wide range on their menu from food to beverages.  This is one of the fastest-growing QSRs in India and looking to reach out to more corners of the country soon.


Chaiops Franchise


Tea is the most popular beverage consumed by every Indian at any time of the day.  Chaiops is an outlet which aims to keep this tradition of having tea at any time of the day, or without a reason, alive by providing tea to tea lovers.  Chaiops is India’s largest company serving the savoury aroma of traditional chai to customers.  This is one of the fastest-growing brands which sources the finest tea from the chai estates in India and serves to its customers with a unique preparation.




QSR franchise is one of the most effective and efficient food businesses in India because it saves space and time by reducing dining time.  Nevertheless, this is also a profitable business in India.  Speak to our consultants to know about the food franchise opportunities in India. We can provide with details on the QSR franchise opportunities in India, restaurant franchises in India, and which food franchise opportunity is good for you.


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