Why Is Choosing An International Recruitment Consultancy FranchiseIs Good In The Current Time ?

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Written by Deepak  Sah                                                                            June 18, 2021

Every company needs to follow the recruitment process for the smooth function of the business.No matter how small or big a  company is ,recruitment process plays very important role in company’s success in long run.Opening a business is easy but to run a business we need a good and smart minds which is really a tough task to find smart minds from the crowd.Many businesses don’t have these skills and experience because their main focus is on their operations and they delegated this task to other firms.This helped in the growth of recruitment  consultancy all over world.Now many companies are giving franchise for recruitment consultancy business.

We all know how COVID19 created a job crisis in India and world as well and increased the unemployment rate .But the positive news is that due to vaccination drive all over the world ,now many economies are coming back to the track.Large number of companies are in market and looking for smart minds and large number of job seekers are applying in this market and we all know recruitment that recruitment process is becoming a challenging task due to introduction of new technologies and increase in the market size and here is the huge business opportunity for the recruitment consultancy franchise.

Why International recruitment consultancy franchise?

Let's think you are from HR background or you have experience of working as a recruiter or worked in a staffing process and suddenly in your mind ,a thought came that you are loving this role and wanted to open your own recruitment consultancy.But the main question is can you challenge the world’s best International recruitment consultancy franchises?. Why big companies will prefer you over world’s best International recruitment consultancy franchises .

It will take a lot of time and capital to set up your business and it's really difficult to increase your reach when there are world’s best international recruitment consultancy franchises present in the market.

Benefits of choosing an international recruitment consultancy franchise in current time:

  • Name recognition : When you take an international recruitment consultancy franchise ,you get attached with an international level name ,which is present in different parts of the world.This will earn the confidence of many big companies towards you and you will get business from India and world as well.

  • Updated business model and technical support : When you take an international recruitment consultancy franchise,you get the updated business model and technical support in your recruitment process which keeps you ahead in competition from the new startups and independent consultancies. We all know how much effort, time and capital are required to make a successful business model at world level but in international recruitment consultancy franchise  you get this easily.

  • More affordable than you think:  The major concern in this current situation or in a pandemic is the risk factor.People are afraid to invest.But the fact is buying an international recruitment consultancy franchise is more affordable than starting your own consultancy.

  • Global reach : Getting a global reach in less investment is like icing on the cake.The best part of buying an international recruitment consultancy franchise is getting global reach which means there are more opportunities to work with big brands in the world .

  • Companies dependency :  Due to increase market size and presence of large number of companies in the market globally ,millions of job seekers are applying for job and recruitment process completely becomes a tough task for those companies whose main focus is on operation.So in this situation companies mostly depend on good recruitment consultancy franchise for their staffing process.This contributed in the growth of recruitment consultancy franchise.

Best international recruitment consultancy franchise opportunities in India:

1 Antal international network : It is one of the leading global recruitment companies in the world .It is present in more than 35 countries in the world 

What makes Antal international network an ideal recruitment consultancy franchise opportunity ?

  • 130+ offices in 35 countries

  • 800+ experts 

  • 28 years of experience in international recruitment consultancy

  • Global leaders in recruitment and Credible international brand

  • Investment required 10lakh and 20 lakh

2.Alliance recruitment agency : It is one of the leading recruitment companies  with 11+ years of experience in recruitment and talent search services.

What makes Alliance recruitment agency an ideal recruitment consultancy franchise opportunity ?

  • It is a part of AIS technolabs pvt ltd which recruits experienced professionals across the globe.

  • 1500+ clients worldwide

  • Strong presence in  USA,Canada,UK ,EU countries.Middle East and Africa

  • Two types of franchise unit ( Domestic,Global)

  • Low investment

3.Express employment professionals:  It is one of the leading staffing companies from North America .It started franchising in 1985 and it is one of the fastest growing recruitment franchises in the world.

What makes Express employment  professionals  an ideal recruitment consultancy franchise opportunity ?

  • 35 years of franchising experience in recruitment.

  • 822 offices all across the world

  • Global reach

  • Investment starts from 25 lakhs 

4.Morpheus human consulting : It is leading human consultancy in India and  Middle east with 18 branches and won the best MSME award in 2018.

What makes Express employment  professionals  an ideal recruitment consultancy franchise opportunity ?

  • 18+ offices in India and Middle east

  • 150+ consultants in India and Middle east

  • They offer two types of model ( Home based and commercial based )

  • Investment for home based model is Rs 50,000 + taxes

  • Investment for commercial based is Rs 1 lakh + taxes

  • Global reach

5.Spherion: It is one of the leaders in staffing and recruiting industry.Started in 1946 and started franchising in 1956.

What makes Express employment  professionals  an ideal recruitment consultancy franchise opportunity ?

  • 75 years of experience in staffing and recruiting industry

  • 200+ offices 

  • Global reach

  • 4000 client businesses

  • Industry leader

For more details regarding international recruitment consultancy opportunities you can visit : Franchisebazar and you can select a recruitment consultancy franchise from the website as per your investment plan.You can also clear your doubts from experts .


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